Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday musings - Jackson's fundraiser scandal dims Daily News endorsement, Berman campaign airs new ad

Jackson scoops Daily News endorsement as felon fundraiser scandal continues to rankle

As predicted in our Friday report, District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson received the endorsement of the Los Angeles Daily News. The endorsement came a day after the Los Angeles Times exclusively reported that Jackson did not know that the host of his May 5 event was a convicted felon.

The Daily News endorsement makes no mention of the fundraiser scandal suggesting, perhaps, that their editorial board was unaware of the problem. Discussion in the comments section of the LA Times and on the Dragnet shows a fairly even split of opinions as to whether Jackson's campaign has been damaged by the scandal.

Interestingly, the last time the term 'felon fundraiser' appeared two weeks before an election campaign was in 2009, when the campaign of City Attorney candidate Jack Weiss hit the rocks over a similar fundraising scandal.

Rival candidate Carmen Trutanich was interviewed by FOX News reporter John Schwada on the topic and succeeded in getting in a few well-placed digs at Weiss. Weiss ultimately lost the election, although it is unclear what part the felon fundraiser played in his downfall; he was widely disliked for a variety of reasons. Trutanich went on to become City Attorney, but succeed only in eclipsing Weiss in terms of negative publicity. He has never since been able to claim the high ground on any story and will likely join Weiss in political oblivion after his re-election campaign faces the same fate as his failed DA campaign.

Streebek's Column


The derailing of Snake oil Salesman Sherman’s campaign continues in a manner reminiscent of the recent demise of Toxic Tunic Trutanich’s failed bid for district attorney. The destruction of both campaigns has similar reasons, the personality flaws of the candidates. In Trutanich’s case the personality flaw of lying did him in, for Snake oil Salesman Sherman the inability to control his temper with the added ingredient of distorting the truth.

Congressman Berman’s campaign launched a new campaign ad exemplifying the reasons Bully Brad is not fit to represent the valley.  The ad can be viewed here:


As noted in the ad Snake oil Salesman Sherman not only loses his temper in public but also loses his temper with his staff. According to the Washingtonian Magazine Sherman has a well known reputation as being one of the meanest Congressmen with one of the highest staff turnover rates in Washington D.C.

In referring to the incident at Pierce College, Congressman Berman remarked,
“I have had countless debates with political opponents, over policy and legislation, but I have never in my life experienced the kind of inappropriate conduct Congressman Sherman displayed.”

Anyone who would still consider voting for Snake oil Salesman Sherman after publishing to the world his inability to control his temper has forgotten the October crisis, where President Kennedy by keeping a cool head during an emotional crisis kept us out of World War III. Any Congressman in Congress could become Speaker of the House. If a tragedy occurred the Speaker of the House could find himself in the White House. Would you feel safe having Brad Sherman in control of our nuclear weapons during an emotional crisis like the one President Kennedy faced? Too many young men and women have lost their lives because of emotional decisions made by stupid politicians. 

Just like Trutanich, the time has come to lasso Sherman and throw him out of Congress. Congressman Howard Berman is the only Congressman running in this race worthy of our vote and support.

Posted by Pep Streebek



Anonymous said...

"Jackson makes a better case that he has the ability to negotiate the rapidly changing future in prosecutorial technology. As an active courtroom lawyer, he's more naturally able to do this than Lacey, who has been in an administrative position for the past 13 years."

"By comparison, Lacey would be an uninspired choice for the job - a bureaucrat... Lacey is also the candidate of the status quo."

"But because Lacey is so connected to the establishment, it is Jackson who is more likely to show the INDEPENDENCE to make law enforcement decisions based on WHAT'S RIGHT instead of what's politically correct."

There must be some mistake, I'm looking for the full text of the Daily News endorsement of Alan Jackson and I only see a portion of it on your blog... What's wrong Dragnet, did you not want to include the aforementioned quotes from the editorial board of the county's second largest newspaper?

Anonymous said...

I am sorry, but it makes me sick to read some of the comments posted here and at the Times and Daily News from the Jackson camp. It is a fact that Alan Jackson did not bother to check on the felon's background and that is more than fair game for criticism. Let's not forget it was Jackson who decided to 'go negative' with his tv ad, and as ye sow, so shall ye reap. If Jackson had run a clean campaign, then I doubt the Times would have run this story, but this was his sword to fall on. He is just looking even less qualified by his response. Jackson's attack on Lacey shows a side of him that I had not seen before. He knows the truth about what happened at ERCOM better than anyone, and he also knows that the background, a totally bogus claim Steve Ipsen, is no basis to attack anyone who cares about the office. Jackson seems to think he can re-invent history to suit his plot, and in the process defame his opponent. He will pay the price for going negative at the ballot box in two weeks, then you people can wonder about what might have been if you hadn't been so short-sighted and dishonest.

Anonymous said...

11:01AM makes a good point. The Dragnet did not repeat what the LA Times said about Jackson, so here it is:

"Prosecutor Alan Jackson, by contrast, demonstrates when he speaks to different audiences the qualities that make him such a winning presence in front of a jury. Without jettisoning the truth, Jackson reads his audience and seems instinctively to know what it needs and how it will respond to him. It is a useful trait in a prosecutor and an enticing quality in front of a camera. But it can leave a voter wondering just how Jackson would approach his job as district attorney: Hard line or flexible? Status quo or reformer? High profile or low?"

Guess we're seeing how Jackson crumbles under pressure and goes crying foul when he gets nailed by his own carelessness.

Still, lets hope 11:01AM is right and LA's second largest newspaper gets all it readers to vote Jackson. Oh yeah, and let's also hopr LA's largest newspaper gets all its readers to vote Lacey.

Anonymous said...

I don't see what all the fuss is about. Alan Jackson made a rookie mistake, that's all. I guarantee that he will not make the same mistake again. To compare what Jackson did with Jack Weiss is a low blow.

Anonymous said...

Ironic isn't it. In 2009 John Thomas was Trutanich's campaign manager and he arranged for John Schwada to get the exclusive on Jack Weiss and the felon fundraiser. It was a big deal and probably cost Jack Weiss five or six points. Fast forward to 2012, and John Schwada is working for Trutanich and John Thomas is saying AJ's felon fundraiser was no big deal. For sure AJ's campaign took a hit with the LA Times piece, but not as much as five or six points. My guess is that AJ and Jackie are neck and neck, and it will be a really close election. Lacey will open strong because the postal ballots will be heavily for her - I've already had 3 mailers from her or groups supporting her, nothing from AJ. But AJ has the tv locked down, and that will pay off as the night wears on. Still too close to call.

Anonymous said...

Lacey's greater $ to spend on Skelton's strategy combined with broad union support and party demographics will handily beat Jackson's inferior narrative supported by a lesser war chest yielding an ineffective TV flight.

Anonymous said...

More bad news for Jackson. The Met News has turned against him as well:

Jackson rolled the dice going negative, and he crapped out.

Anonymous said...

8:03 pm, remember that Jackson is the only candidate with a ballot statement, which was a big factor in Lacey's primary win. I'm sure Lacey regrets getting outraised by Jackson 6-1 in June because she was on vacation the month after the primary and didn't have money for a ballot statemnet - what a rookie mistake.

And those "mailers from groups supporting her" are called slates, and the candidates featured PURCHASE the right to be on them. The groups themselves do not even exist, they've been made up by the political advertiser who is paid a ton of money to create them.

Slates are one of the most dishonest and misleading forms of political advertising in existence. For example, slates sent to Republican households will say something like "Reagan conservatives support Jackie Lacey," thus creating the impression that Lacey is a Republican.

It says an awful lot about Jackie Lacey's character that she chose such a deceptive form of communication to reach voters in LA.