Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Alan Jackson to leave DA's Office

According to the LA Times, Deputy District Attorney Alan Jackson is to leave the DA's Office and pursue a career as a civil litigator with the law firm of Palmer, Lombardi and Donohue LLP, whose three partners were political supporters of his election campaign.

Jackson ran a creditworthy campaign in the Primary Election for District Attorney, taking the bold step to sue Carmen Trutanich and succeeding in preventing Trutanich from using a false and misleading ballot designation in his monumentally disastrous bid to become DA. It was a pivotal moment in the campaign, and branded Trutanich as 'pathological liar,' according to Jackson's campaign strategist, John Thomas.

Jackson won a place in the run off election, where his campaign against then Chief Deputy District Attorney Jackie Lacey drew criticism for unwarranted negativity. Ultimately Jackson lost his bid to be DA, and subsequently complained when he was reassigned as part of a major reorganization of the Office attendant to the new administration.

Although neither demoted nor relocated, Jackson told the LA Times that his new assignment as Assistant Head Deputy in Central Trials was a 'backward step for his career.' He complained of being required to handle what he described as 'garden variety felony' and misdemeanor cases rather than the complex, high-profile murder cases he directed and tried for years in the office's elite major crimes division. Few agreed with Jackson's remarks, indeed, many viewed his statements as insulting to the vast majority of Deputy District Attorneys who fulfill the mission of the Office with pride and professionalism regardless of their assignment. 

'There are more opportunities outside the office than inside at this point,' Jackson told the Times about his decision to leave. Lacey's spokeswoman, Jean Guccione, thanked Jackson for his 'excellent trial work' and wished him well.

Jackson said he had no regrets about running for the office but has no immediate plans to seek election in the future. He said he wished Lacey the best in her new job and harbors no hard feelings toward her. 'I gave my best effort and it's time to look in a different direction, but I don't close any doors,' he said. 'It was an amazing honor to run for D.A.' Jackson told the Times.

While there is no denying that Jackson's remarks, as well as his negative attacks on Lacey were poor choices, there is no denying that Jackson was a central and effective force in preventing the DA's Office from falling into the hands of an ego maniac. For that Jackson deserves our thanks, and best wishes in his new career.

Interestingly, Jackson may be destined to do battle with Trutanich again. His new employer lists Deutsche Bank Securities Inc. as one of their clients. Deutsche Bank is currently being sued by Trutanich in what appears to be a purely headline grabbing lawsuit, doubtless designed bolster Trutanich's failing career. Trutanich touted the 'slumlord' lawsuit during his failed DA campaign, and currently does so in his increasingly desperate reelection campaign.

To listen to Trutanich, you might think he had already won the lawsuit, however, as the case approaches second anniversary of its much hailed filling, it appears to be no closer to trial than it was when it was filed, and nowhere near succeeding. Trutanich has a long record of threatening lawsuits and prosecutions, most of which go nowhere once they have grabbed the headlines his ego demands. Many will recall his 'criminal aspects' investigation into AEG's handling of the Michael Jackson memorial, and equally recall that it never saw the inside of a courtroom, far less a verdict.

If Jackson and Trutanich do battle again, there is little doubt as to who will be the victor; Jackson's record as a tallented trial lawyer is as much a legend as Trutanich's is as a bully, blowhard, and blusterer.

For the record, it is unknown whether Palmer, Lombardi and Donohue LLP represents Deutsche Bank in Trutanich's lawsuit.



LaraMatook said...

There is no greater figure that represents integrity, justice, truth...than that of Alan Jackson. Anyone that opposes him has to be considered someone at the opposite end of the spectrum, in my opinion. The only man who actually made a difference, prevailed in prosecuting cases, and kept those in the City of Angels is interesting to note that over 5000 gangs in Los Angeles that he was responsible for being on top of...when he was moved to another the news those in Los Angeles woke up to 'a released in error convict that murdered three people in NOrthridge' followed by news of gang violence that we hadn't seen...since he was appointed in the position he was in till 'safety was compromised because of ego'. When your looking for justice in the future do what the rest of us are doing...hope and pray he returns.

Edward Lozzi said...

Congratulations to Alan Jackson upon his new position in private practice. He has proved himself to be a champion of justice and honor under incredible pressure during the Phil Spector trial-proving beyond a doubt that Spector tortured and murdered the lovely Lana Clarkson. We wish him all the best. Edward Lozzi and The Friends of Lana Clarkson