Tuesday, February 12, 2013

SoCal Insider's City Attorney Debate

Rick Reiff, host of SoCal Insider, moderated the only televised City Attorney debate ahead of the March 5, 2013 primary election.

Here are a few highlights:

Greg Smith criticizes Carmen Trutanich for 'campaigning' rather than running the office

In answer to the question 'Is there anything that the City Attorney should be doing that he is not doing?' Smith cut to the chase, saying that Trutanich should not have spent the past two and a half years campaigning, first to be DA in violation of his 'Pledge to Serve,' and now to hang on to his job.

Trutanich's expression looked like an admission when confronted with the accusation that
he had spent two and a half years campaigning instead of running the office.
Smith's comments appeared to strike home with Trutanich who, looking downcast, perhaps realized the damage he has inflicted on the City Attorney's Office by spending his time campaigning to further his career, instead of working to at the Office.

Face the camera during opening statements

The candidates were probably told to face the camera during their opening statements to appear to be talking to the viewers. It seems that somebody forget to tell Trutanich to look at the camera that is on, as he spent the beginning of his typically rambling opening looking at the wrong camera.

The entire debate can be viewed on PBS SoCal Insider's website.




Anonymous said...

Funny. I saw the debate when it was on PBS and thought it was weird the way he was not looking at the camera, now I realize he was looking at the camera, just the wrong camera. It's bad karma for Nuch, who already has enough of that. I looked and sounded like a desperate man, stumbling over his words (lies) like a buffoon. Adios a*hole, see you on the waterfront.

Anonymous said...

Although not a "smith supporter," I do agree with his observation. Nuch's entire political career has consisted of (almost) one term. Most of that time has been consumed by his catastrophic run for DA and his attempts to keep his job as City Attorney. He's spent very little time actually doing his job (while not distracted).

This why the "I am a liar" pledge was so important, and why his violation of the pledge makes him unqualified

Anonymous said...

Nuch comes across as a beaten man, desperately trying to lie his way into 4 more years of bilking the tax payers for his furlough-free paycheck. Get this Nuch and get this straight, you are done in LA.