Monday, November 5, 2012

Lacey looks likely to be next District Attorney

With just over 24 hours before the polls open on November 6, 2012 for the Presidential election, District Attorney candidate Jackie Lacey looks likely to make history and become the first female and first African American Los Angeles County District Attorney since the Office of District Attorney was established in 1850.

The signs are everywhere; not just the yardsigns that have sprung up over the last few days, but the media reports, fundraising successes, endorsements and mailers. All suggest that Lacey's candidacy has succeeded in capturing widespread support, crossing party lines and underlining Lacey's qualification as LA's next DA.

As we go to press, no data is available to show how Jackson fared in the final round of fundraising.
As previously reported, Lacey had an immensely successful final round of fundraising. Significantly, the Jackson campaign has not filed it's final pre-election statement electronically. That's significant because it is the first time that Jackson has not allowed his fundraising data to be readily available as a sign of strength in his campaign. It perhaps suggests that the rumors that he fell behind Lacey by only $20K to $30k may not be correct; the situation could be considerably worse.

Jackson may have encountered difficulties in fundraising as a result of the way he decided to handle the LA Times exclusive showing that he had attended a fundraiser hosted by a convicted felon. Jackosn compounded his difficulties by lying about the May 5 event at the Beverly Hills mansion of Victorino Noval as 'not being a fundraiser,' but a Cinco de Mayo party.

Jackson then took the bizarre step of accusing his host of lying, saying he was 'trying to sound like a big shot to his friends.' However, it later was revealed that the host had sent out an email invitation making it clear that the event was a fundraiser designed to 'help him out [Jackson] financially.'

Whether potential hosts were deterred by Jackson's ineptitude in handling the publicity or reviled by the way Jackson shamefully accused his host of lying, may explain why Jackson decided not to report his final per-election statement electronically; there wasn't much to report.

What is certain is that Lacey has the momentum in the final few days, now just hours, before Los Angelenos cast their votes to decide on LA's next District Attorney. It will be an historic election night and, fittingly, Lacey has decided to hold her victory party at an historic location; Union Station in Downtown Los Angeles.

It will be a night to remember. The polls close at 8:00PM and typically the first results will be released around 9:00PM when the vote by mail results become known. The Dragnet will be posting live updates throughout the night via our Twitter feed and this blog.



Anonymous said...

I am not surprised that AJ's ads have disappeared, he must have run out of money like you say. All the ads in the world would not have helped him. AJ lost the only chance he ever had to become DA when Trutanich failed to make it into the runoff. If it were AJ against Nuch, he could and should win. But AJ against Lacey was never going to work and trying to go negative was a huge mistake.

Anonymous said...

@6:22am - a rookie mistake? lOL

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Dragnet! The LA Weekly totally supports your endorsement of Lacey and for the same reasons too.

They also support your assessment of Jackson's campaign. He is out of money and going down by an overwhelming majority. See y'all at Union Station. It's gonna be a real party!

Anonymous said...

According to the LA Weekly Jackson had only $300k to spend on his tv ad, so all the folks saying they had not seen it were right - it hasn't been seen since he ran out of money two weeks ago. Jackson was crazy to think he could win with just 300k - Lacey spent 4 times that much and didn't blow it on a tv ad. Jackson did a public service in taking out Trutanich, and he could have positioned himself nicely for a role in Lacey's administration if he had just run an honest campaign. But he just couldn't help himself and now he's blown any credibility he ever had with that stupid lie about his felon fundraiser. It's over.

Anonymous said...

I would say you've knocked this one out of the park. Jackie Lacey is going to make history tomorrow night. It will not even be close. Jackson failed to pull in enough money to run a tv campaign and screwed up handling his felon scandal. Now he's hiding his fundraising figures because he has run out of money. I predict the DA election will be over by 10pm with Lacey well ahead of Jackson.

Anonymous said...

The LA Weekly just printed a retraction because they underestimated Jackson's fundraising by at least $225k... by other accounts, they were off by about $400k.

Anonymous said...

Sorry 3:59 but LA Weekly did not publish a retraction, they just quoted Jackson's spokesman as saying he raised more money, but could not verify the claim because Jackon hasn't released the actual figures. My guess is that Dragnet is right, Jackson is out of cash and 300k isn't enough and neither is 600k. It is very significant that Jackson did not release his fundraising.

Anonymous said...

After the way Jackson lied about the felon fundraiser, why should the LA Weekly believe what he says about his UNREPORTED fundraising? If Jackson raised $225k, why didn't he post the figures on the county website? Lacey published her figures. Sorry, I'm not buying what Jackson is selling.

Anonymous said...

Jackson's commercial ran during ELLEN yesterday. I voted for him today and so did my friends. Hope he wins. Lacey will spend the next 4 years doing Cooley's dirty work so he won't destroy her in 4 years.