Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Shallman's 'Exit' memo shocks few

The public spat between City Attorney Carmen Trutanich and his former campaign consultant John Shallman continues to shed new light on the reasons for Trutanich's Hindenburg-like campaign failure.

The Mayor Sam blog leaked the Shallman 'Exit' memo first, but it was soon followed up by Gene Maddaus at the LA Weekly who was able to not only publish the entire 'Exit' memo, but also obtained this comment from Shallman:

"I apologize to the City of Los Angeles for Carmen Trutanich. I feel like Dr. Frankenstein who, in his attempt to do good, created a monster and unleashed it on an unsuspecting populace, a monster who has morphed into the Kim Jong-Il of L.A. politics. 

This monster uses the law as a weapon--not a tool. He cracks down on peaceful protesters and street artists. He bullies and threatens cancer patients seeking relief from medical marijuana--rather than using that energy to go after violent gang members as he promised me and the citizens of Los Angeles. 

The fact is, Trutanich believes normal societal rules do not apply to him. He's dangerous, delusional and must be stopped. I helped create this mess and now it's my responsibility to clean it up. The memo was my first attempt at doing so, but obviously it won't be my last."

Shallman's nine-page 'Exit' memo was written six days after Trutanich's humiliating defeat, and while Shallman takes responsibility for advising Trutanich to refrain from debates, attempting to use a false and misleading ballot designation, and 'massage' the YouTube views for 'True Stories,' Shallman takes no responsibility for Trutanich's horribly disrespectful habit of consistently being late and distracted when meeting with constituents.

The 'Exit' memo can be viewed and downloaded here:

Shallman Trutanich Memo

Perhaps what is missing from the memo is any reference to any advice Shallman did, or did not give Trutanich regarding the 'Pledge to Serve.' Clearly Trutanich was not bothered about breaking his word; he has done that repeatedly before and during his tenure as City Attorney.  But did Shallman ever tell Trutanich that it would be better to temper his ambitions and just try to concentrate on honoring his pledge, rather than try to weasel out of it?

Also strangely absent is any reference to AssassinationGate; the devastatingly terminal revelation that Trutanich had lied about being the victim of an assassination attempt at Green Meadows Park. The LA Weekly also publishes polling data showing that Trutanich was, indeed, the frontrunner by a considerable margin 10 days before the election. That is around the time that the general public became aware of the AssassinationGate scandal. Shallman makes no comment about Trutanich's responsibility for that lie, and whether it or the failure to honor his Pledge to Serve caused Trutanich's downfall.

One thing that Shallman does say in his memo is that Trutanich's chances of re-election are virtually zero. Shallman predicts that the very same credibility issues that dogged Trutanich's failed DA campaign, will continue to dog any re-election hopes the former ambulance chaser might have. Few would disagree.



Anonymous said...

The reason why Shallman doesn't discuss the lies Nuch and Jim Bell spread about Green Meadows Park is simple, Shallman was responsible for cleaning up the mess Nuch created. It was Shallman who went on Fox to defend Nuch and he was terrible. He looked and sounded like a rat with those beady eyes and wiseass comments. Jeff Michael creamed him with an answer for every one of his lies. That was the defining moment in the campaign. It showed people just how much of a scumbag lying sack of sh*t Nuch is, and it was Shallman's piss-poor performance that caused the SS Trutanic to sink.

Anonymous said...

Nuch loses in 2013. Adios Asshole!,

Anonymous said...

My question about Shallman's self-serving memo is this: If Trutanich did not raise enough money to mount an effective TV campaign, why did Shallman make the decision to spend virtually his entire voter contact budget on TV? Isn't the job of the consultant to figure out how to best use the resources you have -- and not the resources you would like to have?

Anonymous said...

@12:48PM Agree.Shallman made a ton of commission on the tv media buys, That money, perhaps as much as the 600k he says would have got Nuch into the runoffs. This isn't over, Nuch lost everything he worked for because Shallman mis-managed his campaign. Nuch is now a broken man, his political future is over, he isn't going to take that lying down.

Anonymous said...

Trutanich isn't going to take it lying down. He's going to take it bent over a chair.

I love Shallman's memo and his comments. Brilliant!

Round 1: Shallman.

Ref is looking into Carmen's dazed and confused eyes and wondering if he should let him continue.

Anonymous said...

I love seeing these ridiculous press releases coming out of John Twata and Rick Tail - between his legs - er. They are spending LIEtanich's money on attacking Shallman for mismanaging LIEtanich's money. Talk about political malpractice! Can anyone appreciate the hypocrisy? LIEtanich and Twata are mad because Shallman broke his pledge not to work against him? Carmen Trutanich is actually raising the issue of broken pledges? You simply can't make this shit up. It's glorious. Here's what I think is going on. Trutanich has all but conceded that he's going to lose again. Right now he's seeking vengeance against his enemies: Cooley, Berger, Thomas, Shallman. Shallman is in his cross hairs because he's running Feuer's campaign. LIEtanich is going down as a sad and pathetic loser and dragging Twata and Staler with him.