Wednesday, February 13, 2013

There are lies, damn lies, statistics, and Trutanich's statistics

Embattled Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen 'I am a liar' Trutanich made a bold claim on the recent PBS SoCal Insider City Attorney Debate; he claimed the credit for crime in the City of Los Angeles being down 20% in the last four years.

That's a pretty amazing claim, and if it were someone other than the 'truth challenged' Trutanich making that claim, it might even be believed. But the problem is that it is Trutanich making that claim, and the former ambulance chaser slip and fall lawyer turned career politician's claims are not supported by figures released by LAPD. Worse, it seems he cannot even remember his own faux claims.

According to ABC7, the overall crime rate for the City of Los Angeles fell 1.4% in 2012, and had nothing to do with Carmen Trutanich who was neither mentioned in the official announcement, nor present to prance around at the press conference. But perhaps Trutanich was not invited to the press conference because of his political affiliation - he is a registered 'decline to state.'

Or not. According to a mailer Trutanich paid for in his desperate bid to hang on to his furlough-free City of Los Angeles paycheck, he's a Republican, right alongside with Eric Garcetti, Paul Koretz and Gil Cedillo and a host of Democrats.

If the Los Angeles Republican Voters' guide isn't phony enough, Trutanich claims in it to be responsible for reducing crime by 23%, a fact he must have forgotten when he appeared on PBS and claimed it was 20%.

Figures obtained from the Los Angeles City Ethics Commission's website shows that Trutanich paid $28,130.00 to Long Beach based Voter Slate Guide Cards who are believed to produce the faux Republican voter guide.

Spending $28,130.00 to try to fool voters that he is a Republican is almost as much as a waste of money as it is trying to fool voters that he has done anything to reduce crime. For the most part, that 1.4% reduction in crime reflects violent crimes which are not misdemeanor crimes handled by Trutanich.

But when it does come to misdemeanor crimes, there is one statistic that Trutanich did not want to mention; thefts of cellphones went up by 30% on his watch according to a report in the NY Daily News.

As the March 5, 2013 primary election draws closer, Trutanich's grip on the job he didn't want when he had his sights set on the DA's office, grows ever weaker. City Attorney candidates Mike Feuer and Greg Smith look increasingly likely to be the victors in the primary, which should make for a meaningful runoff, hopefully free from the lies of Carmen Trutanich.



Anonymous said...

Dunno whats funnier (or more pathetic) Noouche the Douch's lies about him reducing crime, or the fact that he paid $28k to lie about being a republican. At least he's in good company - Garcetti, Koretz and Cedillo? Republicans would never vote for any of them.

Anonymous said...

The other people on that mailer should demand their money back, being associated with Trulietich is the kiss of death to a campaign