Monday, March 4, 2013

City Attorney race enters final 48 hours

With less than 48 hours remaining before the polls close at 8pm on March 5, the campaigns of Greg Smith and Carmen Trutanich ramped up their efforts, while Mike Feuer is stalled having reached the limit of money he can spend without exceeding campaign finance limits.

Smith increases tv and radio ads as yard sign campaign rolls out

City Attorney candidate Greg Smith's campaign upped it's media buys on broadcast tv and radio.

Smith's popular 'Fought for Me' tv ad will continue to air to election day with slots throughout the day and additional prime time slots secured to achieve maximum exposure with as many as 40% of the voters who remained undecided at the end of last week.

Smith's radio ad, originally intended as a response to Mike Feuer's attack ad, proved so popular that its buy has been extended through election day even though Feuer has withdrawn his ad.

While tv and radio have been the trust of Smith's campaign, over a thousand yard signs hit the streets of Los Angeles at the end of last week.

In the final hours of the campaign, Smith leads the pack in communicating with voters. The LA Times poll put Smith in a statistical tie with Carmen Trutanich for second place, and the latest push by the Smith campaign will likely see Smith surpass Trutanich who has chosen to continue to attack Mike Feuer.

Trutanich blasts Feuer in mailer, benefits from shady Independent Expenditure

A previously unheard of group called 'LA Residents for Accountability to Support Carmen Trutanich for LA City Attorney 2013' has made a late Independent Expenditure of $63,636 to send a hit piece mailer attacking Mike Feuer.

Curiously, the group that touts 'Accountability' in its title is less than transparent when it comes to who and where they are.

Their address, 2355 Westwood Blvd., #601, appears to belong to 'Mail and Moore.'

No representative from 'LA Residents for Accountability to Support Carmen Trutanich for LA City Attorney 2013'
was to be found at the mailbox rented by the group.
Nobody from 'LA Residents for Accountability to Support Carmen Trutanich for LA City Attorney 2013' was available at their mailbox to explain why they would want to spend money attacking Mike Feuer, who leads Trutanich and Smith comfortably, while ignoring the real threat to Trutanich's reelection hopes; Greg Smith.

The Dragnet did learn that the AEG Inc who supplied the 'major funding' for the mailer, is not the Staples Center operator Anschutz Entertainment Group, but some other organization.

Trutanich's defeat on March 5, 2013 will make a little political history; it will be the first time an elected city official has lost two elections in less than a year, and it will be the first time an incumbent City Attorney has been defeated.



Anonymous said...

Okay. I will bite. How do you know that the AEG that provided money for this mailer isn't the Anschutz Entertainment Group?

Anonymous said...

8:06PM I did a little research. AEG Inc. is Advanced Engineering Group, a New Jersey based consultancy. No idea why they would give money to Nuch, if they even exist other than with a website that leaves you with more questions than answers.

LA's A.E.G. is probably going to back Feuer in the run off.

James McCuen said...

Is Tammy Garcia the Tammy Garcia with Vice President at Advanced Cleanup Technologies, Inc.

in Palos Verdes?

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