Monday, February 4, 2013

Feuer, Trutanich have cows over Greg Smith's TV campaign

The LA Times report that Los Angeles City Attorney candidate Greg Smith has launched his four-week TV campaign in the run up to the March 5, 2013 primary election of LA's next City Attorney, was welcomed with a predictably negative responses from rival candidates Mike Feuer and Carmen 'The Clown' Trutanich.
Feuer and Trutanich, who once shared the same political consultant for what they assumed would be a 'passing of the mantle,' with Trutanich handing over his little used keys to the City Attorney's office to Feuer, while Trutanich waltzed over the the DA's Office, now share only the same fear; that Greg Smith will upset their apple carts and deny them a shot continuing the decline and decay at the City Attorney's office that they both contributed to.

Smith stole the march in the all important media campaign by taking the career politicians by surprise when he launched his TV campaign. They were apparently busy taking pot shots at each other and touting fanciful forecasts that would have Los Angelenos reverse their low opinion of Trutanich following his humiliating DA campaign defeat, and the equally poor perception voters have of recycled Sacramento career politicians coming to LA to garner a fresh political pay check. 

Much to Feuer and Trutanich's chagrin, the Times published a link to Smith's TV ad, and described him as a 'Dark Horse,' a sign that Smith entry into the political arena cannot be dismissed lightly. Smith's TV ad campaign gives him a game changing advantage as his will be the first voice heard in the City Attorney race. Worse for Feuer and Trutanich is that Smith's TV campaign is backed up by a robust mail campaign targeted at the high propensity voters who will decide many of the electoral offices in what is certain to be a low turnout election.

The Times reported that 'Feuer campaign spokesman Dave Jacobson said it "should be called 'How Greg Smith got rich suing L.A. taxpayers'. ... L.A. needs a city attorney who will protect the city treasury, not raid it for personal gain." Trutanich consultant Rick Taylor said Smith "fought for four people against 4 million Angelenos. When he fights, he fights L.A."'

Sour grapes, perhaps, or panic more likely, as according to the Times, 'Neither Feuer nor Trutanich has begun TV advertising, although both campaigns said they expect to.' Significantly, 'They provided no further details.' The Times said.

The negative responses from the political insiders is very telling. The day before the Times reported on Smith TV campaign, a veteran political consultant told the Times that "When someone makes the decision to go negative, it's not because they're winning," he said. "It's because they're losing." That consultant was non other than John Shallman, Trutanich's former campaign consultant who now manages Feuer's campaign. 

From your lips Mr. Shallman ...


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