Friday, November 2, 2012

Endorsement: Jackie Lacey for District Attorney

Jackie Lacey for District Attorney

Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey should be our next District Attorney

The choice of who will lead the nation's biggest prosecutorial agency comes before voters next week amid a Presidential election that has, to a large extent, overshadowed local politics. Voters will nevertheless have to decide between two candidates to take over from Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley, who retires after serving a record three terms as LA's DA.

The two candidates are Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey, number two in the office, and Assistant Head Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson. Both are accomplished prosecutors, making the choice harder for voters - neither is identifiable as a politician, which is a good thing when it comes to deciding who to trust with the leadership of over a thousand prosecutors and a police force of over 230.

Taking over from Cooley will be no easy task. Cooley won his three terms as DA because of his non-partisan, non-political leadership. His dedication to advancing the mission of the office, the pursuit of justice, is as unquestioned as it is unparalleled. One of Cooley's major policy changes when he took office was to re-write the policy for the prosecution of Third Strikes cases so that twenty-five years to life sentences would only be pursued in the most deserving of cases. He also created two dedicated divisions within the office specializing in rooting out corruption and fraud; the Public Integrity Division ("P.I.D."), which targets misconduct by elected and appointed officials such as 'the Bell Eight', and the Justice System Integrity Division ("J.S.I.D."), which prosecutes police officers, attorneys and judges.

Cooley's commitment to seeking justice for Los Angeles residents didn't stop at his Third Strikes policy and the creation of P.I.D and J.S.I.D.; it's been an on-going commitment. Recognizing the need to train law enforcement and prosecutors in the preservation and presentation of evidence that is used for DNA analysis, Cooley established the Forensic Sciences Section, a nationally recognized initiative that ensures that evidence is carefully preserved to eliminate the kind of 'cross-contamination' claims that were partially responsible for the collapse of the OJ Simpson murder trial. It also trains prosecutors on how to present this evidence in a way that jurors will be able to understand and appreciate. It is a major commitment to the safe and reliable prosecution of cases as crime detection and prosecution moves closer to the kind of cases jurors see on tv shows like 'C.S.I.'

Cooley also made history in obtaining justice for the victims of violent crime who have suffered at the hands of criminals who fled the border to Mexico where they could not be extradited. Cooley established the 'Escaping Justice' project which, through well-researched, sound and effective diplomatic entreaties, caused the Mexican government to change their policy of giving sanctuary cop-killers and rapists.

Cooley's is truly a remarkable legacy, and one that will be hard to follow. Such is his popularity with voters that many believe that if he was not retiring after 37 years of public service, he would easily win a record fourth term. He is, therefore, an extremely hard act to follow. So when voters go to the polls on November 6, 2012, they would do well to listen to who Steve Cooley believes is the best qualified to continue to effectively and fairly lead the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office.
Steve Cooley has no doubt that his Chief Deputy, Jackie Lacey, is the most experienced and best qualified candidate to lead the District Attorney's office. He points to her 25 year career as both a experienced prosecutor and an effective executive in his administration. 'She is the best qualified, there is not a close second. I trust her implicitly to be the next great District Attorney of this County.' Cooley said.

Few would disagree with Cooley, and few do. Lacey's candidacy has been enthusiastically endorsed by the Los Angeles Times, The Los Angeles Police Protective League, La Opinion, The Association of Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs, and many others in law enforcement, local politics, and community leaders, as can be seen on Lacey's impressive endorsement page. Most recently Lacey secured the support of the 1,000+ Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorneys who voted 'overwhelmingly' for Jackie Lacey to be their next District Attorney.

When Steve Cooley steps down as LA's most popular District Attorney, LA voters could not do better than listen to the recommendation of the man who is best positioned to know who will best preserve the integrity of the Office of District Attorney and continue his legacy of fairly and evenhandedly administering justice.

Jackie Lacey should be our next District Attorney.



Anonymous said...

Jackie Lacey for DA. She is the best choice and Alan Jackson's attempt to attack her is unfair and unwarranted. Jackson lost any chance he had by his crazy defense of his felon fundraiser; it showed people that he was not truthful. Worse than that, he tried to cover it up. All that over something that really was not a big deal - just a mistake, a rookie mistake.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dragnet. It looks like the Jackson campaign has collapsed. There are hardly any ads on tv and he hasn't posted his financial report on the County website. People are saying he got hurt by reaction to his tv ad and the felon fundraiser party, but I think it is plain old demographics - LA isn't going to chose a republican over a well qualified democrat.

Anonymous said...

10:30AM, the Jackson campaign has not collapsed, in fact it is having the most successful round of fundraising so far, that's why they are too busy to fill out stupid forms about fundraising. AJ's ad was aired during a prime-time show (CSI Miami) and was seen by millions of voters making the maximum impact, instead of being shown during low-viewer programing. Jackson will be the next DA and the Dragnet will be blogging from Lancaster. Maybe you should think about carpooling with Lacey or buy a Prius. Get ready for freeway therapy.

Anonymous said...

Way to copy and paste everything from the "Meet the DA" section of DA's Office homepage. I know you're grateful that Cooley is okay with taxpayers paying your salary to blog on behalf of Lacey all day, but you just reached a whole new level of sycophant. You offer zero justification for endorsing Lacey other than the fact that she's received other endorsements - talk about circular reasoning. And Lacey got the support of about 124 deputy DAs... not "overwhelming" support from the 1000+ ADDA.

Anonymous said...

1:58PM and 3:13PM sounds like sour grapes from a campaign going down the drain. I have seen no Jackson ads on tv for a week, and whoever saw the CSI Miami ad must he hallucinating.

Anonymous said...

@3:46 Sour grapes and Jackson hasn't lost yet. I think it will be ten times worse on Tuesday night. I wonder if Jackson will go Nuch and start blaming his campaign?

Anonymous said...

WHOA 3:13pm, Be care there Sparky! 124 is almost the TOTAL number of votes in LA County won by the candidate endorsed by the ADDA Board - Dannette Meyers - during the primary in June.

Not only was Lacey not endorsed by the ADDA board back in June, they wouldn't even recommend her to the County Federation of Labor, like they did for Dannette and Carmen Trutanich.

Anonymous said...

3:13PM My read of Dragnet's endorsement is different. People have forgotten the reasons why Steve Cooley has been the most successful DA in modern history, this piece reminds us not only of his great achievements, but also how utterly insane it was for Jackson to attack Cooley's administration. Dragnet points out the numerous and on-going changes Cooley has brought to the office, so it is logical that Cooley's choice of successor is entitled to considerable weight. The irony is that Jackson attacks Cooley and Lacey for being the status quo, the bureaucracy, the old guard, yet when you look at the great changes Cooley has brought, it is hard to understand how Jackson will 'modernize' the office. He could not even use 'the Google' to find out that his latest BFF was a convicted felon. Then he tried to lie about the felon not hosting a fundraiser, saying it was a Cinquo de Mayo party. But the idiot got nailed for lying by the Times when they published the felon's invite. Jackson's the 'modern' prosecutor? I don't think so. He's made the same stupid mistakes and given the same stupid lies to cover up a very simple mistake as so many failed politicians. In the process he's also revealed a very thin skin. No surprise the Dragnet endorsed Lacey, same as just about every one else in LA.