Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dragnet Endorsements for the March 5, 2013 Los Angeles Primary Election

Kevin James for Mayor

Los Angeles teeters on the brink of bankruptcy, a legacy of years and years of mismanagement and misdirection caused by a politically ambitious Mayor who spends more time out of the City chasing his next political career, than working on fixing LA.

But Mayor Villaraigosa is not alone in shouldering the blame for the sorry state of affairs Los Angeles is in. The City Council bears much of the responsibility for the out of control spending, business unfriendly environment, and potholes on our streets that makes you wonder if we are really living in the second largest city in the United States.

Whenever the Mayor and the Council have faced difficult questions, issues that put them at odds with the organized labor groups who swell the coffers of their campaigns, their answer has been to kick the can down the road. Well Los Angeles has reached the end of that pothole ridden road and it's time for new leadership and a new direction. Los Angeles needs a Mayor that won't use scare tactics cutting police and fire services, before trimming down a bloated Mayoral office staff larger than the White House, or cutting a City sponsored book fair in Mexico.

But who should Los Angeles chose as its Mayor to try to rebuild and restore a City that has suffered so much from poor leadership? The choice of candidates is interesting; three are termed-out councilmembers, the very same people who voted time and time again for the disastrous policies that brought Los Angeles to it's knees. The fourth candidate is Kevin James. He's a outsider and we believe he is exactly what Los Angeles needs to stop the rot.

James is a former Assistant US Attorney, former talk radio host and former attorney at one of LA's most prestigious lawfirms. James has not been shy to speak out against the culture of fraud and corruption that saw Mayor Villaraigosa receive the largest ethics fine in LA's history, or building inspectors investigated by the FBI for taking payoffs, or city workers using city vehicles to make beer runs to the liquor store on our dime. The rot starts at the top of City Hall, and given the example our current Mayor sets, perhaps it is not surprising that some in the city feel free to follow Villariagosa's footsteps.

Some regard James as a long shot. The kind of Mayor we would like to have, but who doesn't stand a chance against the multi-million dollar special-interest funded campaigns of the insiders. Put party politics aside for a moment (James is a registered Republican) and think about who would be best for LA, a breath of fresh air and good ideas, or one of Villaraigosa's council? We believe James will surprise his challengers on March 5, and if he is a long shot, let's take it.

We endorse Kevin James for LA's next Mayor.

Greg Smith for City Attorney

In 2009 we elected Carmen Trutanich as City Attorney. He promised to do many things if elected, but as soon as he was elected he forgot those promises.

In just three and a half years he succeeded only in surpassing his predecessor's reputation for being a career politician more interested in grabbing headlines and paving the path to the next political job, than doing the hard work of being City Attorney.

Trutanich promised he would not use the City Attorney's office as a political springboard to the DA's office. But he did exactly that, and didn't even have the decency to admit that he had made the promise, let alone broke it. That changed when Los Angeles delivered its verdict in the June 2012 primary election when, despite his name recognition, a laundry list of political endorsements, and a campaign warchest three times the size of his opponents, he lost.

Trutanich thinks Los Angelenos have short memories and will reelect him as City Attorney. They won't.

So who of the other candidates is right for the job? Mike Feuer is a name some will remember as  a former City Councilman and then State Assemblyman. It's not a name anyone will remember as the lead attorney who won a major jury trial, or even lost a major jury trial. That's because Feuer has never tried a jury case. That is, perhaps, 70% of what the City Attorney's office does - try case in front of juries. He has never done it. We think that rules him out.

Noel Weiss is a candidate who is running a grass roots campaign with loads of ideas and hopes, but without any funding to carry his message. Many in the network of Neighborhood Councils know Weiss as the go to guy when they have a problem, and he is. But the reality of political campaigns is that without a campaign warchest, even a small one, a good candidate cannot mount a viable campaign. Weiss has been good for the debates, but he has not got what it takes win the election.

Last, and by no means least, is Greg Smith. Smith is a native of the San Fernando Valley who served in the Navy during the Vietnam era aboard the USS Gudeon, a fast-attack submarine that monitored enemy communications - a spy ship. After completing his service for our country, Smith went to law school and passed the Bar in 1988. Over the next 25 years Smith established himself as the 'go to' lawyer in cases involving retaliation against whistle blowers who report corruption, and those who are the subject of discrimination and unfairness.

Smith represented Sergeant James Corcoran and exposed the rampant corruption in the City of Bell, leading the the arrest of the 'Bell Eight.' Smith fought for LAPD Officers who refused to follow illegal traffic ticket quotas. Many criticize Smith for suing the City of Los Angeles, but as Smith is quick to point out, who better to defend the city than someone who knows the strengths and weaknesses of the City Attorney's office?

Smith has been named a "Super Lawyer' three times and is a member of the exclusive American Board of Trial Lawyers (ABOTA). In 2012 Smith joined LA County DA Steve Cooley to receive the Los Angeles Police Protective League's prestigious 'Line of Duty' award. He is endorsed by the Los Angeles Daily News,  PORAC - the state's largest organization of peace officers, the California Correctional Peace Officer's Association, the Inglewood Police Officers Association, and former CHP Chief Gary Dominguez. Smith is clearly law enforcement's choice for City Attorney.

We believe Greg Smith is exactly the kind of leader the City Attorney's office desperately needs. He is respected by many in the City Attorney's office who work with him on a daily basis. They know him to be the kind of City Attorney they haven't had in decades, someone who knows how to do the job, and just wants to do the job.

We endorse Greg Smith for LA's next City Attorney.

'No' on Measure A

Measure A would put a half a cent on the city's current sales tax. The sales tax hike is being hawked as necessary to avoid further cutbacks to police and firefighters because the City cannot balance its budget. Would you give more money to a bunch of people who don't know how to balance a check book? We don't think so.

The answer to LA's budgetary problems is not to increase sales tax and drive business to surrounding cities where sales tax is lower. LA really doesn't have a revenue problem, it has a spending problem, and that's what needs to be fixed.

For that reason, we say vote 'No' on Measure A.

Interstingly, Trutanich and Feuer have both paid to have their names on slate mailers supporting Measure A, but recently, on KCRW's 'Which Way LA?' they both said that they do not support Measure A.  That's politicians for you. Haven't we had enough of them?


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Feuer attacks Trutanich's failed record, Trutanich can't get ad on tv

Coming to a mailbox near you, the latest attack mailer from Mike Feuer's campaign says it all about the failed DA wannabe.

Feuer is pulling out all the stops to convince voters of what they already know, Trutanich has been a monumental failure on multiple levels.

Trutanich fails to mount broadcast tv ad campaign

Add this to Trutanich's long list of failures; his 'game changing' tv ad won't be coming to many tv screens anytime soon. It's probably had more views on YouTube than it will ever have on tv because it will only be broadcast on cable tv.

Sources say that Trutanich has spent the dazzling sum of $27k to air his ad for six days on cable tv, probably right in the middle of one of those advertorial programs with a con man hawking a get rich quick scheme involving the purchase of DVDs with a money-back guarantee.

Experts say spending $27k in LA's media market is the equivalent of putting money in a paper shredder, something Trutanich will probably become quite expert at in the final failing days of his administration. 


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Smith shines in KCRW candidates' debate, Trutanich prepares for private practice?

Failed DA wannabe Carmen Trutanich traded barbs with Mike Feuer on multiple topics on KCRW's Which Way LA, while City Attorney candidate Greg Smith delivered a sound and compelling argument as to why he is best qualified to be LA's next City Attorney.

Take a few moments to listen to the show:

Which Way LA's host Warren Olney set the scene for what was to be another uncomfortable interview for Trutanich opening the questioning by reminding listeners that Trutanich had promised no to run for DA, broke his promise and did run, and lost. 'Wouldn't you really rather be somewhere else?' Olney quipped, begging the question, did he mean would Trutanich rather be avoiding interviews looking after an ailing relative, or would he rather not be stuck in the City Attorney's office where he faces another humiliating defeat?

Trutanich admitted his failed DA run was a 'mistake,' but clearly shaken by the question, forgot to give the lame excuse previously proffered by his spokesman that his 'mistake' was due to 'bad political advice.'

Trutanich reeled off facts and figures (all of which have yet to be substantiated), hailing his successes as City Attorney. He sounded like a late night cable tv con man hawking a get rich quick scheme involving the purchase of DVDs with a money-back guarantee.

Feuer responded to Trutanich's criticism of his lack of trial experience by switching the topic to his eight years as director of Bet Tzedek Legal Services. Yes, it's eight years now, up from the five years he previously claimed. The slow-witted incumbent City Attorney failed to spot that inconsistency.

While the politicians concentrated their attention on attacking each other, the field was left open to Greg Smith to speak of his qualifications, accomplishments and ideas for running the office. Overall, listeners cannot have failed to see Smith as the level-headed leader who can restore the tarnished image of the City Attorney's office.

Trutanich prepares for private practice?

Hailing his new web ad as a 'game changer,' Trutanich appears to be channeling Breaking Bad's slimy layer Saul Goodman in his desperate reelection bid.

Trutanich's new web ad appears to have been inspired by Breaking Bad's slimy lawyer Saul Goodman.
With a few cheap and cheesy edits, Trutanich could use his ad for a criminal defense and slip and fall practice, once voters deliver the verdict on him on March 5. Better call Nuch!, only don't call until June 30, Trutanich's last day in office.


Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Midday Update - PORAC Endorses Greg Smith for City Attorney

Yet another former Trutanich supporter has abandoned the failed incumbent and thrown their considerable support behind City Attorney candidate Greg Smith.

PORAC, the state's largest association of peace officers, has endorsed Smith to be the next Los Angeles City Attorney. The endorsement follows a game-changing weekend for Smith, garnering the endorsements of the Los Angeles Daily News and the Los Angeles Airport Peace Officers Association. Increasingly people are seeing Smith, the man the LA Times described as a 'dark horse' in the race, emerge as the likely challenger to Mike Feuer in the inevitable runoff following next Tuesday's primary election.

This from the Smith campaign:


Yet another Trutanich 2009 backer pulls support from the incumbent

Los Angeles, February 25th – Today public safety attorney Greg Smith announced the support of the influential Peace Officer Research Association of California (PORAC). PORAC represents more than 60,000 police officers, strengthening Smith’s position as law enforcement’s choice as his campaign for City Attorney surges heading into Election Day next week.

Director of PORAC Los Angeles Chapter North Joe Flanagan stated, “Greg Smith’s record as an experienced attorney and an effective partner of law enforcement is unmatched in this race. Discrimination and corruption will not be tolerated on Greg’s watch. As City Attorney, Greg will continue to secure justice and fight for families across Los Angeles.”

PORAC Los Angeles Chapter South Director Marshall McClain concluded, “Without a doubt, Greg Smith is law enforcement’s choice for City Attorney.”

Greg Smith stated, “I am humbled by the support of PORAC and so many public safety personnel who put their lives on the line to keep communities safe. As City Attorney, we will work together to ensure a bright future for all of Los Angeles.”

This weekend Smith received the endorsement of Los Angeles Daily News and more than ten publications owned by Los Angeles News Group including Spanish-language Impacto USA, each of whom backed Trutanich in 2009. Smith was also endorsed by Los Angeles Airport Peace Officers Association, who also supported Trutanich in 2009. A recent SurveyUSA survey showed Trutanich’s poll numbers plummeting in the critical weeks before Election Day.

Read the full Daily News endorsement online at

Click to view Greg Smith’s 30-second television ad, “Fought for me,” featuring public safety personnel Greg represented in the fight against discrimination and public corruption: Smith is the only candidate to advertise on television in the race for City Attorney.

Last week, Survey USA released a poll showing Greg Smith’s enormous growth as Trutanich spirals downward heading into Election Day.

Last month Smith released his policy blueprint for the office of City Attorney “Fighting for Every Family.” Here is a link to the blueprint.

The mainstay of Greg Smith’s distinguished career as an attorney has been representing public safety officers in cases of willful discrimination, wrongful termination, whistleblowing and racism.

Owner of a private law firm and Vietnam era Veteran, Greg Smith is a top-notch police attorney who has practiced for over 25 years representing members of law enforcement and community members who were victims of discrimination from all over the City. Smith has grown a reputation for being unafraid to take the tough cases and has worked with clients to expose waste, fraud and abuse. He represented one of the early whistleblowers that helped expose the Bell corruption scandal.

# # #

Smith revises 'Fought for Me' TV ad to reflect new endorsements

Hot on the heels of receiving a campaign's dream wish-list of endorsements, the Smith campaign has revised their enormously popular 'Fought for Me' tv ad, to reflect Smith's recent endorsements from the Daily News, Airport Police and PORAC.

The newly revised ad can be seen below, on broadcast tv during the final week before the primary, and on YouTube.

So far, Smith is the only candidate to use tv to advertise his candidacy.

Smith is also airing a radio ad in response to negative campaigning by likely runoff rival Mike Feuer.

The momentum certainly appears to be with Smith in the final week before the election, which will be as much a referendum on failed politicians as it will be a vote for Smith, of whom the Daily News found to be 'smart, creative and substantial.'


City Attorney candidate Greg Smith endorsed by Airport Police & Daily News

Los Angeles City Attorney candidate Greg Smith's campaign took a quantum leap forward this weekend.

Smith cheers the crowd at Laurel Canyon Association's Candidate's Forum

Friday night saw all four City Attorney candidates appearing at the Laurel Canyon Candidate's forum, hosted by NBC4's Robert Kovacik.

City Attorney candidate Greg Smith was well-received by the audience at
the Laurel Canyon Association's Candidate's Forum
Greg Smith was an instant crowd pleaser, connecting with the audience as he recounted his life-long ties to the community and his professional career protecting the interests of victims of discrimination, corruption and unfairness. Those were themes that appeared to resonate with the crowd, who face similar issues with unfair and seemingly arbitrary planning decisions which threaten the integrity of their environment; something Smith said he was committed to preserving.

Failed DA wannabe Carmen Trutanich did not look like he was enjoying the experience.
Smith's stellar presentation stood in marked contrast to that of incumbent, City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, who looked ill at ease before the crowd who had once looked to him to be their champion, only to be let down. Trutanich's tall-talk of 'favorable trial verdicts' fell on dead ears in the Canyon, as Trutanich failed to connect with their concerns. At one point Trutanich invoked the name of his Special Assistant Jane Usher, as if expecting a cheer from audience. That expectation was met with a sole, but unintelligible, yell from the back of the room, perhaps a reference to the utter failure of Trutanich to enforce rampant code violations in the canyon.

Trutanich looked and sounded like a man facing the reality of the demise of his political career, before an audience who most likely will be voting A.B.C. on March 5. His humiliating defeat in the DA race haunts him wherever he goes, and his record of false and misleading statements has destroyed any credibility he may have once had, before his ego overcame his common sense.

Greg Smith receives endorsement from Los Angeles Airport Police
Carrying on the momentum of the weekend, on Saturday, Smith received the much-coveted endorsement of the Los Angeles Aiport Peace Officers Association, further cementing Smith as law enforcement's choice for LA's next City Attorney. The endorsement is significant, not only because it reflects LAAPOA's recognition of Smith as having 'the finest qualifications and the highest commitment to public safety,' to quote LAAPOA President Marshall E. McClain, but it also shows the growing numbers of civic leaders who have switched their allegiance failed City Attorney Carmen Trutanich to Greg Smith. LAAPOA were former supporters of Trutanich, but like so many, have seen the way Trutanich repaid their support with betrayal. 

Greg Smith endorsed by Los Angeles Daily News

Sunday evening saw Smith's campaign receive a well-earned boost with the endorsement of the Los Angeles Daily News, who said of Smith's candidacy that 'In a meeting with the Los Angeles News Group editorial board as it considered an endorsement in the city attorney primary election, the 59-year-old Los Angeles native impressed us as smart, creative and substantial.'

That the Daily News endorsed Smith is a double blow to Carmen Trutanich's ever fading reelection hopes. In 2009 the Daily News endorsed Trutanich, hailing him as the 'People's Lawyer,' but Trutanich's egocentric headline-grabbing antics soon caused the Daily News to reverse their position on Trutanich. In 2012, they urged their readers to vote 'A.B.C. - Anyone But Carmen' as the former ambulance chaser slip and fall lawyer turned career politician turned his back on voters who were conned into believing his 'Pedge to Serve.' The Daily News could have repeated that recommendation, but instead took a well-reasoned and researched approach to their endorsement, concluding that 'As regular readers know, this page believes experience in public office is a valuable attribute for a candidate - but also believes voters should look for every reasonable opportunity to expand the pool of possibilities beyond the same old names. Smith's position as a political outsider is particularly relevant in a race for a job that should be more about providing legal counsel to city leaders than about trying to set public policy. Trutanich has pursued policy too often and has clashed with other city officials in less-than constructive ways. Smith could be the outsider the city hoped Trutanich would be four years ago.'  

Trutanich blames 'bad political advice' for violating his 'Pledge To Serve.' 

File this in the 'ROFLOL' category - comments to the LA Times article on Trutanich's 'crying foul' over rival Mike Feuer's attack ad campaign were very interesting.

Campaign spokesman, John Schwada, jumped to Trutanich's defense against accusations of 'hypocrisy' over his claim that Mike Feuer is a career politician looking for the next job. One commenter stated that it was Trutanich who was more fittingly called a career politician, given his failed bid for DA, followed by his soon to be failed bid to hang on the job he did not want six months ago. Schwada attributed the blame for Trutanich's career-ending decision to run for DA in violation of his sworn promise on 'bad political advice.' You can't make this stuff up.

As the City Attorney's race enters the final furlong before the March 5 primary, Greg Smith, the man described by the LA Times as the 'dark horse' of the race, is fast emerging as the only viable candidate to challenge rival Mike Feuer in the inevitable runoff election on May 21.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Penultimate pre-election week ponderings

Greg Smith gets last word at Sherman Oaks Homeowners Association Candidates' Debate

Los Angeles City Attorney candidate Greg Smith shows why incumbent Carmen Trutanich
cannot win re-election as City Attorney - he's a liar. (Credit:

Los Angeles City Attorney candidates Greg Smith and Noel Weiss were excluded from the November City Attorney Candidates' forum hosted by the Sherman Oaks Homeowners Association. That gave incumbent Carmen Trutanich and former Assemblyman Mike Feuer an unfair exclusive opportunity to present their candidacies. The excuses given for the exclusion of Smith and Weiss varied. At first it was suggested that SOHA had excluded Smith and Weiss because they had not raised as much money as Feuer and Trutanich. When it was pointed out that Smith had raised more money than Trutanich, the excuse changed to Feuer and Trutanich being the only 'viable' candidates. Whatever the excuse, the bottom line was that it stank of bias, prejudice and and unfairness, and everybody knew it.

Proving that he is, indeed, a zealous advocate for those unfairly discriminated against, Smith persisted in arguing his case and succeeded in forcing SOHA to hold a second City Attorney candidates' forum; this time it was for Smith and Weiss, and Feuer and Trutanich were 'disinvited.'

Greg Smith and Noel Weiss were well received by the audience during the final
SOHA debate before the March 5, 2013 primary election.
Getting the last word in a debate can be game changing, and Smith took full advantage of his opportunity to impress the crowd with his record as a champion for the underdog as well as his criticisms of Trutanich and Feuer.

After the debate Smith and Weiss were approached by several members of the audience who said they were voting for them. They were disgusted with the way they had been excluded from the November debate.

The debate is fully reported at the

Trutanich cries 'foul' over Feuer's attack

According to a report in the LA Times, Carmen Trutanich believes rival City Attorney candidate Mike Feuer is a 'hypocrite' and a 'career politician' looking for the next job.

Please take a moment to review the many statements made by Trutanich about his promises not to use the City Attorney's office as a political springboard to the DA's office, and ask yourself, who is the 'hypocrite' and a 'career politician' looking for the next job?

As a footnote, take a look at the comments posted in response to the LA Times report, particularly those of Trutanich's campaign spokesman, John Schwada. According to Schwada, Trutanich broke his promises to LA voters because of 'bad political advice.' So, Trutanich would have you believe that he did not make the decision to break his word, and that someone else is responsible for his poor choices. If ever there were better proof of just how unfit this ambulance chaser slip and fall lawyer turned career politician is for public office, surely this is it?


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Feuer campaign appears to admit 'losing' the election

As a commenter reminded us in response to Feuer's panic attack hit-mail piece on his chief rival Greg Smith, the Feuer campaign's chief strategist said this about negative campaigning.

"When someone makes the decision to go negative, it's not because they're winning,it's because they're losing." Feuer's campaign strategist told the LA Times
"When someone makes the decision to go negative, it's not because they're winning, it's because they're losing."Feuer's campaign strategist John Shallman told the LA Times.

Shallman's statement tends to support speculation that the Feuer campaign is in full scale panic mode following internal polling showing that Feuer is in danger of not making the runoff, despite a slew of political endorsements and a special-interest bloated campaign warchest.

Ironically, Feuer is in exactly the same situation that Carmen Trutanich found himself in days before his fate-sealing DA primary disaster. Trutanich had more money than his rivals, most of the same political endorsements, and the same campaign strategist. Yet when the votes were counted, the 'presumptive heir' to the DA's office found himself in third place, out of the running, and politically castrated. 

Feuer, with the same campaign strategy as failed DA wannabe Carmen Trutanich, is likely
in fear of parroting the famous Trutanich walk of shame after his stunning but well deserved defeat.
Feuer has experienced electoral defeat before, and he could be approaching a state of paranoia at the prospect of finding himself in the same place as he was in 2001 after losing the City Attorney race to Rocky Delgadillo. In November 2001, Feuer was forced to work in an 'Of Counsel' position for Morrison Foerster, a downtown legal powerhouse where Feuer was supposed to leverage his City Council service into a rainmaking position. To use the legal maxim 'res ipsa loquitur' (paraphrased: the facts speak for themselves), that may not have worked out too well for Feuer. He eventually quit working for a living to return to politics as a State Assemblyman.

Precisely. why Feuer decided to ignore Shallman's advice against 'going negative' is not known, but speculation suggests that there is considerable tension within the Feuer campaign. That tension could be caused by Feuer's frustration at Shallman's lack of availability while he focuses on Wendy Greuel's Mayoral campaign, with Feuer relegated to Shallman's cadre of second-string campaign workers.

Feuer's decision to 'go negative' started with his mailer and has been followed by a radio ad campaign during which Feuer attacks Smith and Trutanich variously with a laundry list of gripes. The radio ad ends with Feuer laughingly describing himself as 'a friend to police,' despite his failure to secure an  endorsement from the LAPD's Protective League, who honored rival Greg Smith with their prestigious 'Line of Duty' award. Feuer does boast an endorsement from former LAPD Chief Bratton, who infamously also endorsed Jack Weiss for City Attorney. That didn't work out too well either.

To compound the irony of Feuer's attack on Greg Smith, Feuer has dredged up a ten year-old series of tax liens recorded against Smith for $200,000 that were fully paid off. The irony? The LA Times reported that Feuer's highly paid campaign strategist John Shallman has in excess of $1.5M in unpaid taxes with multiple liens currently recorded against him. Of course, there is an innocent explanation. 

Does anyone detect the stench of despair and desperation wafting from the Feuer camp?


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Feuer worried he won't make runoff, plays dirty

With the countdown clock ticking away to March 5, Mike Feuer appears to be worried that he won't be able to make the runoff. Desperate measures are called for in desperate times, and the termed out Assemblyman signed off on a false mailer to try to con registered Democrats into believing Greg Smith is a Republican. Trutanich, also included in the mailer, is a Republican who runs as a 'Decline to State,' but as Feuer knows, Smith is a life-long Democrat, albeit a centrist with a broader appeal than the 'Uber Liberal' Feuer.

The Feuer mailer comes despite a recent SurveyUSA poll showing Feuer has closed the gap to Trutanich, but internal polling by the Feuer campaign likely paints a very different picture, hence the panic hit-piece.

Feuer's pant-soiling moment comes as Smith's stock rises to the point where he now cannot be dismissed as a serious challenger to Feuer's hopes to be City Attorney. That was likely not a scenario Feuer contemplated when he originally charted his course back to City Hall in the hay days when he and Trutanich shared the same campaign consultant, John Shallman, and Feuer's move to the City Attorney's office was to dovetail with Trutanich's ascendency to the DA's office. The acrimonious split between Trutanich and Shallman has left Feuer battling on two fronts he never thought he would have to fight; Trutanich who has only his incumbency to rely on, and Smith who was never on Feuer's radar until Smith's tv campaign started gaining votes faster than Feuer ever thought possible.

Smith remains the only candidate for City Attorney who has an active tv campaign which has helped to raise his profile, and will continue to do so in the days leading up to the election. Despite assurances given to the LA Times by both Feuer and Trutanich that they would be airing their own ads, thus far neither campaign has done so. Trutanich has no money for tv, and it appears that Feuer is spending what remains of his campaign warchest on mail.

Feuer's mail is indicative of the misleading lengths the career politician will go to in order to bunny-hop from Sacramento to Los Angeles. Despite castigating Republicans to his Democrat base, the moustachioed Groucho Marx look alike is not above the kind of hypocrisy more commonly associated with Carmen Trutanich, as Feuer's latest misleading mailer shows he's perfectly happy to be labeled a Republican to those foolish enough to believe junk mail.

Feuer spent at least $11,731.00 with Torrance based Californian Voter Guide for his misleading Republican voting guide.

Feuer's reliance on hate mail and false mail may backfire as the low turnout for the March primary almost guarantees that it will be largely informed voters who cast ballots. They know who Mike Feuer really is, and that's probably why he is so worried, and so desperate.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Trutanich tanks in polls, Feuer, Smith rise to runoff

Two weeks ago Survey USA published a poll showing City Attorney Carmen Trutanich leading the polls 10 points clear of his closest rival. But that was before challengers Greg Smith and Mike Feuer started spending some of the money they have in their campaign warchests.

Two weeks later, a second Survey USA poll shows a very different picture.

The graph was produced using the results of SurveyUSA's two polls.
The trends speak for themselves; Trutanich is heading to 3rd place.
Trutanich has tanked, dropping 4 points, while rivals Mike Feuer and Greg Smith have risen, 6 points to Feuer, and 5 to Smith. It's a trend that is likely to continue as both the Feuer and Smith campaigns have funds on hand to get their message out, while Trutanich is cash-strapped, unable to raise the kind of money to compete for voters' attention. Trutanich and Feuer are now tied at 25% each, with the fast-rising Smith close behind at 18%.

Trutanich's fund raising woes are likely due to his having alienated large numbers of those who originally supported him in 2009. Many were incensed by the way Trutanich gleefully took their money, and then turned his back on them. Others were disgusted at the shameful way Trutanich tried to weasel his way out of his 'Pledge to Serve,' and his subsequent Hindenburg-like DA campaign failure has left the former San Pedro ambulance chaser slip and fall lawyer turned career politician out in the cold, with only a handful of loyalists willing to stuff money in to the paper shredder that is the Trutanich reelection campaign.

With two weeks to go before the primary election, expect the rising trend of Feuer and Smith to continue, with both gaining from the large number of undecided voters. Equally, expect Trutanich's tenuous hold on 25% to fall lower as he not only fails to reach voters, but the local media picks apart his phony claims of trial successes in the face of the staggering $37.4M in trial losses that he suffered in the last quarter of 2012.

Statistically, there are enough undecided votes for both Feuer and Smith to easily eclipse Trutanich, leaving him exactly where he was in June 2012 after the DA primary; nowhere, third place, and out.

The Smith campaign were quick to comment on Trutanich's impending demise, with this press release containing some detailed analysis showing Smith's upward trend:

CONTACT: John S. Thomas
Greg Smith for City Attorney 2013


Los Angeles, February 18th – Today Survey USA released another poll pertaining to the race for City Attorney showing Greg Smith gaining five points from the prior poll 18 days ago. Smith is now at 18% to Carmen Trutanich and Mike Feuer’s 25%. Carmen Trutanich is down 4 percentage points and moving in the wrong direction. With Carmen Trutanich running out of resources to communicate and the Smith campaign ramping up, we are likely to see Trutanich defeated yet again.

Greg Smith has shown the most dramatic and most important movement among voters age 50 and over. This voting bloc is the most reliable and frequent municipal voter. Smith grew 12 points among this bloc, from 8% in the last poll to 20% today.

Smith is also second place and up 5 points among black voters, drawing 22% of that voting bloc.

“Trend lines are what matter, and Smith clearly is moving in the right direction while Trutanich is spiraling downward,” stated Smith’s chief strategist John Thomas.

“One thing is clear: When voters learn about Greg Smith’s credentials fighting discrimination and corruption, they gravitate toward him in dramatic numbers.”

Thomas continued, “Voters voted no on Carmen Trutanich for District Attorney and appear to be headed in that direction again.”

Greg Smith is the first candidate in the race for City Attorney to begin advertising on television. Click to view his 30-second ad, “Fought for me,” featuring public safety personnel Greg represented in cases fighting against discrimination and public corruption.

The mainstay of Greg Smith’s distinguished career as an attorney has been representing public safety officers in cases of willful discrimination, wrongful termination, whistleblowing and racism.

Owner of a private law firm and Vietnam era Veteran, Greg Smith is a top-notch police attorney who has practiced for over 25 years representing members of law enforcement and community members who were victims of discrimination from all over the City. Smith has grown a reputation for being unafraid to take the tough cases and has worked with clients to expose waste, fraud and abuse. He represented one of the early whistleblowers that helped expose the Bell corruption scandal.

# # # 


Monday, February 18, 2013

Trutanich - Feuer spat helps Smith campaign

The LA Times report of backstabbing between the campaigns of failed incumbent Carmen 'the Clown' Trutanich and endorsement leading Mike Feuer, couldn't be better for Greg Smith's campaign.

The Times quotes Smith's campaign strategist, John Thomas, who 'sees the mudslinging as an opportunity for his lesser-known candidate "to sneak up the middle" and grab one of the two slots in an expected runoff. He said Smith, a private attorney who has made millions representing police and firefighters in whistle-blower and discrimination lawsuits, is adding a "substantial" amount to the $620,000 of his own funds he already put into the race. He'll spend much of that on television "so voters know they have a choice" other than Feuer and Trutanich.' The Times said.

Trutanich is expected to perform poorly in the upcoming primary. He should be more concerned with making sure Noel Weiss doesn't garner more votes than him.


Friday, February 15, 2013

Nuestra Comunidad endorses Kevin James, Greg Smith & Dennis Zine

The Spanish language newspaper Nuestra Comunidad has endorsed Kevin James for Mayor, Greg Smith for City Attorney, and Dennis Zine for Controller.

The endorsement was published on February 14, 2013 in both English and Spanish. Here's what Nuestra Comunidad had to say of their choices for Los Angeles leadership:

Kevin James Mayor
KEVIN JAMES is an attorney and radio talk show host. He is not a professional politician. The former assistant U.S. attorney is a straight-talker and a straight-shooter.
For years, through his talk show, he has listened to concerns of the people of Los Angeles. We believe that James would represent the interests of the people, not political interests or special interests.
He is, in our view, the best candidate for the job.

Greg Smith City Attorney
GREG SMITH, an accomplished trial attorney, might have the makings of an able city attorney. This is for sure:
He would be far different from the incumbent, Carmen Trutanich, who is running for reelection, or former Assembly member Mike Feuer.
Trutanich is a perpetual liar, a blowhard, and a bungler. He is clearly undeserving of his post.
Feuer is seeking election to a job where he would be managing a law office with more than 500 attorneys. Yet, he has never handled a jury trial in either a civil or a criminal case. He not only lacks the credentials in terms of his background, but also in light of his per- sonal characteristics. He is widely viewed as an arrogant know-it-all.
Also in the race is Noel Weiss, whose bid for office is not a serious one.
Smith’s goals are these:
“I am committed to stopping crime before it starts, easing red tape and other barriers
to justice, and targeting discrimination by fostering a robust partnership with community members, educators, and law enforcement across Los Angeles.”
Gary Dominguez, retired chief of the California Highway Patrol, recently declared:
“I am proud to endorse Greg Smith for City Attorney. Greg Smith is a tireless advocate for all of Los Angeles. His record fighting discrimination and corruption and partnering with law enforcement makes him a standout with the right experience to make a difference in the lives of Los Angeles residents.”
Our endorsement, too, goes to Smith.

Dennis Zine City Controller
DENNIS ZINE has been a member of the Los Angeles City Council for the past 12 years.
He chairs the Audits and Governmental Efficiency Committee which is charged with ferreting out and finding ways to eliminate wastefulness and inefficiency on city govern- ment.
In light of his background and his bent, Zine is committed to pursuing these very goals as controller.
Zine, a 33-year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department, is not prone to overlook improprieties in city government. Just last week, the Los Angeles Airport Commission, at Zine’s urging and that of one other City Council member, scrapped a $3.9 million contract awarded without competitive bidding.
Among those endorsing him are Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca, Congressman Tony Cardenas, City Council members Jose Huizar, Eric Garcetti, and Ed Reyes, Assemblymember Raul Bocanegra, former Lieutenant Governor Cruz Bustamante, and former Assemblymember Felipe Fuentes.
He has the dedication and the zest to do what the controller should do: guard against spending money where it should not be spent so that more of it can be allocating to doing what helps the people the most.
We urge his election as city controller.


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Greg Smith has Mike Feuer worried ...

With Carmen Trutanich looking increasingly like failing to make the runoff after the March 5, 2013 primary election, and City Attorney candidate Greg Smith emerging as the likely runoff challenger to termed-out former State Assemblyman Mike Feuer,  the Feuer campaign is pulling out all the stops to halt Smith's rising stock.

The Feuer campaign reacted to City Attorney Greg Smith's rising stock with
this hit-piece mailer.
The Feuer campaign sent out a mailer entitled 'Will the real Greig Smith please stand up?' The purpose of the mailer is not entirely clear, but it does suggest that Feuer sees Greg Smith as a serious challenge to his electoral chances. The mailer could be designed to lessen any chance Greg Smith may benefit from former councilmember Greig Smith's popular name identification.

Those few percentage points that could enure to Greg Smith, could be enough to knock Trutanich out of the race, coupled with Greg Smith's well funded campaign. Feuer would doubtless prefer to face Trutanich in a runoff, as there is only one outcome from that scenario; Feuer is elected as City Attorney because Trutanich is unelectable given all his negatives.

But a Feuer-Smith runoff is a very different race, and one that clearly has Feuer worried. Smith, a centrist Democrat, has a far broader appeal than the far left-leaning Feuer. In a runoff against Smith, Feuer's negatives, which include but are not limited to, his lack of courtroom experience, his support for the crime-wave stimulus package (AB 109 aka the 'Prison Realignment') and his unpopular perception as a Sacramento politician, spells likely defeat for Feuer.

Interestingly, Feuer's claim to be endorsed by Greig Smith may have some voters puzzled.

Los Angeles Mayoral candidate Jan Perry's mail oriented campaign has flooded voters with more mailers than any of the candidates. In the mailer pictured above, it appears that Greig Smith has only endorsed one candidate; Jan Perry.

Perhaps the question being asked should be, 'Will the real Mike Feuer please stand up?'


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

There are lies, damn lies, statistics, and Trutanich's statistics

Embattled Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen 'I am a liar' Trutanich made a bold claim on the recent PBS SoCal Insider City Attorney Debate; he claimed the credit for crime in the City of Los Angeles being down 20% in the last four years.

That's a pretty amazing claim, and if it were someone other than the 'truth challenged' Trutanich making that claim, it might even be believed. But the problem is that it is Trutanich making that claim, and the former ambulance chaser slip and fall lawyer turned career politician's claims are not supported by figures released by LAPD. Worse, it seems he cannot even remember his own faux claims.

According to ABC7, the overall crime rate for the City of Los Angeles fell 1.4% in 2012, and had nothing to do with Carmen Trutanich who was neither mentioned in the official announcement, nor present to prance around at the press conference. But perhaps Trutanich was not invited to the press conference because of his political affiliation - he is a registered 'decline to state.'

Or not. According to a mailer Trutanich paid for in his desperate bid to hang on to his furlough-free City of Los Angeles paycheck, he's a Republican, right alongside with Eric Garcetti, Paul Koretz and Gil Cedillo and a host of Democrats.

If the Los Angeles Republican Voters' guide isn't phony enough, Trutanich claims in it to be responsible for reducing crime by 23%, a fact he must have forgotten when he appeared on PBS and claimed it was 20%.

Figures obtained from the Los Angeles City Ethics Commission's website shows that Trutanich paid $28,130.00 to Long Beach based Voter Slate Guide Cards who are believed to produce the faux Republican voter guide.

Spending $28,130.00 to try to fool voters that he is a Republican is almost as much as a waste of money as it is trying to fool voters that he has done anything to reduce crime. For the most part, that 1.4% reduction in crime reflects violent crimes which are not misdemeanor crimes handled by Trutanich.

But when it does come to misdemeanor crimes, there is one statistic that Trutanich did not want to mention; thefts of cellphones went up by 30% on his watch according to a report in the NY Daily News.

As the March 5, 2013 primary election draws closer, Trutanich's grip on the job he didn't want when he had his sights set on the DA's office, grows ever weaker. City Attorney candidates Mike Feuer and Greg Smith look increasingly likely to be the victors in the primary, which should make for a meaningful runoff, hopefully free from the lies of Carmen Trutanich.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

SoCal Insider's City Attorney Debate

Rick Reiff, host of SoCal Insider, moderated the only televised City Attorney debate ahead of the March 5, 2013 primary election.

Here are a few highlights:

Greg Smith criticizes Carmen Trutanich for 'campaigning' rather than running the office

In answer to the question 'Is there anything that the City Attorney should be doing that he is not doing?' Smith cut to the chase, saying that Trutanich should not have spent the past two and a half years campaigning, first to be DA in violation of his 'Pledge to Serve,' and now to hang on to his job.

Trutanich's expression looked like an admission when confronted with the accusation that
he had spent two and a half years campaigning instead of running the office.
Smith's comments appeared to strike home with Trutanich who, looking downcast, perhaps realized the damage he has inflicted on the City Attorney's Office by spending his time campaigning to further his career, instead of working to at the Office.

Face the camera during opening statements

The candidates were probably told to face the camera during their opening statements to appear to be talking to the viewers. It seems that somebody forget to tell Trutanich to look at the camera that is on, as he spent the beginning of his typically rambling opening looking at the wrong camera.

The entire debate can be viewed on PBS SoCal Insider's website.



Monday, February 11, 2013

City Attorney campaign mailers battle for voters

Vote by mail ballots went out a week ago, and with three weeks remaining before the March 5, 2012 primary election, the three leading candidates are getting their messages to voters via mail, with Greg Smith currently the only candidate who has used TV ads.

According to the Smith campaign, four mailers are scheduled to reach voters this week focusing on his experience fighting corruption and discrimination.

The Feuer and Trutanich campaigns have taken a slightly different approach, one in which the campaigns also attack each other.

Mike Feuer's campaign mailer highlights his experience and commitment to solving gun violence, but devotes a significant portion of the mailer to attacking Carmen Trutanich for his pro-gun stance, adding that Trutanich was endorsed by the NRA in 2009, and included his statement which appeared in the Daily News that '"The NRA is one of my clients" Trutanich said. "My position is we don't need more laws to control guns. We have the laws. We just have to enforce them."'

Carmen Trutanich's mailer stresses his 'real courtroom experience,' but devotes the majority of the mailer to attacking Feuer's lack of courtroom experience, claiming that 'Mike Feuer has never tried a single case in a courtroom...' and saying that Feuer is 'Too risky for L.A.'

The extent to which both the Feuer and Trutanich campaigns are willing to engage in negative campaigning could be seen as suggesting that neither candidate is entirely confident of their qualifications and are more concerned with attacking their rivals. Trutanich is certainly on shaky ground when it comes to his own courtroom experience. His slew of multi-million dollar losses in police discrimination cases, coupled with the embarrassing collapse of his 'Year in jail!' Dream Act protesters cases and his 'Paperwork errors' excuses for the dismissal of Occupy LA cases, could allow Feuer to simply respond by saying he is glad not to have Trutanich's experience. Few would disagree.

Trutanich, on the other hand, is somewhat handicapped in responding to Feuer on the topic of gun control, as it only serves to remind voters of his pro-gun statements.

Feuer has become increasingly adept on challenging Trutanich's claims regarding his achievements. Trutanich's ever-changing 'favorable trial verdicts' figures could be his undoing as they come under closer scrutiny. Voters will recall that when it comes to figures Trutanich has a poor record. He had previously claimed to have almost three quarters of a million YouTube views for his failed DA campaign video. That claim was challenged when the LA Times reported that Trutanich paid for those views, and YouTube removed the video for violating their deceptive content policies. It would not be too surprising to see Trutanich's credibility being challenged over his 'favorable trial verdict'  claims before election day.


Friday, February 8, 2013

LA Times endorses Feuer for City Attorney, Trashes Trutanich

The LA Times Editorial Board has endorsed former State Assemblyman Mike Feuer for City Attorney. Fully 75% of the endorsement was devoted to attacking incumbent Carmen Trutanich for his laundry list of failures.

If anything is certain about the Times endorsement, it is that Trutanich's political career is over. His negatives denied him a place in the run off for DA, and they will continue to do so in the upcoming primary election for City Attorney.

As the Dragnet previously predicted, Trutanich is unelectable, a fact confirmed by the Times who slammed him for pursuing 'headline-grabbing cases — vowing to eliminate ticket scalping, for instance, and battling with the owners of Staples Center over the cost of the Michael Jackson funeral — that are marginal to the lives of most of those he represents. He's been a halfhearted advocate of openness in city business — the city today provides far less public access to police records and disciplinary hearings than just a few years ago — and he has struggled to guide the government toward a coherent policy on billboards and marijuana clinics. His representation of city agencies and officials has disappointed many of his clients, who complain about the quality of his advice and his slowness to act.'

While Feuer must be delighted to have secured the endorsement, it was not only predictable given the Times Editorial Board's liberal bent, but it is also no guarantee of electoral success. Although not mentioned in their opinion, this is not the first time that the Times endorsed Feuer for City Attorney. In 2001 they endorsed Mike Feuer; he lost.

What the Times endorsement has done is clarify the race for City Attorney. With Trutanich now out of the running, hobbled by his reputation, slammed by the Times, and unable to raise money, the race now becomes one that leaves Greg Smith as the only viable candidate to challenge Feuer.

Smith's campaign has been dominating TV with his highly effective ads this week, but there has been  nothing from Feuer or Trutanich. While Feuer is expected to launch his TV ads next week, Trutanich is understood to have failed to raise enough money to produce an ad, let alone buy any airtime. Trutanich has sunk what little funds he has on a campaign mailer that crams all of Trutanich's implausible claims on a sheet of paper that looks more like the Unabomber's Manifesto than an effective campaign communication.

The early ground that Smith has gained by being first on TV, coupled with the Times rejection of Trutanich, makes it inevitable that when the votes are counted on March 5, 2013, Smith and Feuer will face each other in the run off.


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Trutanich slamed in City Attorney debate

PBS's SoCal Insider taped a spirited debate between the candidates vying to be elected as Los Angeles City Attorney the March 5, 2013 primary. The televised debate is due to air on KCOE midday, Thursday, February 7, 2013.

SoCal Insider presenter Rick Reiff, pictured here with City Attorney candidates Greg Smith (center)
and Noel Weiss (right). Carmen Trutanich and Mike Feuer refused permission to be photographed.
Whether by design or by coincidence, City Attorney candidates Greg Smith and Noel Weiss were seated together to the left of SoCal Insider host Rick Reiff, while Carmen Trutanich and Mike Feuer were seated to his right. Both Trutanich and Feuer gave specific instructions to the studio floor to prevent their photographs being taken during the debate.

Trutanich and Feuer again traded barbs, with Feuer attacking Trutanich over his failure to pass an effective law to limit the growth of medical marijuana dispensaries, and Trutanich attacking Feuer over his support for AB109 - the so called 'prison realignment' that has dumped over ten thousand convicted felons on the streets of Los Angeles with little or no supervision. Feuer tried to justify realignment, and highlighting his lack of courtroom experience where a fast and ready grasp of the facts in vital, missed the opportunity to remind viewers that it was Trutanich who most publicly supported realignment, perhaps as part of an agreement to secure Gov. Jerry Brown's endorsement for his failed District Attorney campaign.

As Feuer and Trutanich tried to dominate the debate, it was Greg Smith who successfully interrupted their mutual mud-slinging, and restored order to the debate. That garnered the respect of Reiff, who turned the debate over to Smith. When asked about his assessment of the problems facing the City Attorney's Office, Smith had no hesitation in blaming Trutanich for spending most of his time campaigning for political office, rather than running the office.

Smith has certainly rattled the cages of Feuer and Trutanich, the perceived 'insiders.' He continues to garner law enforcement support for his campaign, and has succeeded in having a week of exclusive TV ads, while Feuer has not yet started his TV campaign, and Trutanich looks unlikely to be able to afford to be on television at all.

The effectiveness of Smith's campaign clearly has the 'insiders' worried. Both had assumed they would be in the runoff, but both are now justifiably concerned that one of their political careers will end on March 5, 2013. Trutanich looks like the most likely to fail (again), with fundraising growing increasingly hard, and his reputation for reneging on his promises being the only thing voters will remember when they cast their votes.


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Alan Jackson to leave DA's Office

According to the LA Times, Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson is to leave the DA's Office and pursue a career as a civil litigator with the law firm of Palmer, Lombardi and Donohue LLP, whose three partners were political supporters of his election campaign.

Jackson ran a creditworthy campaign in the Primary Election for District Attorney, taking the bold step to sue Carmen Trutanich and succeeding in preventing Trutanich from using a false and misleading ballot designation in his monumentally disastrous bid to become DA. It was a pivotal moment in the campaign, and branded Trutanich as 'pathological liar,' according to Jackson's campaign strategist, John Thomas.

Jackson won a place in the run off election, where his campaign against then Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey drew criticism for unwarranted negativity. Ultimately Jackson lost his bid to be DA, and subsequently complained when he was reassigned as part of a major reorganization of the Office attendant to the new administration.

Although neither demoted nor relocated, Jackson told the LA Times that his new assignment as Assistant Head Deputy in Central Trials was a 'backward step for his career.' He complained of being required to handle what he described as 'garden variety felony' and misdemeanor cases rather than the complex, high-profile murder cases he directed and tried for years in the office's elite major crimes division. Few agreed with Jackson's remarks, indeed, many viewed his statements as insulting to the vast majority of Deputy District Attorneys who fulfill the mission of the Office with pride and professionalism regardless of their assignment. 

'There are more opportunities outside the office than inside at this point,' Jackson told the Times about his decision to leave. Lacey's spokeswoman, Jean Guccione, thanked Jackson for his 'excellent trial work' and wished him well.

Jackson said he had no regrets about running for the office but has no immediate plans to seek election in the future. He said he wished Lacey the best in her new job and harbors no hard feelings toward her. 'I gave my best effort and it's time to look in a different direction, but I don't close any doors,' he said. 'It was an amazing honor to run for D.A.' Jackson told the Times.

While there is no denying that Jackson's remarks, as well as his negative attacks on Lacey were poor choices, there is no denying that Jackson was a central and effective force in preventing the DA's Office from falling into the hands of an ego maniac. For that Jackson deserves our thanks, and best wishes in his new career.

Interestingly, Jackson may be destined to do battle with Trutanich again. His new employer lists Deutsche Bank Securities Inc. as one of their clients. Deutsche Bank is currently being sued by Trutanich in what appears to be a purely headline grabbing lawsuit, doubtless designed bolster Trutanich's failing career. Trutanich touted the 'slumlord' lawsuit during his failed DA campaign, and currently does so in his increasingly desperate reelection campaign.

To listen to Trutanich, you might think he had already won the lawsuit, however, as the case approaches second anniversary of its much hailed filling, it appears to be no closer to trial than it was when it was filed, and nowhere near succeeding. Trutanich has a long record of threatening lawsuits and prosecutions, most of which go nowhere once they have grabbed the headlines his ego demands. Many will recall his 'criminal aspects' investigation into AEG's handling of the Michael Jackson memorial, and equally recall that it never saw the inside of a courtroom, far less a verdict.

If Jackson and Trutanich do battle again, there is little doubt as to who will be the victor; Jackson's record as a tallented trial lawyer is as much a legend as Trutanich's is as a bully, blowhard, and blusterer.

For the record, it is unknown whether Palmer, Lombardi and Donohue LLP represents Deutsche Bank in Trutanich's lawsuit.


City Attorney candidate Greg Smith gains more law enforcement support

Los Angeles City Attorney candidate Greg Smith is fast becoming the law enforcement choice for LA's next City Attorney. Smith's campaign today announced the veteran Public Safety Attorney's latest endorsement from former California Highway Patrol Chief Gary Dominguez.

This from the Smith campaign:

CONTACT: John S. Thomas
Greg Smith for City Attorney 2013


 Los Angeles, February 6th – Today Gary Dominguez endorsed Greg Smith for Los Angeles City Attorney. Gary Dominguez retired in 2010 after 10 years as a Chief of California Highway Patrol, serving as Division Commander for CHP’s Central Division, Southern Division (Los Angeles), and Border Division.

This week, Greg Smith was endorsed by California Correctional Peace Officers Association and more than 30,000 correctional officers adding to the Smith campaign’s growing base of law enforcement support.

Chief Dominguez (ret.) stated, "I am proud to endorse Greg Smith for City Attorney. Greg Smith is a tireless advocate for all of Los Angeles. His record fighting discrimination and corruption and partnering with law enforcement makes him a standout with the right experience to make a difference in the lives of Los Angeles residents." 

Greg Smith stated, “Chief Dominguez is a leading voice for law enforcement and I am grateful for his years of service to our community. I look forward to continuing my close relationship with our public safety personnel and representing Los Angeles as City Attorney.”

This week, Greg Smith became the first candidate in the race for City Attorney to begin advertising on television. Click to view his 30-second ad, “Fought for me,” featuring public safety personnel Greg represented in cases the fight against discrimination and public corruption. 

Last week Smith released his policy blueprint for the office of City Attorney Fighting for Every Family.

The mainstay of Greg Smith’s distinguished career as an attorney has been representing public safety officers in cases of willful discrimination, wrongful termination, whistleblowing and racism.

Owner of a private law firm and Vietnam era Veteran, Greg Smith is a top-notch police attorney who has practiced for over 25 years representing members of law enforcement and community members who were victims of discrimination from all over the City. Smith has grown a reputation for being unafraid to take the tough cases and has worked with clients to expose waste, fraud and abuse. He represented one of the early whistleblowers that helped expose the Bell corruption scandal.

# # #

Sparks fly at KPCC's City Attorney Debate

With four weeks to go before the Primary Election, KPCC's Larry Mantle hosted the third, and perhaps the most feisty City Attorney debate during the noon hour.

Current City Attorney Carmen Trutanich got off to a rocky start when confronted by Mantle over his failure to honor his promise not use the City Attorney's Office as a political springboard to the DA's Office; a broken promise that Mantle reminded listeners makes it hard for voters to believe any future promises Trutanich makes.

Trutanich responded by saying he won't make any more promises, perhaps an acknowledgment that his credibility is his weakest point; he said he wouldn't even promise to 'show up here tomorrow,' although it was unclear what he meant as he is not scheduled to appear at KPCC tomorrow. Trutanich, it seems, has a very real problem with promises, something that Mantle said has denied him the advantage of incumbency that he would otherwise have if he were not such a prolific liar.

When pressed by Mantle, Trutanich did admit that his failed bid to become DA was a 'mistake,' adding that 'I only wanted to fix the gang problem in Los Angeles.' At the last City Attorney debate Trutanich faced the same question and also said his broken promise was a mistake, but on that occasion he said 'I only wanted to help kids.' It will be interesting to see how Trutanich answers the question the next time it is posed.

If he were honest, which is akin to saying if pigs could fly, Trutanich should admit that he decided to break his promise because his over inflated ego got the better of him. Promises made were quickly forgotten, as he assumed his multi-million dollar campaign, replete with endorsements from every political hack, would overcome public disgust at his betrayal of their misplaced trust.

Mantle set the tone for the debate, one that put Trutanich on the defensive throughout what must have been a painful half hour. Mike Feuer took every opportunity to attack Trutanich, including his failure to formulate an effective Medical Marijuana law, and his woeful record of trial losses. Trutanich defended each of Feuer's allegations with vehement insistence that 'We have been the most successful City Attorney,' another example of Tutanich's tortured use of language when under fire.

The problem with Trutanich's oft-repeated chest thumping claims to be 'the most successful City Attorney' is that those claims are based entirely on Trutanich's ever changing facts and figures. The $250M in savings based on 'favorable verdicts,' was $234M the last time he offered his voodoo math. When he claims to 'go after' predatory home loan lenders, he conveniently forgets to mention that those cases have not gone to trial, and perhaps just like his 'criminal aspects' case against AEG, will evaporate into the ether of other Trutanich promises once they have served their media grabbing purposes. 

But it was Greg Smith who skillfully forced Trutanich to concede that morale in the City Attorney's office is at an all time low. Part of the reason for low morale is, according to Trutanich, the 15% pay cut that everyone else in the City Attorney's office has to take. Except him. He steadfastly refuses to share the suffering of his employees because, as he previously said, his family 'lives on his salary.' Presumably, non of the 475 lawyers in his office have families who depend on their income.

That morale is at an all time low under Trutanich's administration has far more to do with his blatant  abuse of the Office of City Attorney to advance his political career. It is not hard to imagine the extreme embarrassment his staff has to endure when their leader is labeled a 'Liar' by the LA Times, when his foolish threats to jail Councilmembers, Dream Act protesters and Occupy LA trespassers amount to nothing. When his power-crazed attempts to get his own Grand Jury are thankfully thwarted no less than three times. When he is publicly shamed for lying about non-existent police endorsements, 724,000 YouTube campaign video views, using a false and misleading ballot title, or being the victim of an assassination attempt.

The slow train wreck that is the Trutanich reelection campaign continues Wednesday when the candidates face off in the fourth and perhaps final debate, scheduled to be televised by PBS on SoCal's "SoCal Insider." Perhaps that's what Trutanich won't promise to show up for after the drubbing he just received.


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

City Attorney candidate Greg Smith endorsed by CCPOA

Los Angeles City Attorney candidate Greg Smith's campaign continues to gain momentum. Following his launch of a four-week TV ad campaign, the California Correctional Peace Officers Association announced their endorsement of Smith for City Attorney.

This from the Smith campaign:

CONTACT: John S. Thomas
Greg Smith for City Attorney 2013


Los Angeles, February 5th – Today California Correctional Peace Officers Association (CCPOA) endorsed Greg Smith for Los Angeles City Attorney. CCPOA represents more than 30,000 correctional officers serving in adult and youth facilities statewide, as well as parole agents. Greg Smith’s support from law enforcement continues to grow in the race for City Attorney.

Lt. Charles Hughes, a local CCPOA Chapter President, stated, "Greg Smith has a proven record of fighting discrimination and corruption on behalf of law enforcement and the residents of Los Angeles. Carmen Trutanich has given us four years of political agendas and broken promises. When it comes to public safety, Greg Smith will be a City Attorney Los Angeles can trust."

Greg Smith stated, “I am proud of my strong relationship with the law enforcement community. As City Attorney, I promise to use that relationship to keep communities safe and government honest. I am honored to have the support of CCPOA and other leaders in law enforcement throughout Los Angeles.”

Today, Greg Smith became the first candidate in the race for City Attorney to begin advertising on television. Click to view his 30-second ad, “Fought for me,” featuring public safety personnel Greg represented in cases the fight against discrimination and public corruption.

Last week Smith released his policy blueprint for the office of City Attorney “Fighting for Every Family.”

The mainstay of Greg Smith’s distinguished career as an attorney has been representing public safety officers in cases of willful discrimination, wrongful termination, whistleblowing and racism.

Owner of a private law firm and Vietnam era Veteran, Greg Smith is a top-notch police attorney who has practiced for over 25 years representing members of law enforcement and community members who were victims of discrimination from all over the City. Smith has grown a reputation for being unafraid to take the tough cases and has worked with clients to expose waste, fraud and abuse. He represented one of the early whistleblowers that helped expose the Bell corruption scandal.

# # #