Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Trutanich - a failed politician facing Palookaville

With City Attorney candidate Greg Smith's injection of $500,000 in support of his campaign, failed DA wannabe Carmen Trutanich looks destined to repeat his 2012 political castration when the votes are counted in the March 2013 primary election for Los Angeles City Attorney.

The former ambulance chaser slip and fall lawyer turned bunny hopping hobbled career politician beat a hasty retreat from District Attorney elect Jackie Lacey's election party when it became clear that he was persona non grata there. So clear was the message that nobody loves a loser, that he did not even try to elbow his way into District Attorney Steve Cooley's retirement dinner.

Trutanich was persona non grata at Steve Cooley's Retirement Dinner
 Trutanich is so headed to political Palookaville it isn't even funny. Well, O.K., it is. At a stroke, Smith changed the dynamics of the City Attorney election by not only putting Trutanich in the shadows, but also presenting the fast-growing 'Anyone But Feuer' movement with a viable candidate with the finances, savvy and most important of all, the ability to be the kind of City Attorney Los Angeles has craved since Rocky Delgadillo started the downward spiral of self-promoting play-pretend politics that Trutanich so enthusiastically embraced.

Trutanich once boasted a laundry list of political endorsements. While many of those same political movers and shakers flocked to District Attorney elect Jackie Lacey's election party and also swelled the crowd at District Attorney Steve Cooley's retirement dinner, Trutanich was left out in the cold. 'He's toxic now,' one former supporter said, adding that it would be an act of 'political suicide' to endorse Trutanich who will likely never shake off his well-deserved reputation for lying, even if voters forget his humiliating defeat in the June 2012 primary election for District Attorney where he placed stone last among the front-runners.

Plenty of BS on Trutanich's re-election website, but not a single endorsement.
While Trutanich's 'official re-election' website has been changed several times to try to shake of the stench of failure, it still resembles something cobbled together for a modern day rendition of 'the Emperor's New Clothes.' Just as the fictional Emperor paraded around proclaiming his non-existent prowess and popularity, so too does Trutanich falsely claim he is the 'Protector of Neighborhoods,' while he stripped the School Safety and Neighborhood Prosecutor programs of their powers. Trutanich says he's the 'Friend of Taxpayers,' but to this day, Trutanich has failed to disclose how much of the taxpayers money was squandered ferrying him around in a chauffeur driven City of LA SUV as he shook down donations for his failed DA campaign. You can almost bust a gut at Trutanich's claim to be the 'Defender of the Vulnerable,' lest you forget that this is the same bully who was called 'Carmen the Barbarian' for his clod-hopping schoolyard bullying tactics that failed spectacularly to prosecute a bunch of Dream Act protesters and could not even convict the Occupy LA protesters.

But notwithstanding all the BS on Trutanich's website, there are two truths about Trutanich's Hindenburg-like campaign. First, check all the tabs, links and 'Learn more' boxes on his website, and you will not find a single endorsement anywhere - Trutanich is toxic and will remain so right up until voters throw him out of office. Second, the only truth in Trutanich's page is the one that says 'Don't let it happen!'

Don't worry Mr. Trutanich, we won't let it happen. Welcome to Palookaville, your new clothes suit you perfectly.


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