Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mike Feuer extends lead in first post primary poll

Los Angeles City Attorney candidate Mike Feuer today released results of the first post primary election poll. The poll, conducted by Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin, Metz and Associates (FM3), shows Feuer now leading failed incumbent City Attorney Carmen Trutanich by 16 percentage points.

According to the Feuer campaign, FM3 polled 600 randomly selected likely voters, on land lines and cell phones, in English and Spanish. 

Feuer bested Trutanich by 14 points in the primary election, receiving more votes than any other candidate in the city. Since the primary, Feuer has increased his lead over Trutanich by a further 16 points, a lead that he is likely to maintain. With 28% of voters currently undecided, much depends on how those voters break - either for Feuer or Trutanich.

The undecided voters are likely those who voted for Greg Smith and Noel Weiss in the primary. Applying a 50/50 formula to the undecideds would result in Feuer winning the general election with 58% of the vote, with Trutanich getting only 42%. But Feuer could actually increase his margin of victory. FM3 reported that Feuer enjoys a 31% lead among voters who supported Smith, and a 12% lead among Weiss supporters, so that 50/50 formula could actually become more like 60/40 resulting in Feuer getting 61% and Trutanich 39%.

By any analysis Trutanich's poor showing in the primary shows Los Angelenos have 'had it' with him. Los Angelenos deserve a City Attorney they can trust, and Mike Feuer increasingly seems to be the candidate for the job.


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Trutanich loses discrimination lawsuit, costs taxpayers $1.2M

The latest in a series of costly loses for the City Los Angeles was due to another failure of the Carmen 'Nuch' Trutanich 'Porcupine Defense,' the Los Angeles Dragnet can exclusively report. Trutanich's bungling micro-management cost the taxpayers $1.2M for a case that could have been settled for $400k. It's a case that wouldn't have seen the inside of a courtroom at all, if Trutanich spent as much time advising his client on how to prevent discrimination, as he spends on campaigning and holding meaningless press conferences.

According to a report in the Woodland Hills Patch, LAPD Officer Earl Wright, an African American, had been the victim of repeated racist pranks and comments from his supervisor and others at LAPD's Central Division. The conduct became intolerable for Wright, who filed his lawsuit in January 2011, right around the time that Trutanich was focusing his attention on his failed DA campaign.

Trutanich offered to settle the case for $10k, perhaps because he was too busy to give the case his full attention, or because discrimination cases are not a priority for him, even though they historically cost the city millions of dollars when they go to trial. Nevertheless, Trutanich held fast to his derisive $10k offer throughout the litigation of this case, even summarily rejecting a pre-trial offer from Wright to settle the case for $400k.

It took the jury less than four hours to decide that Wright was right, and Trutanich was wrong. The cost to taxpayers will be $1.2M plus costs, according to the Associated Press. In closing argument, Wright's attorney, former City Attorney candidate Greg Smith, argued that Wright's damages could be up to $2M. The jury's verdict was $800k less than Smith argued for, which will allow Trutanich to continue to mislead voters with the ludicrous suggestion that he 'saved' taxpayers $800k, while the evidence is that taxpayers will write out a check for $1.2M thanks to Trutanich's inability to assess the value of cases.

Trutanich has made his claim that he has a record of "92 percent favorable verdicts, saving taxpayers over $285 million" the centerpiece of his reelection campaign. It's as much the centerpiece of his City Attorney reelection campaign as was his DA campaign claim to have 'been surrounded and shot at by gangmembers.' The LA Times debunked that, and many of Trutanich's other false claims during his disastrous DA campaign. It is only a question of time before the '$285 million savings' claim gets the same treatment; it is just as false - as the verdict in Trutanich's latest loss proves.

Perhaps the question that should be asked is 'How much has Trutanich cost the taxpayers by playing politics over serious issues like racial discrimination?' By Trutanich's voodoo math, in a case that he valued at $10k, which resulted in a $1.2M verdict, he has cost the taxpayers of Los Angeles $1.19M. Apply that formula to the $285M he has claimed to have saved, and it looks like Trutanich's three and a half years of playing politics has cost Los Angeles $284M.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Trutanich ramps up 're-election' campaign, ditches 'Porcupine Defense'

Embattled incumbent Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen 'Nuch' Trutanich's 're-election' campaign is going into top-gear as the day of reckoning draws ominously closer.

Faced with an insurmountable 14 point deficit to frontrunner City Attorney candidate Mike Feuer, the spy photo delivered to the Dragnet suggests that Trutanich may field a sea of mobile billboard 'reserves' to lead the 'get out the vote' efforts for what is becoming know around City Hall as 'Downfall Day,' or 'D-Day' as it is colloquially known.

Trutanich Pulls Porcupine Defense 

Faced with the desperate need to get his name in the press, Trutanich has seemingly abandoned his 'Porcupine Defense' in order to gain headlines in the fallout from the Dorner debacle. Trutanich spearheaded an effort to pay-off the two women who were mistakenly shot by LAPD, without making them jump through the hoops he typically employs as a part of his Porcupine Defense.

Trutanich's trial strategy, which apparently hails from schoolyard bully-boy experience, has failed spectacularly costing LA taxpayers a record $32.4M in the last quarter of 2012. That's a mere 'handful' according to Trutanich, but pressure from the City to settle the issue of the bullet-ridden truck seemingly forced Trutanich to change his trial tactics.

So desperate was Trutanich to show how quickly he could cut a check, he actually provided the media with a copy of the check he delivered, just in case he was not believed.

Of course there are many reasons to doubt Trutanich when it comes to delivering checks. It was not too long ago that Trutanich tried to divert a $2M settlement check to his political allay, Sheriff Lee Baca. More recently, Trutanich drew sharp criticism for failing to deliver his personal $100,000 check to the kids at LA's Best After School Program, handing them a mere $10k and a bunch of I.O.U.'s.

Whatever Trutanich's motives were for making sure the media had a copy of the check, some cynics might say the speed at which Trutanich took the helm at handing over the check had more to do with his attempts to curry favor with Latino voters. Indeed, it is not without coincidence that shortly after Trutanich cut the check, Supervisor Gloria Molina issued an endorsement for him.

As D-Day rapidly approaches, it seems there is little that Trutanich won't agree to if there's an endorsement up for grabs.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mike Feuer backed by former City Attorney, challenges Trutanich to stop playing politics

City Attorney candidate Mike Feuer released an open letter from former Los Angeles City Attorney and District Attorney Ira Reiner, as well a number of former senior deputy City Attorneys, expressing their support for Feuer's candidacy in the upcoming May 21, 2013 runoff election.

Those who signed the letter stated that 'As veterans of the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office we urge voters to make a change and join us in supporting Mike Feuer for City Attorney on May 21st. From years of experience, we know the City Attorney's office has tremendous potential to be a force for positive change in Los Angeles. We believe that Mike Feuer will bring the legal acumen, the record of accomplishment as a policy maker and strong leadership and management skills needed to get the job done well. Please join us in supporting Mike Feuer for City Attorney on May 21st.'

The strong support from veterans of the City Attorney's office is likely shared privately by many of those still employed at the City Attorney's office, who eagerly anticipate the end of the political shenanigans of their current leader.

Morale at the City Attorney's office has never been lower than under the Trutanich regime. His staff have to suffer the indignity and hardship of an enforced 15% pay cut, while their leader steadfastly refuses to take a matching pay cut, insisting that he cannot afford it because his 'wife and family live on his salary.' 


And speaking of shenanigans, the Feuer campaign also released a challenge to Trutanich urging him to 'stop playing political games with our neighborhoods.'

Feuer's challenge came as Trutanich held a press conference to 'high five' a Court of Appeal ruling invalidating a settlement that allowed 100 billboards to be converted to digital billboards.

This from the Feuer campaign: "We don't need political press conferences in our neighborhoods, we need prosecutors in our neighborhoods. And we don't need empty grandstanding by politicians desperate to hold on to their jobs--we need real solutions to pressing problems. Today's plea to billboard companies is a transparent campaign stunt designed to distract attention from the incumbent's failed record. 

The incumbent gutted the neighborhood prosecutor program in order to chase down ticket scalpers and street protesters. He's proven time and again that he will say anything to get elected--he broke his pledge not to run for another office while serving as City Attorney, then didn't tell the truth about receiving endorsements from law enforcement officials. This press conference is just another political charade. 

The settlement that allowed two billboard companies to convert 100 billboards to digital billboards was outrageous. The courts finally have invalidated that settlement, with the Court of Appeal directing the trial court to revoke the permits. The affected billboard companies don't like it and are threatening the City. The City Attorney should be focused on rising to this challenge, rather than standing on a street corner trying to save his job."

With 60 days to go before the runoff election, Trutanich will likely continue to seek headlines at the expense of public safety, while his reelection hopes remain devastated by his humiliating defeat in the DA race and his poor showing in the City Attorney primary, which saw him set an unprecedented low for an incumbent; finishing 14 points behind Mike Feuer with 70% of the electorate favoring the other candidates.


Few fireworks at first runoff City Attorney debate

The Los Angeles Metroplitan News-Enterprise co-hosted the first runoff City Attorney debate with the Italian American Lawyers Association at Casa Italiana, just north of downtown Los Angeles.

The event was well-attended with a capacity crowd of LA's leading legal luminaries arriving early to hear the primary election finalists pitch the crowd for their support. Given City Attorney candidate Mike Feuer's dominating 14 point lead in the primary, it was not surprising that Feuer was the first to arrive, working the room while Trutanich was elsewhere.

Despite arriving late, Trutanich nevertheless won the coin-toss and elected to speak first. His opening contained few surprises as he devoted a substantial portion of his statement to introducing his family before hailing his success in reducing crime by 23%, a result of his partnership with the Los Angeles Police Department who refer 70% of their cases to his office, something Trutanich said was 'empirical evidence' of his effectiveness, along with his $285M in 'favorable verdicts,' and an 82-84% success rate in misdemeanor trials. As the audience politely responded with applause, it was hard to ignore the somewhat more enthusiastic applause and cheers from Trutanich's table, perhaps reflective of an air of desperation following his less than stellar performance in a primary that saw 70% of voters casting their ballots for A.B.C. - Anyone But Carmen Trutanich. 

Feuer's opening remarks perhaps reflected an air of confidence and calm, the former State Assemblyman reminding the audience of strength of the endorsements he carries, as well as the lessons learned from his father; a B24 crew-member who was shot down during WWII and spent time in the infamous German POW camp Stalag 17. Feuer reinforced his commitment to tackling gun crime and restoring the Neighborhood Prosecutor program, contrasting his plan for the Office to that of Trutanich who all but dismantled the Neighborhood Prosecutor program to concente the scarce resources of the City Attorney's office on billboard violators and ticket scalpers. Feuer concluded by stating that he saw the role of the City Attorney as being the 'Problem Solver in Chief,' perhaps leaving unsaid his belief that Trutanich was more of a problem causer than a solver.

A series of five questions then followed, probing the candidates' positions on a variety of topics. If the crowd expected sparks to fly between the candidates, they may have been disappointed. For the most part the candidates refrained from direct attacks. Trutanich challenged Feuer over his lack of trial experience, while Feuer attacked Trutanich for being a bully.

If audience response was anything to go by, it reflected the outcome of the primary; the somewhat strained but enthusiastic applause from the Trutanich table being overshadowed by the general acknowledgment from the crowd that Feuer was going to be the next City Attorney.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Primary Election analysis shows Mike Feuer leading Carmen Trutanich in all categories

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that Los Angeles City Attorney candidate Mike Feuer's healthy 14 point lead in the primary election to replace failed DA wannabe Carmen Trutanich spells doom for any hope Trutanich may have had to be reelected. Feuer came within 6 points of winning the primary outright, and but for rival Democrat Greg Smith's robust campaign, which garnered 17 percent of the vote, Feuer would likely be naming members of his transition team now. Nevertheless, the Feuer campaign has released a detailed analysis of the primary election results showing just how much ground Feuer has gained on Trutanich. It's a leading position that is unlikely to change on May 21.


Feuer had a commanding lead amongst LA's diverse community; the results showed that Feuer had succeeded in communicating effectively to all communities to gain their support.


Feuer's lead was especially impressive when analyzed in terms of the age of voters, with the all-important 65+ voters favoring Feuer by more than 20%.

In 'other categories' Feuer's lead contained few surprises. Jewish voters overwhelmingly supported Feuer over Trutanich, as did Democratic Party voters despite Trutanich's attempts to paint himself as a Democrat during his failed DA campaign. Even the 'Decline to States' rejected Trutanich by a comfortable margin.

Perhaps the most telling sign that Los Angelenos have decided to dump Trutanich comes from the analysis of the way the Council Districts voted. Feuer won handily in 13 of the LA's 15 Council Districts, with Trutanich not even securing over 50% of the vote in his home district - CD15.

To add to Trutanich's woes, the LA Times reported that the 'powerful Los Angeles County Federation of Labor has endorsed former lawmaker Mike Feuer for Los Angeles city attorney.'

The endorsement is significant because it will likely be backed up by some significant spending to help Feuer oust Trutanich on May 21. The '600,000-member federation has been a potent force at City Hall and in local elections because it can provide campaign volunteers and urge the workers it represents to vote for its preferred candidates. In some races, it has spent heavily on efforts independent of a candidates campaign, such as when it led an alliance that spent $8.5 million to help elect Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas in 2008.' the LA Times said.

In terms of fundraising, Feuer, who reached the campaign finance limit well before the primary election, has a paper fortune of pledges from donors who promised to support him in the runoff.  The prospect of heavy support from the Federation will likely turn those pledges into hard cash campaign contributions.

Trutanich, on the other hand, was unable to come close to raising anything like the amount Feuer raised in the primary, and now faces an even harder time drumming up support for the runoff. With most of his previous supporters politely telling him they are now 'staying out of it.' Had Trutanich been able to close the gap to Feuer in the primary to somewhere around 10 points, he might have stood a chance, but given his well established negatives and his poor showing in the primary, he will likely fail to raise anything close to the amount of money needed to mount a campaign to be reelected.

Out-voted, out-spent, and out of lies, Trutanich will make history by becoming the first incumbent City Attorney to fail to be reelected.


Monday, March 18, 2013

Trutanich violates own rules by campaigns at Neighborhood Council meeting, and is shunned by LA's leaders

Trutanich caught campaigning in violation of his own rules

On January 19, 2013, Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich ordered his Chief Deputy William Carter to 'investigate' rival City Attorney candidate Mike Feuer for violating 'ethics rules by making a campaign statement at a Studio City Neighborhood Council meeting,' according to the Encino-Tarzana Patch.

On March 11, 2013, Trutanich appeared to violate those same ethics rules when he delivered a patently self-aggrandizing campaign statement to the Hollywood Studio District Neighborhood Council meeting on March 11, 2013.

It is not known whether Trutanich was invited to address the HSDNC, or whether he invited himself, but judging by the somewhat equivocal introductory 'welcome' he was given, it seems more than likely that Trutanich invited himself.

Trutanich started his reelection pitch by stating he was there as the City Attorney, and was not campaigning, a statement that has as much credibility as Trutanich's Pledge to Serve, his promise to support the Controller's right to audit, his claim to have three quarters of a million YouTube views for his DA Campaign video, his claim that DA Steve Cooley engaged in 'suspicious political activity' by hiding his DA personnel file, or his claim to have been surrounded and shot at by gang members.

The reaction from Trutanich's first lie of the evening was fairly evident; they were not buying it either.

As the excerpt from the meeting shows, Trutanich followed his usual campaign playbook; using his family as a shield to deflect and deter any negative comment. He magnanimously informed the audience that he was sacrificing his 35th wedding anniversary celebration in order to speak to them. How nice. It seems likely that Trutanich will be able to celebrate his 36th wedding anniversary in private when he is extracted from Los Angeles politics after his impending defeat in the May 21 runoff election.

Not only did Trutanich have his wife in tow, but he also dragged his Chief Deputy, William Carter, to the meeting. It is, however, unlikely that Carter will 'investigate' his paymaster for violating the same ethics rule he accused Feuer of breaking. Let's face it, when it comes to playing by the rules, Trutanich is clearly one of those 'do as I say, but don't do as I do,' politicians who believes there is one rule for himself, but a different rule for everyone else.

The majority of Trutanich's campaign pitch was to claim the credit for a 23% reduction in crime, although he did not elaborate as to how, exactly, he had single-handedly accomplished that feat. Instead he insisted that it was because he was 'doing his job.' 

At one point during the awkward 'Q&A' session that followed Trutanich's campaign pitch, the embattled wannabe 'Los Angeles Chief Criminal Prosecutor' also pointed to his 2009 'Blueprint for Change,' inviting the audience to 'Google "Trutanich Blueprint for Change"' where they can see his many campaign promises and claims.

The buffoon clearly hasn't performed the search himself. Had he done so,  he might have realized that the top hit when performing such a search reveals an annotated copy of his blueprint, replete with all his false claims and broken promises.

Trutanich shunned at Friendly Sons of St. Patrick meeting

The Friendly Sons of St. Patrick dinner at the ballroom of LA Live's JW Marriott Hotel featured a long and large top table populated by leading Los Angeles civic and political figures, such as retired Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley and Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky.  Noticeably absent from the top table was City Attorney Carmen Trutanich. He wasn't even mentioned as the long list of dignitaries in attendance was announced.

'Dead man walking' was the way one observer commented on Trutanich's exclusion from mention, a sign that most see Trutanich's political future as over after the May 21 runoff election that Mike Feuer is expected to win handily. Another remarked that the election will be 'a run out rather than a runoff,' noting that 70% of Los Angelenos voted against Trutanich in the primary election.

As the slow motion train wreck that is the Trutanich reelection campaign heads towards its inevitable conclusion, the first of a series of debates is scheduled for Wednesday evening, co-hosted by the Los Angeles Metropolitan News-Enterprise and the Italian American Lawyers Association.

At least Trutanich will be announced at this event.


Friday, March 15, 2013

Trutanich's 'Family Guy' ploy fails

Embattled City Attorney Carmen Trutanich's ploy to embarrass former rival Greg Smith into supporting his desperate reelection bid has failed.

Less than a week after Trutanich met with Smith to try to con-vince Smith to endorse him, Smith issued this statement:


Los Angeles, March 13th – Today public safety attorney and former candidate for City Attorney Greg Smith announced that he will remain neutral in the contest for City Attorney. Greg Smith secured 17.4% of the vote on Election Day.

“I wish both candidates well and look forward to a spirited debate about the issues as they head into a runoff,” stated Greg Smith.

“Los Angeles is at a crossroads in desperate need of real leadership. Our next City Attorney will have serious challenges to tackle. I feel honored to have been part of the early process and hope that both candidates will address the devastating discrimination and corruption taking place in our City.”

According to sources, Smith had agreed to a private meeting with Trutanich to discuss the possibility of supporting Trutanich, but was surprised when Trutanich turned up with his wife and son. It is hard to imagine any reason for Trutanich having his family in tow, other than to make it awkward for Smith to tell him what a jerk he is exactly how much he has screwed up the City Attorney's office in front of his family.

It is understood that Trutanich used the same ploy in a similar meeting with Noel Weiss. It is not known whether Smith's decision was influenced by Trutanich's crass tactics.


Monday, March 11, 2013

Mayoral & City Attorney candidates seek former rivals' endorsements

Third placed Mayoral candidate Kevin James is being courted by runoff candidates Eric Garcetti and Wendy Greuel to secure his endorsement.

It's a logical move for Garcetti and Greuel, both see the benefit of adding the 17% of votes James garnered in the primary to boost their own chances in the runoff. But as the Daily News reports, James isn't ready to make an endorsement.

Garcetti and Greuel were likely persuasive in their entreaties to James, however, it's unlikely that they resorted to the tactics of failed DA wannabe and distant second place City Attorney wannabe Carmen Trutanich, who has been 'reaching out' to Greg Smith and Noel Weiss.

Sources inform the Dragnet that Trutanich met with both Smith and Weiss to beg for their endorsements. The meetings took place separately, but followed the same desperate pattern. Trutanich had his wife and son in tow, no doubt to try to make it difficult for Smith and Weiss to say 'No' to Trutanich's face. The former ambulance chaser slip and fall lawyer turned career politician and public safety sellout, faces certain defeat on May 21 when Los Angeles repeats their A.B.C. vote for a third time.

While being confronted with Trutanich's wife and son made it uncomfortable for Smith and Weiss to tell Trutanich all the reasons why they are not going to sacrifice their credibility and reputations to support a man who has broken every promise he ever made, sources suggest both Smith and Weiss will follow the example set by Kevin James, and stay out of the endorsement game for the time being.

Oh, and before one of Trutanich's sycophants attempts to report the Dragnet for violating any intellectual property rights associated with 'Family Guy,' the Fair Use Doctrine permits use of copyrighted material for non-commercial works, especially where the purpose is to parody or satire a situation such as where, as here, Trutanich exploits his family.


Trutanich uses mother's death to pay off debts

Carmen Trutanich's desperate reelection bid took a strange turn last week with the embattled incumbent City Attorney using his 'Official Re-election Campaign' website to advertise a couple of events following the death of his mother.

The website announced that there would be 'a viewing from 4-6 pm at McNerney’s Mortuary, 570 W. 5th. Street, San Pedro' on Thursday, and that 'a funeral mass will be said Friday (March 8) at 10:30 am for Esther Trutanich, the mother of Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen “Nuch” Trutanich, at Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church, 870 W. 8th. Street, San Pedro.'

Neither event was stated to be 'private' suggesting that the press were welcome. A search of news events over the past few days suggests that the press allowed Trutanich and his family the appropriate degree of privacy, notwithstanding any contrary intentions.

Using the passing of the his mother for campaign purposes probably surprises few who know Trutanich. What was surprising was a request that 'in lieu of flowers Trutanich the family asks that donations be made to LA's Best.'

Yes, that's LA's Best, the 'after-school enrichment program for tens of thousands of Los Angeles elementary school children.' The very same LA's Best that Trutanich stiffed when he reneged on his promise to pay one hundred thousand dollars of his personal funds to, as and when he violated another of his promises; his 'Pledge to Serve.'

Trutanich was eventually shamed into reluctantly coughing up a personal check for just $10k, claiming he 'was not a rich guy,' but leaving him with a $90,000.00 debt that he still has not settled, but has purported to satisfy with a $20k in donations backed by some paper pledges from those supporters (but not Trutanich) to make further donations in the future.

Bottom line, Trutanich still owes $90k of his personal funds to LA's Best, and his attempt to use funeral donations to pay off his debts just adds to the countless ways Trutanich has proved himself unfit for public office.


Friday, March 8, 2013

No-Shows at Trutanich election party spells doom for runoff

The mood was said to be 'upbeat' in Studio City at Carmen Trutanich's election party Tuesday night, despite the 6,000 lb gorilla in the room; nobody of any significance showed up.

Trutanich faced the press alone at his election party, his body language speaking louder and truer than his words.
(Photo credit: LA Daily News)
Yes, Roco's Pizza rocked the night away with a small crowd of family members and loyal supporters, but no big names in LA politics were anywhere to be seen. It's a long downhill road from Trutanich's 2009 primary election party a few doors away when DAs Steve Cooley, Robert Philibosian, Sheriff Lee Baca, Councilmember Dennis Zine, and a host of leading LA civic leaders showed their support.

Four years later, the big names stayed far, far away. A photo gallery published by the LA Daily News revealed just how alone and unwanted Carmen 'I am a lair' Trutanich now is. He only had his family (who live on his salary), and a handful of supporters in attendance to witness the slow-motion train wreck that is the Trutanich re-election campaign. When the vote-counting was done, long after the party ended, Trutanich was 14 points behind frontrunner Mike Feuer, who did so well that he actually came within 6 points of winning the primary election outright.

According to the LA Times, Trutanich and Feuer have wasted no time in 'gearing up' their campaigns for the runoff election. Feuer is doubtless cashing in on the pledges of support donors made when he was unable to accept more campaign contributions after he reached the campaign finance limit. He will likely easily raise the maximum for the runoff, buoyed by his strong showing in the primary. More importantly, he will also likely benefit from huge independent expenditures from fence-sitting groups like the Police Protective League who were waiting to see just how damaged Trutanich was. Now they know.

Over at the Trutanich camp, the 'gearing up' is likely falling on deaf ears. Raising money to try to challenge Feuer is going to be an uphill, if not impossible, struggle. As KABC talk show host Doug McIntyre said 'Once you've got the big 'L' for 'LOSER,' the scarlet 'L' tagged on you, it's real hard to get anybody to write fresh checks.' 

Trutanich also cannot count on former supporters like DA Steve Cooley to stand by him. The rift between the two started when Trutanich ignored advice from Cooley not to run for DA in violation of his promise to voters, something Cooley said was 'very telling' and that the promise was too important to be dismissed as a mere 'campaign ploy.'

The rift is understood to have become 'irreparable' after Trutanich reported Cooley to Attorney General Kamala Harris, claiming his DA personnel file had been deliberately mislaid. Trutanich falsely accused Cooley of 'suspicious political activity' implying that his DA file would support his false claim to have been 'surrounded and shot at by gang members' during his short career as a prosecutor in the 1980's. Unfortunately for Trutanich, the LA Times proved that he had known his file was missing four years before he complained about it.

Trutanich, in a desperate bid to distance himself from the string of false claims that marked him as 'truth challenged,' has recently attempted to blame his former campaign consultant for 'bad political advice.' However, Trutanich never once repudiated those false claims, nor has he apologized for them.

The loss of Cooley as a supporter is likely terminal to Trutanich's political aspirations. In 2009, Trutanich took full advantage of the respectability and credibility Cooley brought to his candidacy, using Cooley to co-chair fundraising that yielded close to $3M in the campaign. Left to his own devices, Trutanich raised just $337,035 in monetary contributions for his reelection campaign.

With the countdown clock to the May 21, 2013 runoff election running, few are likely to view  Trutanich's chances of avoiding another humiliating defeat as worthy of their support.


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Trutanich's poor showing in primary boosts bodes well for Feuer

Carmen Trutanich's poor showing in the primary election for LA's next City Attorney is probably the best news the Feuer campaign could have hoped for.

More than two thirds of LA voters rejected Carmen Trutanich
who now looks certain to lose the runoff to Mike Feuer
Trutanich's percentage of the vote slipped consistently throughout the night, ending with him garnering 30.17% of the vote, almost 14 points behind Mike Feuer, who at 43.76% came within 6 points of winning the primary outright.

Fully 70% of Los Angelenos voted A.B.C., Anyone But Carmen, a sure sign that the 26.07% who voted for Greg Smith and Noel Weiss will likely vote for Mike Feuer in the May 21 runoff election, rather than be faced with four more years of Trutanich.

The primary election marked an historic low on two fronts. The turnout at the election was a mere 16.1% of the electorate, and never before has an incumbent finished 14 points behind a challenger.

Trutanich's 14 point deficit is significant for another reason; it puts him well beyond the 10 point deficit that is generally regarded as giving the underdog a chance at reversing positions in a runoff. In the 2009 primary Trutanich ended up 10 points behind Jack Weiss, but won the runoff by 10 points. However, because this time Trutanich is in a much weaker position he will not repeat that turnaround.

The primary election outcome is ironic in that many who voted for Trutanich simply because they did not like Mike Feuer, have likely handed him the keys to the City Attorney's office.


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Deeply damaged Trutanich faces defeat in runoff

The latest results from the primary election suggests that City Attorney Carmen Trutanich's re-election hopes will remain on life support until the plug is finally pulled on his political career in the May 21, 2013 runoff.

The fifth bulletin released by the City Clerk's Office showed Trutanich trailing Mike Feuer by 10 points. That grew to 11 points by bulletin 6. All indications are that Feuer will continue to extend his lead by the time the election is called.

Last week's polls not only suggested that Trutanich was much closer to Feuer, but that Greg Smith was also in the chase for second place. Those polls were wrong about almost everything, except that Feuer was in the lead.

Feuer's leading position clearly favors him in the runoff. It will strengthen his fundraising ability and mark him as the frontrunner. Many will see Trutanich's distant second place as a referendum on Trutanich's performance as City Attorney, and will likely result in Mike Feuer becoming City Attorney as support for Trutanich continues to wane.


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Election Night Coverage

Starting at 8:00PM, you can use this link to get the latest election results:

It's going to be a long night, but by the end of it, the wait will be worthwhile.


Trutanich doomed as voters head to polls

It's election day LA, and while there are few certainties in any election, one thing seems beyond doubt; the thuggish, deceitful and desperate regime of Carmen Trutanich is headed to defeat when the polls close at 8PM.

Yes, it's deja vu all over again, with set to voters reaffirm their verdict on Trutanich for a second time in less than a year - third place a tad behind City Attorney candidates Greg Smith and Mike Feuer who are headed to the May 21 runoff election.

The tsunami of media and voter rejection that swept Trutanich out of the running for District Attorney is every bit as potent now, 9 months later, as it was in June 2012. The same swell of voter rejection looks certain to devastate the former ambulance chaser slip and fall lawyer turned career politician for a second time. 

Little has been seen of Trutanich around City Hall East these past few weeks, according to tips received by the Dragnet. Their despised leader seemingly prefers to hurry in and out of his office at times when he is least likely to have to face his staff, using animated, perhaps pretend 'important' calls on his Blackberry in a ruse to avoid having to make eye contact with those he has betrayed.

The strain of the impending final humiliation of "Carmen 'I am a liar' Trutanich" has taken its toll on the man who once tried to claim he was the 'Chief Los Angeles Criminal Prosecutor' or was it 'Los Angeles Chief Criminal Prosecutor,' or was it LA's answer to Hosni Mubrak? So embarrassed is this ludicrous excuse for a public servant, that he has taken to referring to himself in the third person; 'We've been the most successful City Attorney in Los Angeles,' he says, as if referring to a monarch, deity or better still, a dictator. 

Trutanich's final downfall owes as much to his record of abysmal failure and pathological lying, as it does to the efforts of Greg Smith to present himself as a viable and honorable candidate. Smith has campaigned hard and has been rewarded with endorsements from the Daily News, PORAC, Airport Police, and a slew of others who now see Smith as law enforcement's choice for City Attorney. Smith has also engaged the blogoshpere, picking up the endorsement of the Mayor Sam Blog and the 'thumbs up' from CityWatch LA

The polls have been all over the place. At one time Trutanich hailed a 20 point lead, only to see that lead drop consistently to place him in a statistical tie with Smith last week,  continuing his downward spiral. Smith, on the other hand, has steadily and consistently been rising in the polls, and given his unmatched ability to communicate with voters, has continued his upward trend.

The low voter turnout in this election, and the large number of 'undecideds' looks certain to favor Smith and certainly does not help Trutanich. The low voter turnout means that it will be mostly well-informed voters who cast ballots tomorrow, and the well-informed voters are those same voters who rejected Trutanich in June 2012. There is no reason for those voters to change their verdict on Trutanich.

Equally, if Trutanich or Feuer presented wholesome campaigns, there would not be that many undecideds. The undecideds are on the fence, looking for their champion. They don't like Trutanich for obvious reasons, so they'll likely break for Smith in larger numbers than Feuer. Either way, it's over for Trutanich.

The Dragnet will have live coverage of the election on Twitter and this blog.


Monday, March 4, 2013

City Attorney race enters final 48 hours

With less than 48 hours remaining before the polls close at 8pm on March 5, the campaigns of Greg Smith and Carmen Trutanich ramped up their efforts, while Mike Feuer is stalled having reached the limit of money he can spend without exceeding campaign finance limits.

Smith increases tv and radio ads as yard sign campaign rolls out

City Attorney candidate Greg Smith's campaign upped it's media buys on broadcast tv and radio.

Smith's popular 'Fought for Me' tv ad will continue to air to election day with slots throughout the day and additional prime time slots secured to achieve maximum exposure with as many as 40% of the voters who remained undecided at the end of last week.

Smith's radio ad, originally intended as a response to Mike Feuer's attack ad, proved so popular that its buy has been extended through election day even though Feuer has withdrawn his ad.

While tv and radio have been the trust of Smith's campaign, over a thousand yard signs hit the streets of Los Angeles at the end of last week.

In the final hours of the campaign, Smith leads the pack in communicating with voters. The LA Times poll put Smith in a statistical tie with Carmen Trutanich for second place, and the latest push by the Smith campaign will likely see Smith surpass Trutanich who has chosen to continue to attack Mike Feuer.

Trutanich blasts Feuer in mailer, benefits from shady Independent Expenditure

A previously unheard of group called 'LA Residents for Accountability to Support Carmen Trutanich for LA City Attorney 2013' has made a late Independent Expenditure of $63,636 to send a hit piece mailer attacking Mike Feuer.

Curiously, the group that touts 'Accountability' in its title is less than transparent when it comes to who and where they are.

Their address, 2355 Westwood Blvd., #601, appears to belong to 'Mail and Moore.'

No representative from 'LA Residents for Accountability to Support Carmen Trutanich for LA City Attorney 2013'
was to be found at the mailbox rented by the group.
Nobody from 'LA Residents for Accountability to Support Carmen Trutanich for LA City Attorney 2013' was available at their mailbox to explain why they would want to spend money attacking Mike Feuer, who leads Trutanich and Smith comfortably, while ignoring the real threat to Trutanich's reelection hopes; Greg Smith.

The Dragnet did learn that the AEG Inc who supplied the 'major funding' for the mailer, is not the Staples Center operator Anschutz Entertainment Group, but some other organization.

Trutanich's defeat on March 5, 2013 will make a little political history; it will be the first time an elected city official has lost two elections in less than a year, and it will be the first time an incumbent City Attorney has been defeated.


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Just a reminder about why LA should vote A.B.C.

Carmen 'I am a Liar' Trutanich. Do not reelect this liar.

FOX 11's Jeff Michael and KABC's Larry Elder discuss Carmen 'I am a Liar' Trutanich

Carmen the Conman tries to convince FOX 11's Jeff Micheal that he's not a liar

In June 2012, LA voters delivered their verdict on Carmen Trutanich's unfitness for public office.

On March 5, 2013, they get the chance to reaffirm their judgment.

Do not vote for Carmen Trutanich.


Trutanich campaign sinking like Titanic

For the second time in two days the LA Times has reported on what looks certain to be the end of Carmen Trutanich's political career.

The campaign of Carmen 'I am a lair' Trutanich is sinking lower and lower in the polls as those likely to vote increasingly recall the many reasons why they voted against him in June 2012.

According to a USC PRICE/LA TIMES poll, Trutanich is in a statistical dead heat with City Attorney candidate Greg Smith, with Mike Feuer leading the race. It's a long long way from Trutanich's early claims to be 20 points ahead of Feuer and shows a continuing trend; Trutanich in a tailspin nosedive, while Smith continues to rise.

40% of voters are said to be undecided. What will make their minds up in the days remaining before Tuesday's election is a matter of speculation, but certainly the number and frequency of campaign communications that will reach voters in the crucial pre-election days is an important factor.

Mike Feuer has reached the limit of permissible expenditure under the City's matching funds rules. A rule he has succeeded in skirting by deferring payment of his campaign consultant. Regardless, he has no more money to spend. His message has been received loud and clear by the party faithful and he has also inflicted some deep and damaging hits on Trutanich, but voters will hear no more from him.

Trutanich never had a viable budget for his campaign, spending most of his money on highly paid consultants who succeeded only in getting a couple of bloggers to endorse the failed DA wannabe. His 'game changing' tv ad has yet to be seen anywhere, other than on YouTube, and the campaign doesn't even have the money to pay people to watch it, as they did in his DA campaign disaster. He would need three times as much money as Feuer and Smith to overcome his considerable negatives, and that isn't going to happen. Trutanich is not just 'in trouble,' as reported by the Times, he is toast.

That leaves Greg Smith who has the money to not only keep up a robust tv and radio campaign, but to actually increase the number of ads voters will see and hear in the days before the election. Smith will be the only candidate voters hear from in Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, and judging by the way his campaign has soared so far, he will connect with the undecideds.

The only poll that matters, of course,  is the one we will get around midnight on March 5. Given the way Smith has been moving, he will surpass Trutanich. It's a Feuer-Smith runoff on May 21, and supporters are already lining up behind Smith.


Friday, March 1, 2013

Carmen Trutanich Lied About Military Service

Add this to the ever growing list of the lies of Carmen Trutanich.

City Attorney candidate Greg Smith told KABC 790AM listeners that when he first met Trutanich and decided to support his 2009 campaign to be City Attorney, Smith, who served in the Navy during the Vietnam war, asked Trutanich if he had also been in the military. Trutanich told Smith that he had been in the Coast Guard. Smith later discovered that to be a flat out lie.

Trutanich's failed campaign to become District Attorney floundered because of the many falsehoods that have come to define the former ambulance chaser slip and fall lawyer, turned career politician. Perhaps the straw that broke voters backs was the lie about being surrounded and shot at by gangmembers.

As election day approaches, what are the chances that yet another of Trutanich's lies will lead to his downfall?