Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Streebek's Column: Tamar Galatzan hosts 'Meet 'n Greet' for Congressman Berman


Congressman Howard Berman addresses a standing-room only crowd
at a 'Meet 'n Greet' organized by LAUSD Board Member Tamar Galatzan
The legal community came out in droves to show their support for Congressman Berman, Monday night. Congressman Berman one of the ranking members of the House Judiciary Committee expressed his thanks and appreciation for their support.

LAUSD Board Member and Deputy City Attorney Tamar Galatzan
spoke passionately about her support for Congressman Berman

Tamar Galatzan, Deputy City Attorney, as well as LAUSD Board Member, addressed the crowd. She told a story about an interesting interaction she had with the two congressmen. She stated that an issue had been presented to the school board that she felt she should oppose.

Prior to the vote she received a phone call from Congressman Brad Sherman. Congressman Sherman told her that he had received a phone call from a Congresswoman asking him to call Tamar in order to persuade her to vote in favor of the issue. Tamar told the crowd that she inquired of Congressman Sherman why he felt she should vote in favor of the issue. He told her he knew nothing about it, and was doing a favor for the Congresswoman. Tamar politely thanked him for the call and the conversation came to an end. When the issue came up for vote, Tamar voted against it based on her research of the issue.

Tamar then said that a couple of weeks later she happened to be at an event. Present at the event was Congressman Howard Berman. He came up to her greeted her hello, and happened to ask her about the issue and which way she had voted. She told him that he she had voted against it and the reasons she opposed the issue. Congressman Berman then told Tamar that prior to her voting on the issue a Congresswoman had called him and asked him to call Tamar in order to encourage her to vote in favor of the issue. Congressman Berman told Tamar, that he felt Tamar knew more about the issue then he did and declined to make the telephone call.

Tamar then told the crowd that is why she supports Congressman Berman and not his opponent. Congressman Berman cares about his constituents, trusts the individuals that are in a position to know more about an issue then he does, whereas Congressman Sherman is all about doing political favors and not caring about the potential consequences to his constituents as a result of the favors.

Assemblyman Blumenfield then took center stage. Assemblyman Blumenfield discussed how Congressman Howard Berman ensured that Kaiser Permanente rebuilt their valley facility after the Northridge Earthquake. He told the crowd that Kaiser had decided not to rebuild their valley facility that had been severely damaged in the earthquake, but instead use the money to expand their Sunset/Vermont facility. Because of Congressman Berman’s ability to get members of Congress to work together, he was able to get an amendment passed through the house blocking Kaiser’s access to FEMA funds.

Individuals associated with Kaiser contacted Congressman Berman and inquired if something could be worked out. Congressman Berman expressed his willingness to have the funds unblocked if Kaiser committed to rebuilding their valley facility. Kaiser acquiesced and the valley received the benefit of Congressman Berman’s acumen. Other key points were brought up about Congressman Berman’s ability to be an effective legislator.

Congressman Berman received rousing support from an audience
spanning the generations
As the evening came to a close, the campaign workers in attendance were inundated with individuals volunteering, expressing concern about not wanting to live in a valley without Congressman Berman as their Congressman.

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