Tuesday, November 6, 2012

ELECTION DAY SPECIAL: Standby to witness history being made.

Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey will make history on election day by becoming Los Angeles' first female District Attorney and first African American District Attorney, the Los Angeles Dragnet predicts.

Lacey's election night party at Union Station will bring together the entire spectrum of Los Angeles' social and political scene as the broad bi-partisan support she has received pays off in a night to remember.

Ahead of the election, the LA Weekly indicated their belief that Lacey's advantage over rival Alan Jackson is the support she has received from retiring District Attorney Steve Cooley.

In many respects, the LA Weekly article echos the sentiments expressed in our endorsement of Jackie Lacey; she is the candidate most qualified to continue the calm, deliberate and effective leadership of the nation's largest prosecutorial agency. The LA Weekly basically suggests that if you like the way Cooley has run the office, you will like the person Cooley believes is most qualified and most experienced to continue that leadership; it's a referendum on Steve Cooley.

Oddly, rival Alan Jackson has chosen to present himself as the 'outsider,' the man who would do things differently. That is odd because Cooley's leadership has been innovative, forward thinking, and hugely effective. That is why Cooley won a record three terms as LA's most popular DA since the 1920's. For the most part, Los Angelenos do not want someone to change the way the DA's office took a stately leadership role in fairly applying the Third Strikes law. They don't want someone who will dismantle the special units which target fraud and corruption in the justice system and the political realm. They don't want someone who will take us back to the dark ages before DNA was used effectively because of the training programs Cooley initiated.

So where does that leave Jackson?  While he proclaims himself as the 'modern prosecutor,' his modern methods do not seem to extend to using Google to discover that the host of his Beverly Hills fundraiser was a convicted felon. In trying to dig himself out of that embarrassing hole, the modern prosecutor swiftly defaulted to the ancient ploy of lying about the fundraiser not being a fundraiser. A lie that was equally swiftly uncovered by the modern device of displaying the email invitation to the event. It was a fundraiser and no amount of parsing language could dig Jackson out of that hole.

The LA Weekly also delves into the question of fundraising, comparing Lacey's $1.2M direct mail campaign to Jackson's brief $300k tv ad campaign. That drew a request for a correction from Jackson, saying that he had actually raised $225k in the last reporting period. But oddly (again) the modern prosecutor did not use modern means to publish details of his fundraising, so there are no reports on the County Registrar's website to confirm Jackson's claim. Given Jackson's statements about his felon fundraiser, one cannot blame the LA Weekly, or anyone for that matter, in taking what Jackson says about his fundraising with a grain of salt.

If anyone is a modern prosecutor, forward thinking, with her eye on the ball, it is Jackie Lacey. Her campaign has smartly and effectively drawn together the diverse elements that make up LA's electorate. As a consequence she has support all across the board. Support that will translate into success at the polls. Parke Skelton, Lacey's campaign strategist told the LA Weekly that Lacey will win by at least ten points, and he's probably being conservative at that.

Lacey has also shown the 'modern prosecutor' how to really be modern. In her pre-election day email blast, she urged her supporters to use social media to help to spread the word of her candidacy. Here's how Lacey's words translate into action:

P Diddy Combs and Jamie Foxx used Twitter to tell 10M followers to vote for Jackie Lacey
P Diddy Combs and Jamie Foxx, with over 10 million followers on Twitter, sent out Tweets to their 10 million followers urging them to make history and vote for Jackie Lacey for DA.

That is how Lacey leads, quietly, calmly and effectively. That's how she transformed Central Trials in 2000, from a place people wanted to get out of, to the go-to assignment in the DA's Office. She didn't bully, bluster or boast, she just got on with the job. That's why she has Steve Cooley's support, and the overwhelming support of the Deputy DA's who voted in their union's election to support her candidacy, and the overwhelming support of law enforcement, civic leaders and leading politicians from both parties.

On Tuesday night a real modern prosecutor will make history at Union Station. Jackie Lacey will be our next District Attorney.



Anonymous said...

Whether Lacey or Jackson wins, just remember how much worse it would be if Carmen the Clown had made it to the runoff? Jackson doesn't look likely to pull enough votes, but he should be proud of the way he beat Trutanich in the primary, and the entire DAs office should give him an award for what he did.

Anonymous said...

I just voted for Lacey. I changed my mind after seeing Jackson's ad on LA Weekly (I haven't seen it on tv) I now understand why people have been turned off by Jackson's ad. WTF was he thinking?

Anonymous said...

Looks like the national trend is favoring Obama and the Democrats. That's great news for Lacey!