Friday, December 28, 2012

Trutanich's poll data hints at desperate campaign

Embattled City Attorney Carmen Trutanich's re-election campaign sent out a desperate email blast December 20, 2012. Would you believe the former ambulance chaser slip and fall lawyer turned career politician wants you to believe that he has a 23 point lead in the polls? Just six months after Los Angelenos gave him a distant third-place with 21% of the vote in the District Attorney primary election, the man the LA Times called 'Liar' wants you to believe he has miraculously doubled his vote, and and is once again the 'front runner.' Yeah right.

If you can believe anything about Trutanich, it's surely that you cannot believe anything he says. Just like the vain arrogant Emperor who was the subject of Hans Christian Andersen's fable 'The Emperor's New Clothes' was bolstered by his tailors' imaginary new clothes, so too has Trutanich been given a some see-through feel-good self-aggrandizement by Rick Taylor, 'Chief Reelection Strategist,' to the soon to be forgotten 'Chief Criminal Prosecutor.'

If the email blast was supposed to do more than make a very worried man feel less so, it failed. No media source picked up the remarkable news. Perhaps they crunched the numbers before crunching the press release into a ball, and found two things highly unlikely. First, of course, is the idea that 42% of voters will vote for the man they so soundly rejected six months ago. It is laughable, bordering on pathetic, and wholly unrealistic.

Second, the feel-good poll asserts that only 23% of so called 'likely voters' polled by the campaign are undecided. That stretches credulity to the point where any expert would say the poll is a farce and should have been saved for April Fool's Day. At this point, none of the campaigns have engaged in any advertising, and there has been little or no press coverage of the City Attorney election.  For the most part, 'likely voters' are likely largely undecided. 

Other polls conducted more seriously suggest that while Trutanich has undeniably got a name recognition lead, his name is recognized for all the wrong reasons. Los Angelenos may have short memories, but not that short that they have forgotten all the reasons why they rejected him six months ago. Add the fact that rival candidates are going to devote substantial portions of their campaign warchests to remind voters why they should vote A.B.C., and it looks increasingly likely that the self-proclaimed front runner will be in third place after the March primary, again.



Anonymous said...

Why does Nuch do this? The DA's campaign has given him an insurmountable pile of baggage to overcome, regardless of the opponent.

It's been said before and it should be said again. As an ex-City Attorney, Nuch has name recognition, and many people are too lazy too read to keep up with municipal events.

He needs to retire from public office gracefully, without burning even more bridges. Then he needs to hire a bunch of guys fresh out of law school (who'll work for peanuts), hang up a shingle and open a law firm. Then take out a huge ad in the yellow pages.

He'll rake in the bucks on DUI and petty crime cases while boozing and golfing the afternoons away. And he won't be accountable to anyone.

Anonymous said...

Nuch was delighted with Rick's poll and is telling anyone who will listen that he can win this thing in the primary if they kick in a few bucks. Might as well throw money down the drain. Nuch won't win anything. He's finished and he knows it. So do all his 'people,' they're putting out feelers for jobs. Good luck. It's very hard to shake off the stench of Nuch.

Anonymous said...

I guarantee that Trutanich's poll did not include any of the people who work at the City Attorney's Office. They can't wait to see him and his inner circle kicked out of office.

Anonymous said...

Nuch, I could call on your common decency, but we both know that's wasted effort. For your own well being, please throw in the towel. You and your family will make a comfortable and easy living trading on your name as former city attorney. And we will all enjoy a peace.

Anonymous said...

10:55PM - I hope Nuch doesn't throw in the towel. We've all suffered under his insane idea of leadership, so waiting a few more months to see him even more humiliated than he was last year is a meal best eaten cold. I have a huge print of that photo of Nuch walking the longest mile at his victory party when he knew it was over and had to face the music. He was holding back the tears, it was priceless. As bad as Rocky was, he was never as bad as Nuch - even Rocky would have taken the pay cut to at least look like he stands by his troops.

Anonymous said...

Anyone see the irony of Nuch using the photo of the family that lives on his paycheck for his hurrah over his poll? He is surrounded by a bunch of deadbeats who can't make a living without sponging off him. That Rick Taylor's a freakin genius, just wait till the campaign finance reports are out to see how much he's charging Nuch for fake polls. Shallman was cheap in comparison.

Anonymous said...

11:14pm, Shallman may be a crook but his victim was Nuch's super-ego, so who cares? Taylor is milking Nuch just as much. Nuch is the biggest deadbeat in the picture and Taylor is right insisting on cash up front once he saw how many times Nuch has welched on his promises.

Anonymous said...

Any poll showing Trutanich in the lead is a joke.