Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hertzberg shafts Trutanich - Karma's a bitch Nuch

The LA Times reports that former California Assembly Speaker Bob Hertzberg has shafted Trutanich and endorsed Mike Feuer for City Attorney.

Four years ago, Hertzberg co-chaired Trutanich's Transition Team; a Blue Ribbon group who spent two months generating copious volumes of recommendations and suggestions to help rehabilitate the City Attorney's Office in the wake of the dysfunctional and disappointing Rocky Delgadillo administration. 

Ultimately few, if any, of Hertzberg's suggestions were adopted by Trutanich, who instead of getting down to the task of rebuilding the City Attorney's Office, concentrated his attention on a foolish and ill-founded witch hunt of A.E.G. over the Michael Jackson Memorial, followed by a succession of empty threats and broken promises.

If Hertzberg was personally offended by Trutanich's speedy dismissal of his effort to reform the City Attorney's Office in favor a the crass and clownish headline-grabbing self-aggrandizing leadership that has become the hallmark of the Trutanich era, he kept it to himself. Indeed, the first word from Hertzberg on Trutanich came some three years later, when Hertzberg accused his political protegee of 'Thuggery' when Trutanich filed a lawsuit against his former campaign guru John Shallman.

No surprise then, that when Hertzberg was asked to weigh in on Trutanich's performance as City Attorney, he had no hesitation in giving the former ambulance chaser slip and fall lawyer turned career politician the thumbs down..

What is surprising is that Hertzberg's condemnation of Trutanich the Terrible prompted the LA Times to publish a report on it. Feuer has no shortage of political endorsements, with Hertzberg's joining a long laundry list of current and former Sacraemento politicians keen to support one of their own. The fact that the Times decided to give the story 'ink' is, perhaps, a sign that LA's media has not forgotten that it has unfinished business with Trutanich, and that he can expect to be fully and wholly repaid for his betrayal of the public trust.

As they say, karma's a bitch Nuch.


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