Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Feuer attacks Trutanich's failed record, Trutanich can't get ad on tv

Coming to a mailbox near you, the latest attack mailer from Mike Feuer's campaign says it all about the failed DA wannabe.

Feuer is pulling out all the stops to convince voters of what they already know, Trutanich has been a monumental failure on multiple levels.

Trutanich fails to mount broadcast tv ad campaign

Add this to Trutanich's long list of failures; his 'game changing' tv ad won't be coming to many tv screens anytime soon. It's probably had more views on YouTube than it will ever have on tv because it will only be broadcast on cable tv.

Sources say that Trutanich has spent the dazzling sum of $27k to air his ad for six days on cable tv, probably right in the middle of one of those advertorial programs with a con man hawking a get rich quick scheme involving the purchase of DVDs with a money-back guarantee.

Experts say spending $27k in LA's media market is the equivalent of putting money in a paper shredder, something Trutanich will probably become quite expert at in the final failing days of his administration. 


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