Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday's Musings - Greg Smith honored by LAPPL, Campaign Strategist John Thomas makes his mark, Trutanich faces defeat

City Attorney candidate Greg Smith picks up 'In The Line of Duty' award

Sergeant John R. Mumma (left) presents City Attorney candidate Greg Smith
with the LAPPL's 'In The Line of Duty' award at the 2012 Eagle and Badge dinner.

The Los Angeles Police Protective League's annual Eagle and Badge awards dinner saw Police Litigation Attorney and City Attorney candidate Greg Smith collect the LAPPL's prestigious 'In The Line of Duty' award on Saturday night during the LAPPL's annual Eagle and Badge dinner at the JW Marriott Hotel at LA Live.

Smith received the award in recognition of his twenty-five year record of fighting on behalf of peace officers, 'representing whistle-blowers in numerous high-profile cases, such as a sergeant in the City of Bell who blew the whistle against the small-city politicians and bureaucrats that were conducting unlawful activities,' Sergeant John R. Mumma, said as he presented Smith with his award.

The capacity crowd at the Eagle and Badge dinner included fellow honoree Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley, whose record three terms as LA's chief prosecutor ends on December 3, 2102 with his retirement. District Attorney candidate Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey presented Cooley with his award.

Also in the audience was Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, as well as all four mayoral candidates; City Hall outsider Kevin James, City Controller Wendy Greuel, and Councilmembers Jan Perry and Eric Garcetti. Other Councilmembers in attendance included Paul Krekorian, Paul Koretz, Dennis Zine and Joe Buscaino.

The event was the perfect setting for Smith to underline the vibrancy of his candidacy and the LAPPL award is, perhaps, and early indication of who is most likely to be law enforcement's choice for LA's next City Attorney. Notably, rival City Attorney candidates Mike Feuer and Carmen Trutanich were also in attendance.

Trutanich was reported to have been 'fit to be tied' upon learning that he was not to be honored, and perhaps as a sign of his frustration at seeing his re-election campaign flounder, and his challenger honored, turned up late. Trutanich had reserved a front row table for the event, however, underlying his lack of traction with supporters, the only 'guests' at his table were his executive staff and family members.

The late arriving Trutanich was prevented from walking through the ballroom to his table as presenters Frank Mottek (KNK Radio) and Elisabeth Harnois (CSI) had already started the evening's proceedings. In what was, perhaps, an unintentionally hilarious and portentous comment on Trutanich's candidacy, Harnois tried three times to pronounce Trutanich's name, finally settling on 'Trutanic,' as in Titanic.   

 John Thomas makes his mark on Los Angeles politics

District Attorney candidate Alan Jackson, Mayoral candidate Kevin James, and City Attorney candidate Greg Smith have all chosen political campaign strategist John Thomas to handle their campaigns. Thomas has achieved notable success and praise for his work, and in a rare tribute to the young campaign manager's abilities, he attracted the attention of the LA Times.
While Jackson and James are Republicans, Smith is a Democrat, underlining the breadth and diversity of Thomas' clientele. Perhaps Thomas' most impressive achievement to date was his masterful management of Alan Jackson's campaign that put an end to the nightmare that would have DA wannabe Carmen Trutanich's candidacy for LA's chief prosecutor.

But not everyone the Times interviewed in researching their article was impressed by Thomas. 'Thomas should not have gone to work against Trutanich when he had "intimate knowledge" of the city attorney's campaign strategy,' said Rick Taylor, who is running Trutanich's city attorney reelection bid. 'That sends a signal that people can't trust you.' Taylor told the Times. But proving once again that you cannot believe anything that Trutanich or his acolytes say, before running Trutanich's desperate re-election campaign, Taylor worked for, and had 'intimate knowledge' of the pro-marijuana legalization organization 'NORML' and spearheaded their successful campaign to repeal Trutanich's blitzkrieg (sorry, 'Gentle Ban') on medical marijuana. Does Trutanich's mouthpiece really think that Los Angelenos are stupid? Or his he just trying to pacify his egocentric boss?

LA Times OP-ED spells defeat in Trutanich re-election bid

The LA Times OP-ED on the re-election hopes of Carmen Trutanich will bring further dismay to the former ambulance chaser turned career politician. Trutanich performed dismally in the DA race, failing to finish higher than third with only 30% of the vote in the City of Los Angeles. That 30% might sound like he's in with a chance of the runoffs in the City Attorney primary in March 2013, but don't forget, Trutanich had a $2M campaign warchest for that battle, and a star-studded slew of political endorsements topped by Governor Brown. He has none of that now. Not a single endorsement and fundraising is said to be lackluster. It's a long way from the hay days of 2009 for Trutanich.

Perhaps Trutanich should consider packing his bags and seeking an elected position in the San Diego area, if his re-election campaign continues to flounder?


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