Thursday, February 14, 2013

Greg Smith has Mike Feuer worried ...

With Carmen Trutanich looking increasingly like failing to make the runoff after the March 5, 2013 primary election, and City Attorney candidate Greg Smith emerging as the likely runoff challenger to termed-out former State Assemblyman Mike Feuer,  the Feuer campaign is pulling out all the stops to halt Smith's rising stock.

The Feuer campaign reacted to City Attorney Greg Smith's rising stock with
this hit-piece mailer.
The Feuer campaign sent out a mailer entitled 'Will the real Greig Smith please stand up?' The purpose of the mailer is not entirely clear, but it does suggest that Feuer sees Greg Smith as a serious challenge to his electoral chances. The mailer could be designed to lessen any chance Greg Smith may benefit from former councilmember Greig Smith's popular name identification.

Those few percentage points that could enure to Greg Smith, could be enough to knock Trutanich out of the race, coupled with Greg Smith's well funded campaign. Feuer would doubtless prefer to face Trutanich in a runoff, as there is only one outcome from that scenario; Feuer is elected as City Attorney because Trutanich is unelectable given all his negatives.

But a Feuer-Smith runoff is a very different race, and one that clearly has Feuer worried. Smith, a centrist Democrat, has a far broader appeal than the far left-leaning Feuer. In a runoff against Smith, Feuer's negatives, which include but are not limited to, his lack of courtroom experience, his support for the crime-wave stimulus package (AB 109 aka the 'Prison Realignment') and his unpopular perception as a Sacramento politician, spells likely defeat for Feuer.

Interestingly, Feuer's claim to be endorsed by Greig Smith may have some voters puzzled.

Los Angeles Mayoral candidate Jan Perry's mail oriented campaign has flooded voters with more mailers than any of the candidates. In the mailer pictured above, it appears that Greig Smith has only endorsed one candidate; Jan Perry.

Perhaps the question being asked should be, 'Will the real Mike Feuer please stand up?'



Anonymous said...

OK, so obviously Greig Smith is endorsing both Mike Feuer and Jan Perry. The statement that Jan Perry is the only candidate endorsed by Greig Smith means the only candidate for Mayor endorsed by him. The Feuer campaign will probably have to sue Greg Smith to make him use his full name, 'Gregory Smith' in the runoff to avoid any more confusion.

Anonymous said...

@9:32am. You must be one of Feuer's trolls. Feuer is worried, but not about facing Smith or Nuch in the runoff. He's worried about even getting himself in the runoff.