Sunday, February 3, 2013

Trutanich returns to scene of the ...

In 2011, Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen 'Nuch' Trutanich was forced to remove billboards that had been blighting Ventura Blvd. for over two years.

Then: 2011 City Attorney Carmen Trutanich was forced to remove his billboards
The Dragnet's exclusive exposé cast Trutanich's hypocrisy over billboards in a new light as he also was forced to defend himself against allegations of extortion in cases where Trutanich was accused of using criminal actions while also seeking civil penalties against billboard companies.

Perhaps as a sign that Trutanich believes the laws relating to billboards do not apply to him in the same way as they apply to others, Truanich has returned to the scene of his 2011 billboard blunder where he has now opened an office for his increasingly desperate reelection campaign.

Now: Trutanich's 2013 reelection campaign signs lack required disclaimers
 No less than six signs signal the return of Trutanich, and not one of them contains the disclaimer statement required by Los Angeles Municipal Code Section

While the smaller signs over the entrance to the office may not be considered 'campaign communications' within the meaning of Sec, there is little doubt that the large remote billboard is exactly that, a campaign communication requiring a disclosure statement.

The large remote billboard does not carry a disclaimer statement indicating who paid for it.
Interestingly, Trutanich is not occupying the same office space that he used in 2009, a large unit which is now a hairdressing salon. Instead, he is next to 'Polistic' a business offering 'Sexy Pilates, Poll Dance Classes' and 'Parties.'

Trutanich's campaign HQ neighbor offers 'Sexy Pilates' 'Pole Dance Classes' and 'Parties,'
which Trutanich has ready access to should he need relief from the stress of the campaign.
Trutanich's temporary HQ is in a small unit, apparently recently created by sub-dividing the office of the landlord, a longtime supporter of Trutanich

That Trutanich has been forced to locate his reelection campaign HQ at the scene of his 2011 billboard blunder, and in smaller office space than he previously enjoyed, may be seen by some as a sign that the reelection campaign lacks the financial resources to operate at a more appropriate location. It certainly lacks the credibility Trutanich once enjoyed. The time when Trutanich could boast the support of law enforcement and credible civic leaders has long passed, likely due to his disastrous campaign to become District Attorney.

With four weeks to go before the March 5 primary, and vote by mail balloting beginning Monday, the chances of Trutanich hanging on to his lead in the polls may be slipping. The latest polls conducted by SurveyUSA shows Trutanich with 29% of the vote, down three points from the 32% he hailed late in 2012. That Trutanich, the incumbent, has only 29% of the vote must surely spell electoral disaster for him; a popular incumbent should be looking at far higher figures in the region of 45%. Also troubling for Trutanich is the fact the the poll indicates a 5% margin of error, making his real position more likely to be the 24% he polled in the recent DA primary election.

But perhaps the most telling figures are the 31% undecided votes. They are likely to go the way of Trutanich's rivals; Mike Feuer and Greg Smith. Both are understood to be launching their tv campaigns this week, and reaching audiences beyond Trutanich's limited resources. Equally, LA's two leading newspapers, the LA Times and the Daily News, are expected to announce their endorsements shortly, and given that the LA Times previously called Trutanich a 'Liar,' and the Daily News urged their readers to vote 'A.B.C., Anyone But Carmen Trutanich,' it is highly unlikely that Trutanich will get anything other than a resounding thumbs down from the press, further depressing his poll figures.

At least he can escape to 'Polistic' should things become too depressing.


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Why is it no surprise that Nuch's office is a sleaze hole? Buda Bing! That sums up all you need to know about Nuch.