Thursday, February 21, 2013

Feuer campaign appears to admit 'losing' the election

As a commenter reminded us in response to Feuer's panic attack hit-mail piece on his chief rival Greg Smith, the Feuer campaign's chief strategist said this about negative campaigning.

"When someone makes the decision to go negative, it's not because they're winning,it's because they're losing." Feuer's campaign strategist told the LA Times
"When someone makes the decision to go negative, it's not because they're winning, it's because they're losing."Feuer's campaign strategist John Shallman told the LA Times.

Shallman's statement tends to support speculation that the Feuer campaign is in full scale panic mode following internal polling showing that Feuer is in danger of not making the runoff, despite a slew of political endorsements and a special-interest bloated campaign warchest.

Ironically, Feuer is in exactly the same situation that Carmen Trutanich found himself in days before his fate-sealing DA primary disaster. Trutanich had more money than his rivals, most of the same political endorsements, and the same campaign strategist. Yet when the votes were counted, the 'presumptive heir' to the DA's office found himself in third place, out of the running, and politically castrated. 

Feuer, with the same campaign strategy as failed DA wannabe Carmen Trutanich, is likely
in fear of parroting the famous Trutanich walk of shame after his stunning but well deserved defeat.
Feuer has experienced electoral defeat before, and he could be approaching a state of paranoia at the prospect of finding himself in the same place as he was in 2001 after losing the City Attorney race to Rocky Delgadillo. In November 2001, Feuer was forced to work in an 'Of Counsel' position for Morrison Foerster, a downtown legal powerhouse where Feuer was supposed to leverage his City Council service into a rainmaking position. To use the legal maxim 'res ipsa loquitur' (paraphrased: the facts speak for themselves), that may not have worked out too well for Feuer. He eventually quit working for a living to return to politics as a State Assemblyman.

Precisely. why Feuer decided to ignore Shallman's advice against 'going negative' is not known, but speculation suggests that there is considerable tension within the Feuer campaign. That tension could be caused by Feuer's frustration at Shallman's lack of availability while he focuses on Wendy Greuel's Mayoral campaign, with Feuer relegated to Shallman's cadre of second-string campaign workers.

Feuer's decision to 'go negative' started with his mailer and has been followed by a radio ad campaign during which Feuer attacks Smith and Trutanich variously with a laundry list of gripes. The radio ad ends with Feuer laughingly describing himself as 'a friend to police,' despite his failure to secure an  endorsement from the LAPD's Protective League, who honored rival Greg Smith with their prestigious 'Line of Duty' award. Feuer does boast an endorsement from former LAPD Chief Bratton, who infamously also endorsed Jack Weiss for City Attorney. That didn't work out too well either.

To compound the irony of Feuer's attack on Greg Smith, Feuer has dredged up a ten year-old series of tax liens recorded against Smith for $200,000 that were fully paid off. The irony? The LA Times reported that Feuer's highly paid campaign strategist John Shallman has in excess of $1.5M in unpaid taxes with multiple liens currently recorded against him. Of course, there is an innocent explanation. 

Does anyone detect the stench of despair and desperation wafting from the Feuer camp?



Anonymous said...

Oh what a tangled web Shallman weaves...

Anonymous said...

Forget Feuer. Nuch is going down in flames. LA has had it's fill of phony politicians. They are both tied alright, in loser place. They are fighting to make the run off.

Anonymous said...

Trutanch is much worse than a clown. Look at his involvement in case 8CA10541 and then in the ensuing coverups.