Friday, March 1, 2013

Carmen Trutanich Lied About Military Service

Add this to the ever growing list of the lies of Carmen Trutanich.

City Attorney candidate Greg Smith told KABC 790AM listeners that when he first met Trutanich and decided to support his 2009 campaign to be City Attorney, Smith, who served in the Navy during the Vietnam war, asked Trutanich if he had also been in the military. Trutanich told Smith that he had been in the Coast Guard. Smith later discovered that to be a flat out lie.

Trutanich's failed campaign to become District Attorney floundered because of the many falsehoods that have come to define the former ambulance chaser slip and fall lawyer, turned career politician. Perhaps the straw that broke voters backs was the lie about being surrounded and shot at by gangmembers.

As election day approaches, what are the chances that yet another of Trutanich's lies will lead to his downfall?


Anonymous said...

check your facts before you repeat this. trutanich was in the coast guard.

Anonymous said...

If you don't withdraw this besmirchment of Carmen Trutanich's military service for our country, you will be sued of slander of his good name and reputation. I served in the Coat Guard under Capt. Carmen 'Nuch' Trutanich aboard the USS Meadows during the Korean and Vietnam wars. Capt. Trutanich started as a Seaman and worked his way up the ladder to become the youngest and most decorated Coat Guard officer in history - much like JFK whose career is the same as Capt. Nuch. He was loved and admired by all who served under his command and was decorated for saving the crew when suspected enemy submarines has surrounded the boat and were getting ready to shot at us. Capt. Nuch is a hero and deserves better than this. You should be ashamed.