Thursday, January 17, 2013

City Second City Attorney debate tonight, ABC Poll shows rising trend for Smith, Feuer disputes accepting illegal campaign contributions, says they were 'returned'

Second City Attorney candidates' debate tonight

The Taglyan Cultural Complex at 1201 Vine St., Los Angeles, CA 90028 will see the candidates for Los Angeles City debate from 6pm to 8pm. If Monday night's debate is anything to go by, the audience can expect a to hear more from the candidates about what makes them the voter's best choice for our next City Attorney, as well as some well-placed barbs about what makes their opponents unsuitable.

ABC7 Poll shows rising trend for Greg Smith

According to the latest poll conducted by ABC7/Survey USA, Mike Feuer goes into the debate leading in fundraising, but lagging in the polls, six points behind incumbent Carmen Trutanich. He  lags far behind Feuer and Smith in fundraising but seems to be right around the same place in the polls as he was six months ago when his doomed DA campaign ended his political career.

Greg Smith appears to be closing the gap to Feuer and Trutanich rapidly. He is now 7 points behind Feuer, a gain of 8 points from where he was before Christmas and a sign that as voters learn more about Smith, the more he appears to be their choice. Smith has just launched his media campaign targeting high propensity voters, so he can expect further gains in the remaining seven weeks to election day. 

Noel Weiss, in fourth place, also got a slight (2 point) bump in his polling, a sign that voters are keen to break the cycle held by career politicians and embrace new candidates who don't carry political baggage. 

With many voters still undecided, expect the positions to change as the candidates start getting their messages out. Only Feuer and Smith have campaign warchests sufficient to mount viable citywide campaigns. Trutanich's campaign suffers from his late start as well as his overall lack of credibility, and will likely end up in third place as rivals remind voters of all the reasons why they rejected him in June 2012.

Feuer disputes receiving illegal campaign contributions, but admits returning contribution made 'in error.'

The Los Angeles Metropolitan News-Enterprise reports that Feuer gave a statement concerning the 'Bet Tzedekgate' scandal first reported at the Mayor Sam blog. The denial

A brief statement accredited to Feuer states 'The donations identified in the blog are lawful. Although not addressed in the blog, one contribution was made in error and returned.'

Feuer, who Monday night falsely accused Greg Smith of 'endorsing' a right wing tea party candidate for Los Angeles Mayor,' continued his misinformation campaign by trying to deflect the fact that he had received 'one contribution' which was returned, adding 'Anyone who tries to score cheap political points at the expense of the poor, the elderly, Holocaust survivors and disabled people who are Bet Tzedek’s clients should be ashamed.' Perhaps it is Feuer who should be ashamed at using the poor, elderly and Holocaust survivors as a shield from questions about his fundraising?

Notably, when attempts were made to verify Feuer's claims, the Met News reports that 'A campaign spokesperson declined to answer MetNews questions about the donations.'

The $30,036 that the Mayor Sam blog asserts Feuer accepted from associates of Bet Tzedek certainly appear to violate Measure 'H,' and the public deserves more than a 'No comment' answer from him when asked about the donations.


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