Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

With the final twenty four hours of 2012 slipping away like the grains of sand through the hourglass, we take a moment to remember some of the winners and losers of 2012.

Winners (in no particular order)

Steve Cooley, Los Angeles District Attorney #41 (Retired)

Cooley said he was leaving the Office 'in good shape, and in good hands'
at his retirement dinner
Cooley's remarkable record three terms as LA's DA is worthy of inclusion in the 'winners' category alone. But he scores twice by capping his masterful navigation of the shark infested political waters of LA by also picking the winner of the DA race; Jackie Lacey. In fact he scores thrice with his historic victory in federal court which put an end to former DDA Steve Ipsen's much vaunted 'federal lawsuit.'

Jackie Lacey, Los Angeles District Attorney #42

Lacey's campaign reached out to civic and business leaders to earn their support
for her historic victory as the most qualified candidate for District Attorney
Lacey won the hotly contested race to be LA's first female and first African American District Attorney. In the primary election she bested rival Deputy DA Alan Jackson and trounced Carmen Trutanich into a lowly third place, likely marking the end of his political career.

Michael Goldstein, Attorney

Mike Goldstein sets the stage for Jackie Lacey's historic victory party.

If Goldstein ever tires of practicing law, he likely has a successful career ahead of him as a political consultant. Goldstein was the dynamo force behind Jackie Lacey's successful campaign, working tirelessly to cajole and corral leaders in the entertainment industry to support Lacey for DA.

Greg Smith, City Attorney candidate

Greg Smith (right) receives the LAPPL 'Line of Duty' award
Smith gets a place in the winners category for timing his entry to the City Attorney's race to perfection. The incumbent, Carmen Trutanich, is roundly despised, hated and vulnerable after suffering a humiliating defeat with his Hindenberg-like campaign to be DA. Termed-out State Assemblyman Mike Feuer vies with Trutanich only in terms of unpopularity based on the generally poor perception of Sacramento politicians as well as AB109; the crime wave stimulus package he so stalwartly supported. No surprise then, that Smith received the 'Line of Duty' award at the Los Angeles Police Protective League's annual dinner, he's clearly law enforcement's choice. Smith has the finances in place to mount a robust campaign to give Los Angelenos a real City Attorney and break the mold of career politicians using the office as a stepping stone to higher office.

Los Angeles Association of Deputy District Attorneys

ADDA President Donna McClay (left) proudly opens the ADDA DA candidates debate
Under the Presidency of Donna McClay, the ADDA earns a place in the winners category by her successful hosting of the District Attorney Debate, and allowing a members vote to take place which overwhelmingly voiced the opinion of members by supporting Jackie Lacey for DA. Past Presidents Ipsen and Seligman would likely have take every step possible to block such a vote, but under McClay's leadership it seems that the 'Ipsen Era' is over.

Losers (in no particular order)

Carmen Trutanich, failed career politician

Trutanich does the 'walk of shame' at his Victory Party on the night his political career ends.
 There is little more that can be said of Trutanich, other than he has well and TRUly earned his place in the losers category. He has broken just about every promise he made and his word on anything is worthless. He wrested defeat from the jaws of victory by trashing his 'Pledge to Serve' as a 'campaign stunt' and foolishly allowed his over-blown ego to steer his political career into a field of icebergs. Had Trutanich concentrated on running the City Attorney's Office rather than running his political campaign(s), he would be in strong position going into the primary election in March 2013. But the memories of Los Angelenos are not so short that they will forget why they voted A.B.C., Anyone But Carmen, in June 2012. 

The rest?

You know who they are, your comments are welcome, but please keep it clean so they can be published.

Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Mario Trujillo is the biggest loser. If he had stayed in the race he would have done better than AJ in the primary, and would have had a better chance in the final election. But he decided to drop out and support Trutanich, talk about a loser.

AJ should have made your winners list for winning a place in the final election, but he just couldn't keep it together under the pressure of the final election and made himself look stupid with his comments in the LA Times about his career.

How come you left Ipsen off the list?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for re-publishing my favorite photo of Nuch after he was forced to face the music. The pain is his face is priceless, this photo should get a Pulitzer award.

Anonymous said...

After a night of new years partying to put 2012 to rest for good, this is what has percolated through my surviving brain cells.

In the whole DA Management v. ADDA mess, the losers. . .the EXTREMES.

We saw the formation of a committee where managers and labor met to talk. Eventually we got a new transfer policy and, when Cooley retired, some new managers.

We saw a move in the ADDA to defeat extending the MOU go down in flames, losing with the board and (in a landslide) the membership. We also saw DA Lacey decisively win the ADDA membership plebiscite, even though her campaign ran into road blocks in front of the ADDA board. And we saw the whole Ipsen/Seligman civil suit go down the "crapper" (and hopefully the end of all the snide and threatening comments about the federal suit aimed at DA Lacey and even Joe Friday).

The winners in the whole DA Management v. ADDA mess . . . .People who want find a way to work things out and managers who still think it's a good idea to get along with DDAs.

Now, in the legal/political universe that is crazy land ( I mean "LA"), the losers were . . . .anyone who bought into any of the various personality cults during the DA campaign. I could pick on just one candidate, but lets face it, most of those guys needed a reality check. Trujillo's campaign (allegedly) had its Latino following, Meyers had her "new democrats who believe Dannette is an awesome trial lawyer" crowd, and even John Breault had a crowd of old timers who were gonna straighten out the office by time warping us to the 70's. All short on policy, but big on puffery. I'll go easy on AJ because he at least had some notable policy positions. I didn't like those positions, but at least he tried.

But the worst offenders in that category were Trutanich and Ipsen. I won't go into those campaigns. . . .its hard to top anything thats already been written about them. And I don't know any term accurately describes a crowd of supporters that goes beyond a "personality cult."

The winner, politically, in 2012 was DA Lacey. No flashy stuff. Kind of bland. The primary message: she's a good manager who knows how to work with the numbers. And LA voters had the good sense to say "yes!"

And lets give a cheer for Joe Friday and Los Angeles Dragnet, this blog has become required reading in the DA's office, and a reliable forum for the latest news and/or arguments.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Carmen 'Noooch' Trulietich. I hope you had a great party with all the people who you pay to tell you that you are going to be the next city attorney and then run for attorney general or maybe even run for DA again?

You are a sick perverted prick who has no place in public office. I look forward to you getting completely trashed in 2013.

Anonymous said...

Lacey's the biggest winner. She began 2012 as a defendant in the ADDA lawsuit (remember the magic "Dver transcript"). There were tons of blog comments mocking her blood sugar problems. And everyone was running for DA.

By December 2012 she had not only won the election, she won the friggin ADDA member plebiscite! All this while trimming down her weight and getting her blood sugar in control.

For crying out loud, give her the 2012 Award. Other than winning the lotto there's not more she could have done!