Thursday, January 24, 2013

Trutanich breaking billboard law?

The LA Times reports that the failing reelection campaign of City Attorney Carmen Trutanich might be in hot water over a 'mystery' billboard that has popped up, allegedly without the knowledge of the former (?) billboard bully.

Although the billboard location has a permit, it might violate campaign finance laws because it lacks the requisite disclosure statement to indicate who paid for it. If Trutanich is to be believed, and that's never an easy leap, the campaign did not pay for it. If the owners of the location paid for it, then its estimated value, 'anywhere from $7,000 to $20,000 a month in rent' according to the Times, exceeds the $1,300 maximum contribution limit, unless the owners were making an 'Independent Expenditure.' However, such an expenditure requires a campaign finance statement, and no such statement can be found. Also, the billboard must have been created independent of any assistance from the campaign, and the graphics appear to be too similar to Trutanich's graphics to have been created independently.

Questions over the legality of the billboard are likely to continue and could lead to some awkward questions for Trutanich, who looks increasingly likely to fail in his reelection bid.



Anonymous said...

Also, since losing to be DA and running for City Atty, Trutanich has started sending out a newsletter from the DA's office explaining how great he is. The flier is campaign propaganda as it never discusses and loses or other shortcomings. Thus, it's function is not to in form the citizens about public business, but is Trutanich using city money to finance part of his campaign

Anonymous said...

Which agency needs to investigate this? Certainly they can't let Trutanich investigate himself and someone NEEDS to open an investigation on this!!!

Anonymous said...

Trutanich has no chance at hanging on to his job. He cannot raise a dime, his own people hates him, and everyone wants to see him get what he deserves for all his lies, broken promises, and thuggish behavior.