Monday, February 11, 2013

City Attorney campaign mailers battle for voters

Vote by mail ballots went out a week ago, and with three weeks remaining before the March 5, 2012 primary election, the three leading candidates are getting their messages to voters via mail, with Greg Smith currently the only candidate who has used TV ads.

According to the Smith campaign, four mailers are scheduled to reach voters this week focusing on his experience fighting corruption and discrimination.

The Feuer and Trutanich campaigns have taken a slightly different approach, one in which the campaigns also attack each other.

Mike Feuer's campaign mailer highlights his experience and commitment to solving gun violence, but devotes a significant portion of the mailer to attacking Carmen Trutanich for his pro-gun stance, adding that Trutanich was endorsed by the NRA in 2009, and included his statement which appeared in the Daily News that '"The NRA is one of my clients" Trutanich said. "My position is we don't need more laws to control guns. We have the laws. We just have to enforce them."'

Carmen Trutanich's mailer stresses his 'real courtroom experience,' but devotes the majority of the mailer to attacking Feuer's lack of courtroom experience, claiming that 'Mike Feuer has never tried a single case in a courtroom...' and saying that Feuer is 'Too risky for L.A.'

The extent to which both the Feuer and Trutanich campaigns are willing to engage in negative campaigning could be seen as suggesting that neither candidate is entirely confident of their qualifications and are more concerned with attacking their rivals. Trutanich is certainly on shaky ground when it comes to his own courtroom experience. His slew of multi-million dollar losses in police discrimination cases, coupled with the embarrassing collapse of his 'Year in jail!' Dream Act protesters cases and his 'Paperwork errors' excuses for the dismissal of Occupy LA cases, could allow Feuer to simply respond by saying he is glad not to have Trutanich's experience. Few would disagree.

Trutanich, on the other hand, is somewhat handicapped in responding to Feuer on the topic of gun control, as it only serves to remind voters of his pro-gun statements.

Feuer has become increasingly adept on challenging Trutanich's claims regarding his achievements. Trutanich's ever-changing 'favorable trial verdicts' figures could be his undoing as they come under closer scrutiny. Voters will recall that when it comes to figures Trutanich has a poor record. He had previously claimed to have almost three quarters of a million YouTube views for his failed DA campaign video. That claim was challenged when the LA Times reported that Trutanich paid for those views, and YouTube removed the video for violating their deceptive content policies. It would not be too surprising to see Trutanich's credibility being challenged over his 'favorable trial verdict'  claims before election day.



Anonymous said...

You missed the mailer Nuch has sent out with a heart-wrenching message from his wife, begging to let Nuch hold on to his job. I laughed so much I nearly ended up in the ER. The Big Tuna is finished.

Anonymous said...

I have has three mailers from Trutanich. They all look like the thoughts of a troubled mind; confused, rambling, and completely misleading. I'm voting for Mike Feuer or Greg Smith, I hope everyone else does the same. Trutanich is a liar, just like the LA Times said, and he'll be a loser on March 5.

Anonymous said...

Standby for the Daily News to issue their City Attorney endorsement. My prediction: A.B.C. Anyone But the Clown.