Thursday, October 11, 2012

Trutanich FaceBook 'likes' bought and paid for? TRU lies of a desperate re-election campaign

UPDATED: City Attorney Carmen Trutanich leads in FaceBook 'likes.' In Tanzania!

Trutanich's fan base appears to originate from Tanzania in East Africa

Embattled former DA wannabe City Attorney Carmen Trutanich's re-election campaign seems to be certain of winning based on the former ambulance chaser's apparent popularity in Tanzania, an East African republic bordered by Kenya and Uganda to the north, Rwanda, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the west, and Zambia, Malawi, and Mozambique to the south.

Tanzania, according to data on Trutanich's re-election campaign FaceBook page, appears to be 'The city where most of the people talking about this Page are from.' 

An East African republic might seem an unlikely source for the 4,873 FaceBook 'likes' that Trutanich claims to have, and the explanation is most likely the same as his 724,535 YouTube views for his failed DA campaign. He purchased them.

A quick Google search for 'buy FaceBook likes' yields many on-line services who will provide paid-for 'likes.' is but one of many such services, and may or may not have been the service that Trutanich used to make it look like anyone actually 'likes' Trutanich. 

It does seem that the old adage 'a leopard doesn't change it's spots' seems to apply to Trutanich - or is it that a liar doesn't change his lies because it does appear that Trutanich's so-called fans are not English speakers and most likely bought and paid for.

Comments posted by FaceBook fans who 'like' Trutanich appear to be
exclusively from a non-English speaking community.
Trutanich's crass attempts to mislead voters with his bogus ballot designation, his 'viral video' and the remarkable survival of his assassination attempt, soundly failed to con voters in 2012, does he seriously think this pathetic attempt to falsely manipulate social media will fare any better?

Trutanich never fails to redefine the depths that he will sink to in order to con voters.

UPDATED: A social media expert has reviewed the chart showing the sudden 'spike' in Trutanich's re-election 'likes' and state that it was 'unusual' for a legitimate FaceBook page to experience 'spikes' in the absence of any noteworthy activity.

The sudden 'spike' in FaceBook 'Likes' likely as sign of
'suspicious social media activity.'
The sudden 'spike' in Trutanich's FaceBook 'likes' is inconsistent with an organic, gradual and genuinely growing popularity. It is more likely the result of purchasing 'likes,' and the fact that Trutanich that people in Tanzania are 'talking' about Trutanich supports that conclusion.

Of course it could be that Trutanich is genuinely considering packing his carpet bag and moving to Africa where his political baggage won't harm his political future. However, rumors suggest a move to San Diego is might give the embattled City Attorney wannabe another shot at continuing his career in politics.


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