Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Jackie Lacey has unassailable lead in DA race

In a historic election, at a historic venue, District Attorney candidate Jackie Lacey delivered on her promise to make history and will be elected Los Angeles' first female District Attorney and first African American District Attorney.

When Lacey greeted the large crowd at Union Station, early results showed her in the lead with 56% of the vote, leaving rival Alan Jackson facing defeat with 44%.

The capacity crowd at Union Station urged Lacey to declare victory, but with her classic grace and modesty, Lacey declined to stake an early claim to victory.

As the results trickled in, delayed by weather conditions hampering helicopter deliveries of ballots, Lacey's margin of victory remained constant; a steady 10 point lead over Jackson.

Michael Goldstein, who had worked tirelessly on Lacey's campaign and who had organized the Election Party, took to the podium to introduce two the stars of the evening.

District Attorney Steve Cooley introduced Lacey's mother to the crowd, and in a brief, moving and emotional speech, Jackie Lacey's mother thanked the people of Los Angeles for making history.

Lacey, clearly delighted with the strong showing from the results, declined to claim victory even though those results showed an unassailable lead.

By midnight, Lacey's lead remained where it started, 10 points ahead of Jackson. Lacey spoke to the crowd declining to call the election, but saying it was time to call it a day. Lacey urged her supporter to go home and promised an announcement in the morning.

As we close this article, 60% of precincts have reported and Lacey remains firmly 10 points ahead of Jackson, with the chances of any upset now a statistical impossibility.

The Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder's website can be accessed by this link to update the latest results, but the race is essentially over. Jackie Lacey has been elected as our next District Attorney.



Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Jackie Lacey, she will be a great DA. Congratulations too to the Dragnet for calling it right. I just read Alan Jackson's defeat speech and he showed us again why he was the wrong choice for DA. Instead of being a man and saying sorry for his unwarranted attacks on Lacey, he comes up with some crap about working together. If he had run an honest campaign he could hold his head up. Instead he's emerged as a bitter loser who is out of touch with reality.

Anonymous said...

Your blogs a bit short of detail. Why didn't you mention that your buddy Carmen Trutanich showed up at Lacey's party and then turned around like he saw a ghost when he saw you trying to take a photo of him? Didn't you hear someone shout 'Dead man walking!' when walked in? Come on Dragnet, spice it up a little.

Anonymous said...

Lacey is a class act, and will prove to be an able and inspirational leader.

With his comments last night, Jackson proved himself yet again to be a political novice with no talent other than the desire to be elected.

His days in the office are numbered, as they should be. There's no place for someone who is a team of one. My idea...he and Trutanich should partner up, start chasing ambulances, and find some slip-and-fall cases. They can sit around the office and tell each other how fantastic they are. Losers...not just politically, but personally as well.