Thursday, December 20, 2012

Seasons Greetings! Holiday Special

It's been a quite an interesting year in Los Angeles politics, and as we enter the holiday season, we leave you with a few thoughts as things wind down until the next year.

LA Times reminds Jackson, he's nothing special

Not a single comment was posted in support of defeated DA candidate Alan Jackson's position bemoaning his fears about his career taking a backward move following his transfer from Major Crimes to Central Trials. Most seemed to think Jackson was treated better than most considering his position, pay, and place of work all remain the same. The LA Times also weighed in on Jackson's whine, and chronicled how much better Jackson has fared compared to others who found themselves in second place on election night.

Jackson ran a decent campaign in the primary, ousting the ridiculous challenge from Carmen 'the Clown' Trutanich, for which he deserves our gratitude. But in the run-off election, Jackson directed the thrust of his campaign towards a negative, unwarranted and unjust attack on Jackie Lacey. He must have known it was a 'do or die' strategy, one that might have resulted in retaliatory action by his new boss. That hasn't happened.

If, indeed, Jackson cares about the mission of the office, then he now has the perfect opportunity to show that he is a team player and is willing to share his trial attorney experience with others. He might want to start by publicly retracting his statement depreciating the value of the hard work performed by those in trenches. They prosecute the vast majority of the 80,000 plus cases the DA's Office handles every year, and judging by the comments posted, they are less than impressed by Jackson describing their work as 'garden variety.'

Federal Lawsuit nears end

Former DDA Steve Ipsen is having his day in court as the much vaunted 'federal lawsuit' enters the final argument stage. Jury trial started December 4 and has been remarkable not so much for the evidence presented, but for the antics of Ipsen. According to court documents filed during the closing phase of the trial, Ipsen tried to fire his attorneys and when that failed, he tried and failed to fire the judge. Whether that is reflective of Ipsen's feelings that the trial is not going his way is unclear.

The jury should have the case by the weekend, and their verdict will be anxiously awaited.

City Attorney race now a three-way battle

While termed out State Assemblyman Mike Feuer's recuperation from serious injuries sustained in an automobile accident has slowed down his campaign, Greg Smith has gained ground as voters learn more of his candidacy. In the meantime,  Carmen 'the Clown' Trutanich has seen his chances further diminish as word spreads of his blunders in defending the City against lawsuits.

It seems that the more people learn about Smith, the more they are inclined to vote for him. Conversely, the more people learn about Trutanich, the more they are inclined to vote A.B.C. - Anyone But Carmen. With Smith now firmly in the race and gaining ground, he will likely earn a place in the runoff election. The only question is whether he will face Feuer or Trutanich.

Feuer is popular with liberal democrats but as the public becomes increasingly alarmed by the monumental failure of AB109, the so-called 'realignment' that continues to dump dangerous and violent felons on the streets of Los Angeles, his popularity may wilt.

Trutanich has more baggage than a first class passenger on the Titanic, and far less of a chance of buying his way onto a lifeboat. He will likely be remembered as the first politician to lose two elections in less than a year, and the first incumbent City Attorney to be kicked into oblivion.

Happy Holidays!


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