Sunday, December 2, 2012

Trutanich blames wife, family for financial woes, says can't afford a pay cut

Embattled Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen 'Nuch' Trutanich stunned some observers recently when he blamed his wife and 'four children' for his financial situation, one that prevents him from taking the same pay cut as the rest of his staff.

Carmen 'Nuch' Trutanich told Sherman Oaks Homeowners Association that
he cannot take a pay cut because his wife's pension was 'wiped away.' (Photo credit: video)
Trutanich appeared at a November 14, 2012 City Attorney candidates' forum hosted by the Sherman Oaks Homeowners Association, and had been challenged to explain why he would not take the same 13% pay cut suffered by the rest of his staff. As a result of the City's budget crisis, city workers have been forced to take 34 furlough days annually, days without pay equivalent to a 13% pay cut.

Both of Trutanich's rivals in the March 2013 primary election, Police rights attorney Greg Smith and termed-out Assemblyman Mike Feuer, have said they would set a 'leadership example' by taking the same pay cut as the rest of the City Attorney's Office. It's a leadership example that Trutanich, however, has not set. For the past two years since the furlough days were forced on his staff, he has continued to receive his full $214, 547 salary plus benefits that include a chauffeur-driven SUV, while his staff can seemingly eat cake.

Trutanich's explanation for exempting himself from the pay cut seems to be that he cannot afford it. At least that is what appears to be the logical conclusion derived from his response to the challenge. He blamed his wife's loss of her pension, 'wiped away' when her former employer declared bankruptcy, and the needs of his 'four children' when he said 'my wife, my four children, we live on my salary,' adding that 'we are not a rich family.'

Trutanich's blame-shifting response may have confused the audience at the candidates' forum. Earlier in the evening, Trutanich had delivered a rambling opening statement during which he hailed the achievements of his family; his 'four children' who 'live' on his salary, are all adults and all fully and gainfully employed.

As such is it hard to see how Trutanich's 'children' comprising an Assistant US Attorney, a Deputy District Attorney, a Special Education Teacher and an English teacher for Project America, all 'live on my [Trutanich's] salary.' It seems they don't.

Trutanich, of course, heads towards electoral defeat in 2013 tarnished with the same 'truth challenged' reputation that dogged his Hindenburg-like 2012 campaign to become District Attorney. His latest truth challenged statement about the state of his family finances will do little to dispel the LA Times headline 'Trutanich: I am a liar' that has come to define his campaign, candidacy and character.

Some might see Trutanich's attempt to blame his wife and family for his unwillingness to share the sacrifice his staff have to suffer as simply another example of the way Trutanich sees himself as part of an exempt elite.  He, perhaps, considers himself better than those who have devoted their careers to public service - he won't take the pay cut because he doesn't have to.

Others might well see Trutanich's 'we are not a rich family' claim, as just another lie.  By any analysis, the combined income of the Trutanich family far exceeds not only those who work for him, but that of most Americans.

Elitist, liar, or both, Trutanich's re-election hopes seem to be pinned on voters not paying attention to reality. But that reality is something that Trutanich cannot shake off. He first defined his campaign, candidacy and character when he flip-flopped on his promise to support the City Controller's right to audit programs run by elected officials, and he affirmed his unsuitability for public office with his bold-faced violation of his 'Pledge to Serve.'

You can run Mr. Trutanich, but you cannot hide, and you cannot win.

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Anonymous said...

This website has gone too far by positing a picture of Trutanich's entire family; the point of which is public ridicule. A person's family is always off limits. Even if the argument can be made: Trutanich put his family at issue, so they are fair game, common decency should still prevail. This website should do the right thing and remove the picture.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with 5:59AM, it is disgusting gutter journalism to publish a private photograph of Mr. Trutanich and his family.

Anonymous said...

5:59AM and 6:46AM are a pair of ignorant buffoons who probably volunteer for Trutanich's campaign - volunteer? Well he has no money to pay anyone and according to him his family are a bunch of deadbeats who 'live on his salary.'

Oh yeah, the picture of Trutanich's family appears on his website:

so he is the one publishing his family photos.

Anonymous said...

Berger, You are mentally ill with your obsession about Trutanich and his family. You are at the stalker level.

Anonymous said...

@8:12am Folks need to be reminded what a lying sack of shit Nuch really is. I hear there's a movement to get 100 DCAs to sign a petition to get him to either take the same pay cut or come clean about his family's finances. Don't forget Nuch stiffed a bunch of school kids over his $100,000 promise - he really is a deadbeat and reminding folks isn't stalking.