Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thursday Themes; Trutanich 'weakened,' Jackson gains endorsement

LA Times confirms Trutanich weakened after humiliating loss in DA race

The LA Times reports that embattled City Attorney Carmen Trutanich staved off the proposed reduction in his powers for two weeks. The proposal to strip the City Attorney's office of its Charter derived power to exclusively represent the City is to be 'reviewed,' perhaps with a view to providing for an 'Alternate City Attorney' for cases where there is a conflict of interest between Trutanich's political interests and those of the City Council.

The proposal certainly seems to have scared Trutanich, who backed of his chest thumping threats and sheepishly agreed to 'sit down with this committee and find a way to manage this problem.' As the Times noted, Trutanich has been weakened by a poor showing in his bid to become DA. In the time that remains before Trutanich is thrown out of office after his next electoral Hindenburgh, it remains to be seen how much of the Office of the City Attorney is further weakened by having Clown as its master.

Few would deny that Trutanich has pushed the envelope of politicizing the role of City Attorney to the point where the City Council's frustration at his antics have empowered them to the point where they might succeed in stripping the office of the power Trutanich has abused. City Councilmembers complained of Trutanich's delays in handling their business, such as the drafting of ordinances. In as many words, they basically accused Trutanich of putting their ideas on the backburner if he didn't agree with them.

Perhaps on of the most blatant examples of the way Trutanich has abused his power is the ACE Program. The simple plan from CM Koretz to provide for the efficient enforcement of municipal code violations was boldly hijacked by Trutanich, and morphed into a power-grabbing civil rights violating piece of legislation that purported to sneak Grand Jury-like subpoena powers and a kangaroo court system  into Trutanich's hands. Trutanich went so far as to claim the idea was his, when interviewed on the Kevin James radio show, despite that fact that the idea came from CM Koretz's Chief of Staff, Richard Llewellyn, and was based on existing programs in the City of San Diego and Santa Monica.

As a result of the way Trutanich miss-managed and mislead the council about the ACE Program, it has remained stalled for two years. There is still no cogent plan to address minor code violations, and the reason is clear - Trutanich could not be trusted to complete the task as instructed.

Jackson receives endorsement from Armenian National Committee

Despite losing out in fundraising and failing to secure the endorsement of the ADDA, the Jackson campaign reports that: 'the Armenian National Committee Western Region (ANC) endorsed Alan Jackson for District Attorney. This is the latest of a string of major endorsements for the Jackson campaign from law enforcement groups to major newspapers. Jackson’s campaign continues to gain momentum as it moves closer toward Election Day.'

The ANC stated, “In interviews with the ANCA-WR, Mr. Jackson was better prepared and clearly outlined the relationship he plans to have with the Armenian-American community. Likewise, he was well-versed in issues of concern to the Armenian-American community and the ANCA-WR is confident that as District Attorney, he will serve his large Armenian-American constituency and all citizens of Los Angeles justly and forthrightly.”

“I couldn’t be more proud to have earned the support of the Armenian National Committee and I look forward to partnering with them to make sure their community’s voice is heard,” said prosecutor Alan Jackson.

Streebek's Column


Desperate to get his campaign back on track after his embarrassing conduct at Pierce College, a group supporting Sherman has launched a mailer being called racist and sexist by Buzz Feed Politics.  According to Buzz Feed:

“Washington, D.C. — One of November's ugliest contests, the race between two California Democrats for a Los Angeles-area seat, just got even more divisive.

In a move some Democratic operatives see as touching the hot buttons of race and sexual orientation, as well as intra-party politics, an outside group backing Sherman has begun circulating a mailer in the district featuring Reps. Maxine Waters, who is black and Barney Frank, who is gay, as well as Sen. Barbara Boxer, a champion of the environmental and women’s rights movements.

For years, Republicans have used all three politicians as bogeymen of the left in advertisements and speeches to motivate conservative voters. But their inclusion in a mailer backing Democratic candidate has raised eyebrows in Democratic circles, and drew a sharp rebuke from Berman’s camp.

"We were shocked to see a mailer like this. We find it offensive,” said Brandon Hall, a senior advisor to Berman.

Sherman’s campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The mailer, sent to voters by Californians for Integrity in Government, features a quote from Greek philosopher Euripides on the front warning voters that they should “Judge a man by the company he keeps" and grainy, grey-scale photos of Waters, Frank, and Boxer on an ominous cloudy background.

“If you love these politicians, vote for Howard Berman,” the flyer reads, warning that “Maxine Waters, Barney Frank and Barbara Boxer all WANT YOU TO VOTE FOR HOWARD BERMAN.”

Sherman, meanwhile, is pictured smiling in a color photo, and the flyer notes he has been endorsed by “EVERY REPUBLICAN ELECTED OFFICIAL IN THE VALLEY.” Republican endorsees of Sherman listed on the flyer include State Assemblyman Cameron Smyth, LA City Councilmen Mitch Englander and Dennis Zine, and retired Councilman Greig Smith.

All four appear to be white men in photographs.”

It seems there are no boundaries as to what those who support Sherman will do to keep him office. They cannot concentrate on the positive things BS has done for his constituents, because there are none. They cannot attack the accomplishments of Congressman Berman, because his legislative achievements are legendary.

Congressman Howard Berman has overwhelming support among Republicans. The support includes such notable Republicans as Steve Cooley, Senator John McCain, Senator Lindsey Graham and former Congresswoman Bobbi Fiedler.

Clearly the supporters of Sherman are concerned about the number of Republican voters who have decided to vote for Congressman Berman’s. Thus Sherman’s supporters have chosen to counter this popularity by attacking those who have chosen to endorse Congressman Berman and utilize racism and sexism to garner votes.

If Sherman had a modicum of decency he would immediately issue a statement denouncing the mailer. But then again we should not hold our breaths expecting the right thing from a man who cannot even apologize for his intemperate actions at Pierce College.

Posted by Pep Streebek



Anonymous said...

Still haven't seen any Jackson ads on main tv channels. I don't get the Fishing Network, so cannot confirm whether he is really on that.

Anonymous said...

Jackson still has not posted his financial filing at the County website. He doesn't want people to see his filing because it shows that he has only been able to buy $220,000 worth of TV. Less than half of the $580,000 he reserved. And his campaign committee had a negative $5,000 cash on hand.

Anonymous said...

Game over...Jackie will be the next great DA. AJ would have posted his financials if they gave John Thomas something to do with his day. Once again, Jackie out raised him, gained the support of the ADDA and will finish strong...And always with class and dignity.

Anonymous said...

I saw the Jackson ad while watching NCIS last week (one of the highest-rated shows on television with 18.3million viewers). Last time I checked, NCIS is not on the Fishing channel. Also, I heard that Jackson purchased $700k worth of television buys.