Friday, January 25, 2013

Ethics Commission asked to Investigate Trutanich

The Los Angeles Times followed up on their article questioning the legality of a billboard pimping failed DA wannabe Carmen Trutanich's desperate bid to be reelected, with a new report indicating that rival City Attorney candidate Greg Smith has filed a complaint with the City Ethics Commission calling for an investigation.

In a letter addressed to the Ethics Commission, Smith urges the Commission to investigate Trutanich noting that 'Ironically, illegal billboards have been a bedrock issue featured often and prominently among Mr. Trutanich’s prosecutorial priorities as City Attorney, even as gang injunctions have declined under his watch.'

Smith also took the opportunity to remind the Ethics Commission that this is not exactly Trutanich's first rodeo where a lack of integrity, truthfulness, and transparency are concerned, adding 'Further, Mr. Trutanich has a history of using his political campaigns to disseminate false and questionable information to voters, causing a Superior Court judge to take the extraordinary action of labeling his tactics “misleading” during the course of his ill-fated run for District Attorney in 2012. I urge the Ethics Commission to investigate this matter to ensure transparency, accuracy of information, and a fair election.' 

The Times contacted the City Ethics Commission for comment, however, they declined to either confirm or deny the action they were taking as a result of this complaint.


Anonymous said...

Investigate Trutanich! Give that bloated boob a taste of his own medicine and sic a GRAND JURY on him with some super loudmouth investigator waving papers around, screaming 'criminal aspects,' but unable to discuss the evidence because it is 'confidential.'

I hope they nail Trutanich right after he loses the election.

Anonymous said...

Nuch has nothing to do with this billboard. It was done without his knowledge by people who admire him and know a winner when they see one. If they made a mistake by not putting the stupid notice on it, it's no big deal.