Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Feuer worried he won't make runoff, plays dirty

With the countdown clock ticking away to March 5, Mike Feuer appears to be worried that he won't be able to make the runoff. Desperate measures are called for in desperate times, and the termed out Assemblyman signed off on a false mailer to try to con registered Democrats into believing Greg Smith is a Republican. Trutanich, also included in the mailer, is a Republican who runs as a 'Decline to State,' but as Feuer knows, Smith is a life-long Democrat, albeit a centrist with a broader appeal than the 'Uber Liberal' Feuer.

The Feuer mailer comes despite a recent SurveyUSA poll showing Feuer has closed the gap to Trutanich, but internal polling by the Feuer campaign likely paints a very different picture, hence the panic hit-piece.

Feuer's pant-soiling moment comes as Smith's stock rises to the point where he now cannot be dismissed as a serious challenger to Feuer's hopes to be City Attorney. That was likely not a scenario Feuer contemplated when he originally charted his course back to City Hall in the hay days when he and Trutanich shared the same campaign consultant, John Shallman, and Feuer's move to the City Attorney's office was to dovetail with Trutanich's ascendency to the DA's office. The acrimonious split between Trutanich and Shallman has left Feuer battling on two fronts he never thought he would have to fight; Trutanich who has only his incumbency to rely on, and Smith who was never on Feuer's radar until Smith's tv campaign started gaining votes faster than Feuer ever thought possible.

Smith remains the only candidate for City Attorney who has an active tv campaign which has helped to raise his profile, and will continue to do so in the days leading up to the election. Despite assurances given to the LA Times by both Feuer and Trutanich that they would be airing their own ads, thus far neither campaign has done so. Trutanich has no money for tv, and it appears that Feuer is spending what remains of his campaign warchest on mail.

Feuer's mail is indicative of the misleading lengths the career politician will go to in order to bunny-hop from Sacramento to Los Angeles. Despite castigating Republicans to his Democrat base, the moustachioed Groucho Marx look alike is not above the kind of hypocrisy more commonly associated with Carmen Trutanich, as Feuer's latest misleading mailer shows he's perfectly happy to be labeled a Republican to those foolish enough to believe junk mail.

Feuer spent at least $11,731.00 with Torrance based Californian Voter Guide for his misleading Republican voting guide.

Feuer's reliance on hate mail and false mail may backfire as the low turnout for the March primary almost guarantees that it will be largely informed voters who cast ballots. They know who Mike Feuer really is, and that's probably why he is so worried, and so desperate.



Anonymous said...

"When someone makes the decision to go negative, it's not because they're winning,it's because they're losing." Mike Feuer's campaign strategist John Shallman, quoted by the LA Times.

Anonymous said...

LA Chamber of Commerce has a poll showing Smith at 20% Feuer at 23%Trutanich at 30%, and Weiss at 10%The rest undecided.

Feuer is going up with a radio ad where he knocks Smith for owing over $200,000 for 9 unpaid tax liens. Feuer sees Smith right on his tail.

Isn't Feuer's Chief Strategist the one who has all the unpaid tax liens?

Anonymous said...

This is getting silly. All you have to do is look at the Chamber poll to know it's ridiculous. Even though Weiss has a Jewish name, Feuer has every endorsement in West LA and most of the votes now showing for Weiss will wind up with him. Beyond that, most are showing him in first place. This was a stupid piece of mail, but if Smith whom I assume you support is to have a chance, it would only be by knocking Trutanich out of the runoff and that is more likely to be what is behind Feuer's mail. Trutanich can't win in the general and everyone knows it. I don't think he finishes third, but I am sure that is the only worry the Feuer people have at this point in time. Every organization and elected offiical in both parties who carries weight in LA and doesn't owe Trutanich is supporting Feuer.