Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Trutanich to face questions over alleged Northridge mass murderer

Many believe that it was only a question before one of the 11,000 plus convicts released into Los Angeles County from State Prison under the so-called 'realignment' program supported by City Attorney Carmen 'Nuch' Trutanich resulted in a horrific crime. That time has arrived.

The arrest of suspected mass-murderer Ka Pasasouk, who is alleged to be the gunman responsible for the slaying of four people at an illegal boarding house in Northridge, appears to confirm the worst fears of opponents to Assembly Bill 109. He was one of the 11,000 plus prisoners who were released into Los Angeles County for 'local supervision' under the 'realignment.' He is now in custody in Las Vegas, facing extradition for murdering four people in Northridge.

Los Angelenos were assured that those prisoners released under realignment would be 'non-violent,' and that the controversial budget-saving measure would provide adequate supervision to maintain public safety.  Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich supported the release of Pasasouk when he voiced his support for Governor Jerry Brown's realignment during his failed campaign to become District Attorney. According to a report by ABC 7 News, Pasasouk is anything but a 'non violent' convict, and had he remained in prison, four people would be alive today.

Many believe that Trutanich only supported Brown's realignment plan in order to gain the endorsement of Governor Brown in support of his bid to become District Attorney.

Trutanich duly received his reward for selling out public safety for his political ambitions when Governor Brown announced his endorsement of Trutanich. However, the endorsement failed to propel Trutanich from the City Attorney's Office to the District Attorney's Office when Trutanich suffered a humiliating defeat in the June 2012 primary election for District Attorney.

Trutanich is now campaigning for re-election as City Attorney, and his increasingly desperate  campaign now faces a further hurdle - his public safety sellout has now cost the lives of four people.

While a number of Los Angelenos may be able to tolerate Trutanich's 'truth challenged' tendencies, few will be comfortable voting for the man who decided a political endorsement was more important than public safety.

The Northridge murders are likely to become the hot topic at the City Attorney candidates' debates scheduled for the run-up to the March 2013 primary election, and Trutanich will have to defend his decision to allow Pasasouk to be released. Whatever his explanation, it is unlikely that Trutanich be able to shake off the perception that his political ambitions were more important to him, than the lives of four people in Northridge.




noelweiss said...


Your reference to the Northridge house as "an illegal boarding house" also needs to be highlighted.

Use of single-family homes as 'boarding houses' is rampant. . It hurts the 'tenants' and it hurts the neighborhood. . . .

The City Attorney is the attorney for the people. . . . By focusing on enforcing the zoning laws, it would force the City Council to do its job in debating and deciding on a housing policy. . .

The City Attorney failed the people. . . The City Council continues to fail the people. . .

We need a change. . .

Noel Weiss
Candidate for City Attorney

Anonymous said...

Trutanich isn't the only politician with the blood of the Northridge victims on his hands. Mike Feuer was one of AB109's biggest supporters in Sacramento. The pair of them bear responsibility for causing this horrible crime and I am sure that come the election there will be more dead bodies because of these two politicians.