Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Midday Update - PORAC Endorses Greg Smith for City Attorney

Yet another former Trutanich supporter has abandoned the failed incumbent and thrown their considerable support behind City Attorney candidate Greg Smith.

PORAC, the state's largest association of peace officers, has endorsed Smith to be the next Los Angeles City Attorney. The endorsement follows a game-changing weekend for Smith, garnering the endorsements of the Los Angeles Daily News and the Los Angeles Airport Peace Officers Association. Increasingly people are seeing Smith, the man the LA Times described as a 'dark horse' in the race, emerge as the likely challenger to Mike Feuer in the inevitable runoff following next Tuesday's primary election.

This from the Smith campaign:


Yet another Trutanich 2009 backer pulls support from the incumbent

Los Angeles, February 25th – Today public safety attorney Greg Smith announced the support of the influential Peace Officer Research Association of California (PORAC). PORAC represents more than 60,000 police officers, strengthening Smith’s position as law enforcement’s choice as his campaign for City Attorney surges heading into Election Day next week.

Director of PORAC Los Angeles Chapter North Joe Flanagan stated, “Greg Smith’s record as an experienced attorney and an effective partner of law enforcement is unmatched in this race. Discrimination and corruption will not be tolerated on Greg’s watch. As City Attorney, Greg will continue to secure justice and fight for families across Los Angeles.”

PORAC Los Angeles Chapter South Director Marshall McClain concluded, “Without a doubt, Greg Smith is law enforcement’s choice for City Attorney.”

Greg Smith stated, “I am humbled by the support of PORAC and so many public safety personnel who put their lives on the line to keep communities safe. As City Attorney, we will work together to ensure a bright future for all of Los Angeles.”

This weekend Smith received the endorsement of Los Angeles Daily News and more than ten publications owned by Los Angeles News Group including Spanish-language Impacto USA, each of whom backed Trutanich in 2009. Smith was also endorsed by Los Angeles Airport Peace Officers Association, who also supported Trutanich in 2009. A recent SurveyUSA survey showed Trutanich’s poll numbers plummeting in the critical weeks before Election Day.

Read the full Daily News endorsement online at

Click to view Greg Smith’s 30-second television ad, “Fought for me,” featuring public safety personnel Greg represented in the fight against discrimination and public corruption: Smith is the only candidate to advertise on television in the race for City Attorney.

Last week, Survey USA released a poll showing Greg Smith’s enormous growth as Trutanich spirals downward heading into Election Day.

Last month Smith released his policy blueprint for the office of City Attorney “Fighting for Every Family.” Here is a link to the blueprint.

The mainstay of Greg Smith’s distinguished career as an attorney has been representing public safety officers in cases of willful discrimination, wrongful termination, whistleblowing and racism.

Owner of a private law firm and Vietnam era Veteran, Greg Smith is a top-notch police attorney who has practiced for over 25 years representing members of law enforcement and community members who were victims of discrimination from all over the City. Smith has grown a reputation for being unafraid to take the tough cases and has worked with clients to expose waste, fraud and abuse. He represented one of the early whistleblowers that helped expose the Bell corruption scandal.

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Smith revises 'Fought for Me' TV ad to reflect new endorsements

Hot on the heels of receiving a campaign's dream wish-list of endorsements, the Smith campaign has revised their enormously popular 'Fought for Me' tv ad, to reflect Smith's recent endorsements from the Daily News, Airport Police and PORAC.

The newly revised ad can be seen below, on broadcast tv during the final week before the primary, and on YouTube.

So far, Smith is the only candidate to use tv to advertise his candidacy.

Smith is also airing a radio ad in response to negative campaigning by likely runoff rival Mike Feuer.

The momentum certainly appears to be with Smith in the final week before the election, which will be as much a referendum on failed politicians as it will be a vote for Smith, of whom the Daily News found to be 'smart, creative and substantial.'


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