Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Smith shines in KCRW candidates' debate, Trutanich prepares for private practice?

Failed DA wannabe Carmen Trutanich traded barbs with Mike Feuer on multiple topics on KCRW's Which Way LA, while City Attorney candidate Greg Smith delivered a sound and compelling argument as to why he is best qualified to be LA's next City Attorney.

Take a few moments to listen to the show:

Which Way LA's host Warren Olney set the scene for what was to be another uncomfortable interview for Trutanich opening the questioning by reminding listeners that Trutanich had promised no to run for DA, broke his promise and did run, and lost. 'Wouldn't you really rather be somewhere else?' Olney quipped, begging the question, did he mean would Trutanich rather be avoiding interviews looking after an ailing relative, or would he rather not be stuck in the City Attorney's office where he faces another humiliating defeat?

Trutanich admitted his failed DA run was a 'mistake,' but clearly shaken by the question, forgot to give the lame excuse previously proffered by his spokesman that his 'mistake' was due to 'bad political advice.'

Trutanich reeled off facts and figures (all of which have yet to be substantiated), hailing his successes as City Attorney. He sounded like a late night cable tv con man hawking a get rich quick scheme involving the purchase of DVDs with a money-back guarantee.

Feuer responded to Trutanich's criticism of his lack of trial experience by switching the topic to his eight years as director of Bet Tzedek Legal Services. Yes, it's eight years now, up from the five years he previously claimed. The slow-witted incumbent City Attorney failed to spot that inconsistency.

While the politicians concentrated their attention on attacking each other, the field was left open to Greg Smith to speak of his qualifications, accomplishments and ideas for running the office. Overall, listeners cannot have failed to see Smith as the level-headed leader who can restore the tarnished image of the City Attorney's office.

Trutanich prepares for private practice?

Hailing his new web ad as a 'game changer,' Trutanich appears to be channeling Breaking Bad's slimy layer Saul Goodman in his desperate reelection bid.

Trutanich's new web ad appears to have been inspired by Breaking Bad's slimy lawyer Saul Goodman.
With a few cheap and cheesy edits, Trutanich could use his ad for a criminal defense and slip and fall practice, once voters deliver the verdict on him on March 5. Better call Nuch!, only don't call until June 30, Trutanich's last day in office.


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"Trutanich sounded like a late night cable tv con man hawking a get rich quick scheme involving the purchase of DVDs with a money-back guarantee." Hilarious!