Monday, February 25, 2013

City Attorney candidate Greg Smith endorsed by Airport Police & Daily News

Los Angeles City Attorney candidate Greg Smith's campaign took a quantum leap forward this weekend.

Smith cheers the crowd at Laurel Canyon Association's Candidate's Forum

Friday night saw all four City Attorney candidates appearing at the Laurel Canyon Candidate's forum, hosted by NBC4's Robert Kovacik.

City Attorney candidate Greg Smith was well-received by the audience at
the Laurel Canyon Association's Candidate's Forum
Greg Smith was an instant crowd pleaser, connecting with the audience as he recounted his life-long ties to the community and his professional career protecting the interests of victims of discrimination, corruption and unfairness. Those were themes that appeared to resonate with the crowd, who face similar issues with unfair and seemingly arbitrary planning decisions which threaten the integrity of their environment; something Smith said he was committed to preserving.

Failed DA wannabe Carmen Trutanich did not look like he was enjoying the experience.
Smith's stellar presentation stood in marked contrast to that of incumbent, City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, who looked ill at ease before the crowd who had once looked to him to be their champion, only to be let down. Trutanich's tall-talk of 'favorable trial verdicts' fell on dead ears in the Canyon, as Trutanich failed to connect with their concerns. At one point Trutanich invoked the name of his Special Assistant Jane Usher, as if expecting a cheer from audience. That expectation was met with a sole, but unintelligible, yell from the back of the room, perhaps a reference to the utter failure of Trutanich to enforce rampant code violations in the canyon.

Trutanich looked and sounded like a man facing the reality of the demise of his political career, before an audience who most likely will be voting A.B.C. on March 5. His humiliating defeat in the DA race haunts him wherever he goes, and his record of false and misleading statements has destroyed any credibility he may have once had, before his ego overcame his common sense.

Greg Smith receives endorsement from Los Angeles Airport Police
Carrying on the momentum of the weekend, on Saturday, Smith received the much-coveted endorsement of the Los Angeles Aiport Peace Officers Association, further cementing Smith as law enforcement's choice for LA's next City Attorney. The endorsement is significant, not only because it reflects LAAPOA's recognition of Smith as having 'the finest qualifications and the highest commitment to public safety,' to quote LAAPOA President Marshall E. McClain, but it also shows the growing numbers of civic leaders who have switched their allegiance failed City Attorney Carmen Trutanich to Greg Smith. LAAPOA were former supporters of Trutanich, but like so many, have seen the way Trutanich repaid their support with betrayal. 

Greg Smith endorsed by Los Angeles Daily News

Sunday evening saw Smith's campaign receive a well-earned boost with the endorsement of the Los Angeles Daily News, who said of Smith's candidacy that 'In a meeting with the Los Angeles News Group editorial board as it considered an endorsement in the city attorney primary election, the 59-year-old Los Angeles native impressed us as smart, creative and substantial.'

That the Daily News endorsed Smith is a double blow to Carmen Trutanich's ever fading reelection hopes. In 2009 the Daily News endorsed Trutanich, hailing him as the 'People's Lawyer,' but Trutanich's egocentric headline-grabbing antics soon caused the Daily News to reverse their position on Trutanich. In 2012, they urged their readers to vote 'A.B.C. - Anyone But Carmen' as the former ambulance chaser slip and fall lawyer turned career politician turned his back on voters who were conned into believing his 'Pedge to Serve.' The Daily News could have repeated that recommendation, but instead took a well-reasoned and researched approach to their endorsement, concluding that 'As regular readers know, this page believes experience in public office is a valuable attribute for a candidate - but also believes voters should look for every reasonable opportunity to expand the pool of possibilities beyond the same old names. Smith's position as a political outsider is particularly relevant in a race for a job that should be more about providing legal counsel to city leaders than about trying to set public policy. Trutanich has pursued policy too often and has clashed with other city officials in less-than constructive ways. Smith could be the outsider the city hoped Trutanich would be four years ago.'  

Trutanich blames 'bad political advice' for violating his 'Pledge To Serve.' 

File this in the 'ROFLOL' category - comments to the LA Times article on Trutanich's 'crying foul' over rival Mike Feuer's attack ad campaign were very interesting.

Campaign spokesman, John Schwada, jumped to Trutanich's defense against accusations of 'hypocrisy' over his claim that Mike Feuer is a career politician looking for the next job. One commenter stated that it was Trutanich who was more fittingly called a career politician, given his failed bid for DA, followed by his soon to be failed bid to hang on the job he did not want six months ago. Schwada attributed the blame for Trutanich's career-ending decision to run for DA in violation of his sworn promise on 'bad political advice.' You can't make this stuff up.

As the City Attorney's race enters the final furlong before the March 5 primary, Greg Smith, the man described by the LA Times as the 'dark horse' of the race, is fast emerging as the only viable candidate to challenge rival Mike Feuer in the inevitable runoff election on May 21.

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