Monday, February 18, 2013

Trutanich - Feuer spat helps Smith campaign

The LA Times report of backstabbing between the campaigns of failed incumbent Carmen 'the Clown' Trutanich and endorsement leading Mike Feuer, couldn't be better for Greg Smith's campaign.

The Times quotes Smith's campaign strategist, John Thomas, who 'sees the mudslinging as an opportunity for his lesser-known candidate "to sneak up the middle" and grab one of the two slots in an expected runoff. He said Smith, a private attorney who has made millions representing police and firefighters in whistle-blower and discrimination lawsuits, is adding a "substantial" amount to the $620,000 of his own funds he already put into the race. He'll spend much of that on television "so voters know they have a choice" other than Feuer and Trutanich.' The Times said.

Trutanich is expected to perform poorly in the upcoming primary. He should be more concerned with making sure Noel Weiss doesn't garner more votes than him.


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Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks you can make an impact with a television buy in the City of LA is stealing from the candidate. It's not enough to get a message out past all the commercials. Mail is what will decide this election.