Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tuesday Topics - Trutanich trashed on KABC, Galatzan stands up for Berman

KABC 790AM's Doug McIntye on Carmen Trutanich's 'Thuggish' attempt to dodge his debts 

 Los Angles City Attorney Carmen Tutanich's 'Thuggish' attempt to avoid paying $166k owned to his former campaign consultant, John Shallman, caught the attention of KABC 790AM's top-rated morning drive time show, McIntyre in the Morning. McIntyre recounted how City Attorney Trutanich wanted to be District Attorney 'but mercifully the wisdom of the voters came out in force and slammed that door shut.' 

Trutanich suffered a humiliating defeat when he was placed last of the front-runners in the race to become District Attorney. 'Now he's got to cling to the job that he didn't want' McIntyre said. But in addition to fighting a doomed battle for his political survival as arguably the most unpopular man in Los Angeles, Trutanich has another problem; a pile of debts owed to Shallman.

McIntyre together with co-hosts John Phillips and Terri-Rea Elmer, described how Shallman and Trutanich parted company after Trutanich was unable to overcome voter disdain for his record of deceit, deception and demagoguery. In what appears to be a scheme to either avoid or delay paying Shallman, Trutanich filed a lawsuit against Shallman seeking an 'accounting' for the $166k owned, and blaming Shallman for 'negligence and missteps' that cost Trutanich the election.

Shallman responded by saying that Trutanich has been given all the receipts for the failed campaign's expenses, and accused his former client of 'extortion' and 'thuggery.' Shallman claims that Trutanich's lawyers threatened to harm his reputation and that of his family, unless Shallman dropped the claim for payment. It was a 'back alley shakedown' Shallman said, adding that 'the only way to deal with a thug is to stand up to him, and that's what I intend to do.' 

McIntye noted that Trutanich's current spokesman, former FOX 11 News reporter John Schwada, had tried recently tried to defend Trutanich on KABC. John Phillips predicted that Schwada will have a 'falling out' with Trutanich because the defense 'did not go well.' 

McIntyre then gave what he described as some 'sincere unsolicited advice for John Schwada, the current campaign hack for Carmen Trutanich - Get paid up front!' McIntyre advised Schwada to get the check and take it straight to the bank and cash it immediately because 'The chances of those checks clearing after the election are zero. Zero.' he reiterated.

Phillips then spoke of Trutanich's current difficulties in raising money, noting that most of Trutanich's former supporters have already committed to other candidates for City Attorney, as they expected Trutanich to win the DA race.

McIntyre put the point into perspective 'Once you lose, spectacularly, people don't want to put money into a loser.' he said. 'It takes a long time to shake that stink off, and he doesn't have that time or the ability because he keeps on alienating the people who were closest to him.' A reference, perhaps, to the fact that not a single one of Trutanich's former political allies have endorsed his current campaign.

Streebeck's Column

This from our guest blogger on the Berman-Sherman battle, with Deputy City Attorney Tamar Galatzan going against her 'boss' Trutanich's support for Brad Sherman and, hosting a meet and greet for rival Howard Berman.


The community knows Tamar Galatzan as a board member of the Los Angeles Unified School District. Many of us know her as a dedicated Deputy City Attorney in the offices run by Toxic Tonic Trutanich.

Deputy City Attorney Tamar Galatzan has not only endorsed Congressman Howard Berman, the opponent of Snake oil Salesman Sherman, but she is also hosting an event in his honor.

Demonstrating the strength and courage of a true leader, not blindly following her mercurial boss, she stands on her own two feet willing to make her own decisions, and endorse the candidate she feels will best serve the voters, not her boss’s political crony.

Those Deputy City Attorneys who live in the Valley should consider taking the lead from one of their own, Tamar Galatzan, and join her in supporting Congressman Howard Berman. Those Deputy City Attorneys undecided who to vote for, should attend her event and learn why she has made the decision that Congressman Berman is the one best for the job, after all the event is free. Those Deputy City Attorneys considering voting for Congressman Sherman should consider the wisdom of electing a politician allied with Toxic Tonic Trutanich, with the ability to endorse and support any future office the mercurial Trutanich seeks to hold.

Posted by Pep Streebek.

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