Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Streetbek's Column - Sherman's physical assault on Howard Berman goes viral

Rep. Brad Sherman's physical assault on Congressional opponent Howard Berman has lead to a number of YouTube videos focusing on Sherman's thuggish attack on Howard Berman. The assault has been widely covered on television and radio and will do little to slow the downward spiral of Sherman's campaign. Sherman is seen grabbing the elder statesman while screaming 'You wanna get into this!' in what appeared to be a challenge to further physical violence and caused a Deputy Sheriff to intervene.

Sherman, once considered the frontrunner and 'shoe in,' like his political ally Carmen Trutanich, has something else in common with Trutanich; in the weeks before the election, his lead has been slipping as Berman picks up supports from moderate Republicans. Trutanich's recent humiliating downfall doubtless added to pressure on Sherman who suddenly snapped during the debate hosted at Pierce Collage, and physically assaulted Berman, a man 20 years his senior.

KABC's prime time morning talk show host Doug McIntyre interviewed Rep. Howard Berman regarding the 'Punch out at Pierce' during the Monday morning rush hour.

Berman said that in his 27 years, he has 'never seen anything quite like the way Brad reacted,' noting that Sherman 'lost it.' Berman speculated that Sherman's resort to physical violence might be due to his shrinking lead. Part of the reason for Sherman's campaign woes could be negative reaction from voters arising from the startling revelation that Sherman has personally profited from campaign donations by charging $461,000 in interest on 'loans' to his campaign. Those 'loans,' Berman said, were 'unnecessary' as Sherman has 'always had enough money for his campaigns.'

Berman also touted his record of effectively delivering for the San Fernando Valley, noting that while he had prevented a hospital from closing and established a recreation center, Sherman had only managed to pass three bills, two were to name post offices and the third was a private immigration bill.

Berman stated that since the incident, Sherman's campaign has not apologized for 'losing control of himself,' and has instead said that both sides 'regretted' the incident. Berman pointed out that the only thing Sherman 'regretted' as the fact that hundreds of first time voters saw him lose it and 'act inappropriately and lose control of himself.'

McIntyre rounded up the interview noting that Brad Sherman's campaign had declined to appear on the show because 'his campaign guy, John Schwada, is mad at us because he's working for that other nut Carmen Trutanich.'

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ADDA just endorsed Berman unanimously.