Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Feuer feigns front-runner status, LA Downtown News predicts slugfest in CIty Attorney race

Feuer the frontrunner?

The LA Weekly reports that the Feuer campaign has claimed 'Front-Runner Status' in the City Attorney race, based on the termed-out State Assemblyman raising 'about $96,000' in campaign contributions in the final reporting period of 2012.

If Feuer's fundraising claim is to be believed, and who would doubt anything that stems from his campaign guru John Shallman, then Feuer raised $50,000 less than in the previous quarter. The fundraising deficit is attributed to Feuer's serious automobile accident, however, Feuer's shortfall may have more to do with the rising stock of Public Safety Attorney Greg Smith. In the same period that Feuer fell short of the mark, Smith raised the stakes with an massive infusion of $500k in campaign cash, and scooped the prestigious 'Line of Duty' award from the LAPD's protective league.

Incumbent Carmen Trutanich was strangely silent about his fundraising success, or lack thereof. 'When we're ready, we'll release our documents,' said spokesman John Schwada. Trutanich's silence may be very telling. Those who may have been expected to back the biggest loser in the June 2012 District Attorney election, may have thought they had little choice but to back Trutanich again, if only to prevent Feuer from becoming City Attorney. But again, the emergence of Greg Smith as a well-funded viable candidate is likely hurting Trutanich more than he cares to mention.

Feuer's claim to 'Front-runner status' may be tempered by the not too distant memory of the last career politician to make that same claim; non other than Carmen Trutanich who, in the run up to his humiliating defeat in the District Attorney race, also claimed to be the 'front-runner.'  

LA Downtown News forecasts a lively election for City Attorney

The Los Angeles Downtown News reports on the 'Political Battles, Races and Moves to Watch in 2013,' and intriguingly showcases the three leading candidates for City Attorney over the Mayoral race.

Just as with the LA Weekly, Greg Smith is now mentioned pari passu with Feuer and Trutanich, another sign of his candidacy being seen as a serious threat to the political careers of the 'front runners.' With a round of City Attorney debates set to kick off Monday night at Temple Israel of Hollywood, The LA Downtown News suggests that there will likely be some serious mudslinging in the debates with Trutanich desperate to hang onto the job he didn't want six months ago, Feuer facing political oblivion if he doesn't land another political paycheck, and Smith set to wow the audience with a the notion that a real attorney with real courtroom experience might make for the kind of City Attorney Los Angeles needs.


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Anonymous said...

Nuch's predicament is a far cry from the reelections that mayor Antonio artfully slam dunked. Even with his Charlie Sheen antics, Trutanich manages to have more toxic baggage than Villaraigosa.