Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday briefs: Lacey for DA according to La Opinion, Trutanich can't stop lying, Republican support bolsters Berman

La Opinon endorses Jackie Lacey for District Attorney

La Opinion, LA's second most widely read newspaper and the newspaper with the largest circulation in Los Angeles' Spanish-speaking community, has endorsed Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey for District Attorney.

Hailing Lacey as 'The most suitable person to replace Steve Cooley, based on her knowledge and experience.' La Opinion summarized Lacey's candidacy as having 'shown from her job that she has a vision more in line with a city like Los Angeles than her rival. She balances having a severe District Attorney’s Office when applicable, in addition to promoting alternative sentencing and courts that are able to understand specific circumstances, like those for war veterans. Based on that, we recommend voting for Jackie Lacey for Los Angeles District Attorney.'

La Opinion's endorsement will further bolster Lacey's campaign, and gives her the sweep of the most widely read newspapers in Los Angeles county. On Sunday, LA's most widely read newspaper, the LA Times, republished its endorsement of Lacey.

Trutanich's response to Mayor's plan to outsource him is more lies

Embattled Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen 'the Clown' Trutanich proved again that his reputation for being a liar is well-deserved. The former ambulance chaser turned career politician is currently facing calls for the functions of his office to be outsourced as the toxic fallout from his failed attempt to become District Attorney continues to reveal the many ways that Trutanich failed to manage his office during the two years that he was preoccupied with his DA ambitions.

In response to LA Weekly's coverage of the Mayor's plans to further neuter Trutanich before he can do any more damage to the City Attorney's office, his campaign spokesman, John Schwada, attempted to re-write the history of Trutanich's well documented failures to follow through with his promises.

The claim that Trutanich invited the City Controller to audit his office is as laughable as it is misleading. Trutanich reneged on his promise to support City Controller Laura Chick's right to conduct audits of programs run by elected officials even before he was sworn-in. It earned Trutanich the first of many LA Times headlines beholding him to be a 'Liar and Demagogue.' Although Trutanich did, eventually, allow the Controller to audit the Workers Compensation Program, that was really a ruse; Trutanich knew full well that the program was deeply flawed and any responsibility for its shortcomings could easily be  blamed on his predecessor, Rocky Delgadillo.

Schwada claims that Trutanich 'set an example of commitment to transparent government' by 'inviting' the Controller to audit his office. If that is indeed true, then we have no doubt that Trutanich will have no objection to the Controller conducting a new audit of his office. That audit should discover the amount of taxpayer money that has been spent on providing Trutanich with a chauffeur driven SUV and two or three LAPD security personnel to ferry him all over LA County during his two-year campaign to be District Attorney. 

While LAPD will likely defend the vast expenditure of City resources on the grounds of the need to supply Trutanich with security, the fact remains that these expenses were wholly unrelated to City business. The public has the right to know how much of their money was wasted on Trutanich, and his campaign should be required to make a contribution towards those costs.

Streebek's Column


Bobbi Fiedler, a noted former Republican Congresswoman from the San Fernando Valley, addressed a crowd of people at a house in the West Valley on Sunday. Fiedler discussed her journey into the political arena. She described herself as a reluctant politician who entered politics as a result of her opposition to busing. She explained how she successfully ran for the School Board and catapulted her popularity into a seat in Congress.

She told the crowd that her time in Congress allowed her to get to know many Congressmen personally. She elaborated that the majority of the Congressmen she met were self absorbed and impressed with themselves. She noted they are often unwilling to listen to others, and more concerned about garnering votes instead of doing the right thing.

Congressman Howard Berman, she emphatically stated, does not have these personality flaws. She emphasized that Congressman Berman cares about his constituents, his community and his country. She further stated that she couldn’t imagine why anyone would ever consider supporting his opponent, who she has little regard nor admiration for, over Congressman Berman,

She explained her high regard for Congressman Berman centered on his willingness to listen to her on the busing issue. She explained that Congressman Berman, a champion of civil rights, advocated for the end of segregation of our public schools. But he recognized force busing did not constitute the answer. He realized that another answer had to be found that would be supported by the majority of the community. Because of his willingness to listen, his willingness to compromise, the busing issue resolved. She explained that once he made it clear another solution had to be found other politicians were willing to follow his lead. For they stated “If Howard is willing to search for another answer so are we.” That led to the end of forced busing and our schools were integrated through other means.

Bobbi Fiedler concluded her remark by telling the crowd they had to do whatever it took to win this election for Congressman Berman. She reminded the crowd to never pay attention to the polls, or whatever the political pundits say. After all she concluded the polls and the so-called experts stated she was going to lose and she proved them wrong by winning.   

Posted by Pep Streebek



Anonymous said...

Why no coverage of Alan Jackson? He has been out-raising Lacey every week. Your bias is disgusting and will not be forgotten

Anonymous said...

La Opinion is going to put Lacey beyond doubt as the next DA. Regardless of Jackson's negative ads, it's Lacey for DA.

Anonymous said...

Dragnet, why did you refuse to acknowledge the LA Times story about JACKIE LACEY SOLICITING DONATIONS FROM A CONVICTED FELON?

According to the Times, Jackie Lacey accepted thousands of dollars from a convicted felon and his wife. This is AFTER Lacey made a huge public fuss about the how the "most important job" of a District Attorney candidate is to know who their donors are. Lacey's donor did NOT legally change his name decades ago, so a "simple google search," would have revealed this immediately. Could the Lacey campaign possibly look like bigger liars and hypocrites right now?

How embarassing for Lacey... if Lacey had spent half as much time investigating her own donors as she did investigating Jackson's, she could have spared herself this humiliation. She looks like the consummate politician who is more focused on digging up dirt on her opponent than running a clean campaign herself.

Joe Friday said...

Anonymous 4:15PM, your comments cannot and will not be published because they are potentially defamatory. The story you reference has no supporting evidence and sounds too biased to be reliable. I realize that other blogs have published it which seems to be in line with their political standpoint.

Anonymous said...

Judging by 4:24's comment, tt looks like AJ has hired Trutanich to be his spokeshole. If you cannot tell the difference between going to a fundraiser hosted by a MAJOR FEDERAL FELON who went to the federal slammer for 57 months and who donated $115k to AJ, and a $1.5k check turned in by a supporter from a third party, then I guess that proves why AJ isn't ready to be DA. You have to have some sense of proportionality, and there is none here. Lacey wasn't the guest of honor at a Beverly Hills mansion hosted by the felon. She didn't pose for photos with him that were plastered over facebook. If the person who gave her the check said that the donor wanted to hold a fundraiser in her honor, then I guess she would have checked him out. But none of that happened. Dream on, the election is a week away, and your comment shows how desperate and demoralized the AJ campaign has become. The TV ads are bombing, people don't understand how AJ can say Lacey's a nice person, and then say she's a liar, and a political appointee. Is that the kind of person AJ thinks is 'nice?'

Anonymous said...

I read the story that you have refused to publish and I also find it very hard to believe. It is a shame that Alan Jackson feels that he has no choice other than to go all out negative, but he probably thinks he has nothing to loose. Maybe he should call for Lacey to produce her birth certificate?

Anonymous said...

It is true -- Jackie Lacey accepted$3,000 from a convicted felon and his wife.,0,6867416.story

Anonymous said...

3:42pm, er, is that the best AJ's got? Lacey didn't go to the felon's home to be guest of honor at his fundraiser, and she didn't lie about it the way AJ did. Don't worry it will soon be over.