Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Trutanich trashed in press over false 'outsider' claims, Smith wows Venice Neighborhood Council meeting

Daily News Editorial blasts Trutanich over false 'outsider' claim

A Los Angeles Daily News Editorial blasted Carmen 'the Clown' Trutanich's most recent false claim; his pathetic characterization of himself as the 'outsider' at a recent City Attorney debate.

Proving that LA's second most widely read newspaper still believes that LA's next City Attorney should be A.B.C. - Anyone But Carmen Trutanich, the Daily News wasted no time in debunking Trutanich's latest in a long list of campaign lies.  Trutanich told his tall tale at last weeks City Attorney debate at Temple Israel of Hollywood, and it was a lie quickly caught by rival City Attorney candidate Greg Smith who swiftly ridiculed the former ambulance chaser slip and fall lawyer's claim.

Trutanich has a long 'rap sheet' of campaign falsehoods, and it is not without considerable significance that the latest was not only caught by Smith, but also by the Daily News Editorial Board. Smith pointed out that Trutanich's failed DA campaign was imbued with political insider endorsements from top to bottom. The only endorsement Trutanich lacked was that of LA voters, who are likely to repeat the humiliating drubbing he earned for his repeated 'truth challenged' statements in the upcoming March 5, primary election.

Thus far in his reelection campaign, Trutanich has falsely claimed to be unable to take the same pay cut as the rest of his staff because his family 'lives on my salary,' despite the fact that they are all gainfully employed. He is equally spuriously hailing himself as the savior of LA's treasury with his voodoo math claim to have 'saved' the city $280M in 'favorable' trial verdicts, despite the fact that he has set a record for $37.4M in trial losses as a result of the failure of his 'Porcupine Defense.' The latest 'outsider' claim surely provides the best evidence of how desperate Trutanich is to hold on to the job he did not want when he was busy eying up the DA's office as the next rung on his political ladder.

Met News gives Trutanich, Feuer poor reviews on debate performances

There's no sign of an endorsement for City Attorney from LA's legal newspaper, the Los Angeles Metropolitan News-Enterprise, yet, but if their review of the candidates' performances at the second of three scheduled debates is anything to go by, neither Trutanich nor Feuer should be holding their breath.

Trutanich emerges as the desperate driver of a slow motion train wreck, hailing his self-proclaimed achievements while forced to run from a record that impresses nobody. Feuer, bedeviled by campaign finance questions and a lack of courtroom experience, probably has the edge on Trutanich, but that is no achievement given the level of voter resistance to another Sacramento politician looking for safe harbor in LA. Smith is snapping at the heels of the two politicians and clearly has them worried. As he ramps up his well funded campaign in the final weeks of the race, it won't surprise anyone to see him in the runoff.

Smith is sole City Attorney candidate at Venice Neighborhood Council meeting

City Attorney candidate Greg Smith delivered a short introductory speech to a large crowd at Tuesday night's Venice Neighborhood Council meeting.

Smith's speech was short, to the point and seemed to resonate well with the crowd, judging by the applause and comments made while he spoke individually to members of the audience. Timing is everything, and Smith was fortunate to have selected this month's meeting to introduce himself to Venice residents as the audience was unusually large due to concerns over the neighborhood's growing homeless person problems. Smith related that many of those he spoke to were unaware of the other candidates despite their prior appearances. He certainly seemed to have chosen the right night to visit Venice.


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