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Midweek Musings - Trutanich's pot shop ban bombs, Sherman accused of 'Double-Dipping'

LA City Council repeals Trutanich's 'Gentle Ban' on medical marijuana dispensaries

The Los Angeles City Council voted to repeal embattled City Attorney Carmen Trutanich's so-called 'Gentle Ban' on medical marijuana dispensaries. 

When things get too complicated for the part-time night-time unaccredited lawschool educated clod-hopper who once claimed to be a 'Super Lawyer,' his solution is an outright ban. Medical marijuana ordinances written by the former ambulance chaser turned career politician have repeatedly failed, not only because they were unworkable and impractical, but they were flat out illegal and found by a court to be unconstitutional.  

Trutanich, perhaps distracted by his burning ambition to become District Attorney, failed to pay attention to the advice he was given by advisers and the medical marijuana community as to how to approach the issue. Instead, while he courted headlines spraying insecticide on salad and screaming at cancer patients who challenged his voodoo science, he left the drafting of an medical marijuana ordinance to 'land use' lawyers in his office who were told to treat medical marijuana as a planning issue, instead of a regulatory issue, such as with liquor licenses.

Los Angeles has no problem regulating liquor licenses. Unlicensed liquor stores do not spring up overnight because there is a workable law in place - a regulatory scheme that has an independent commission in place to oversee the granting of liquor licenses, as well as effective enforcement action against those who violate the law. But, perhaps because Trutanich was so vain, egocentric and arrogant, he was not keen to empower an independent commission to administer medical marijuana. He is, let's face it, a control freak, and hell will freeze over before Trutanich gives away any power.

Rather than admit that he made a mistake, and lacking anyone to blame for his gross mismanagement, Trutanich proposed an outright ban on all medical marijuana dispensaries. The so-called 'Gentle Ban' was a rallying call to the medical marijuana community who had supported Trutanich's 2009 campaign to become City Attorney, only to find he would renege on the promises he once made to them to gain their support. They responded by gathering enough signatures to place a ballot initiative on the March primary election that would have repealed Trutanich's ban. Such was the overwhelming public rejection of Trutanich's jack-boot storm-trooper law, that LA City Council took notice and repealed Trutanich's law.

The stupidity of Trutanich's law was best exemplified by Councilmember Bill Rosendahl, a cancer patient and medical marijuana user.   Under Trutanich's law, Rosendahl would be allowed to 'grow his own' marijuana, but would be prevented from buying it from a dispensary - they are all 'banned,' gently or otherwise. Instead, Trutanich would have Rosendahl suffer in pain for around nine months while he watched his marijuana plants grow to the point that they could be harvested and used. That is a nonsensical, unrealistic and heartless approach.

Los Angeles is entitled to a City Attorney that can solve problems, not create them. Hopefully, when attention turns to the City Attorney candidates after the November Presidential election, we will hear their plans. We know what Trutanich's plan is, and the City Council spoke for us all on Tuesday in rejecting it. And him.

Streebek's Column

This from our guest blogger on an inconvenient truth about Brad Sherman.


Snake Oil Salesman Sherman conceded on Monday that during the sixteen years he has been in politics he has loaned his campaign monies, and had the campaign pay it back to him with interest. He even did it for one campaign that actually did not result in him running for office. By doing this he has made over $500,000 in interest.

When confronted with this Sherman stated he did not understand what the big deal was about. He stated what he did was legal. Several journalists have remarked it maybe legal but it certainly is not ethical.

Sherman devised this scheme as a result of his experience and education as a tax attorney. He found a way to manufacture money for himself, from donations that came from his supporters.  
Snake Oil Salesman Sherman utilized his acumen for his own benefit. Why has he not utilized that same knowledge and experience as a tax attorney for the average citizen?

Congressman Sherman could have been the tax attorney for the average American. He could have successfully sponsored needed legislation to reform the tax code. Close down some of those loopholes the rich utilize to escape from paying taxes. Clearly working as a tax attorney at a Big Four accounting firm he possessed this knowledge.

But no, Sherman does not have the desire or the concern to help the average American with tax relief. Instead he would rather utilize his time to devise a scheme to enrich himself instead of providing tax relief to you or me.

This column has accused Sherman and Trutanich of being individuals painted with the same brush. As more information surfaces about Sherman the more he looks like a colon of Trutanich. Come November it will be time to kick this Snake Oil Salesman out of office, so we can watch him do a “Walk of Shame” like his buddy Toxic Tonic Trutanich did not so long ago.

Posted by Pep Streebek


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