Thursday, December 6, 2012

City Attorney candidates pitch SEIU for endorsement; Trutanich the biggest loser

Embattled City Attorney Carmen 'Nuch' Trutanich got ripped a new one Wednesday night when what he thought would be an easy ride turned into a heated debate that saw the former ambulance chaser slip and fall lawyer turned career politician out-smarted, out-debated, and ... out.

Trutanich probably expected to have the undivided attention of SEIU with rivals Mike Feuer hospitalized and Greg Smith unexpected. But Feuer's campaign sent former City Controller Rick Tuttle in place of Feuer, and Greg Smith secured an invitation.

Tuttle slammed Trutanich for his abysmally arrogant and elitist refusal to share the sacrifice of his employees and take a matching pay cut. Smith attacked Trutanich for his poor record defending the city in employment litigation. Trutanich appeared surprised and unprepared to defend his record of failure. So bad was the damage inflicted on Trutanich that his campaign responded on Thursday with a sheepish release condemning his opponents for 'negative' campaigning.

Trutanich, it seems, wants to concentrate on the 'issues' and avoid being drawn into having to defend his record of falsehoods and failures. But the issue really is Trutanich's disastrously poor leadership of the City Attorney's office, and given Trutanich's truth challenged reputation, nothing he says about what he plans to do has any credibility, because time and time again it has been proven that he neither be believed nor trusted to follow through with the campaign promises he doles out like confetti.

Trutanich probably would have done better if he had not shown up at all. He embarrassed himself when he claimed that Smith's 'last case was overturned on appeal.' It seems that Trutanich is so preoccupied with his desperate attempt at hanging on to the job he didn't want last year, that he didn't realize that Smith's 'last case' was decided last week; a $2.8M verdict that Trutanich could have settled for $700k.

Although Feuer is seen by many to be the candidate most likely to secure SEIU's endorsement based on his pro-organized labor record, Smith scored valuable points demonstrating his proven record of defending the rights of police and firefighters and was likely the strong favorite amongst the audience.


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