Monday, March 11, 2013

Mayoral & City Attorney candidates seek former rivals' endorsements

Third placed Mayoral candidate Kevin James is being courted by runoff candidates Eric Garcetti and Wendy Greuel to secure his endorsement.

It's a logical move for Garcetti and Greuel, both see the benefit of adding the 17% of votes James garnered in the primary to boost their own chances in the runoff. But as the Daily News reports, James isn't ready to make an endorsement.

Garcetti and Greuel were likely persuasive in their entreaties to James, however, it's unlikely that they resorted to the tactics of failed DA wannabe and distant second place City Attorney wannabe Carmen Trutanich, who has been 'reaching out' to Greg Smith and Noel Weiss.

Sources inform the Dragnet that Trutanich met with both Smith and Weiss to beg for their endorsements. The meetings took place separately, but followed the same desperate pattern. Trutanich had his wife and son in tow, no doubt to try to make it difficult for Smith and Weiss to say 'No' to Trutanich's face. The former ambulance chaser slip and fall lawyer turned career politician and public safety sellout, faces certain defeat on May 21 when Los Angeles repeats their A.B.C. vote for a third time.

While being confronted with Trutanich's wife and son made it uncomfortable for Smith and Weiss to tell Trutanich all the reasons why they are not going to sacrifice their credibility and reputations to support a man who has broken every promise he ever made, sources suggest both Smith and Weiss will follow the example set by Kevin James, and stay out of the endorsement game for the time being.

Oh, and before one of Trutanich's sycophants attempts to report the Dragnet for violating any intellectual property rights associated with 'Family Guy,' the Fair Use Doctrine permits use of copyrighted material for non-commercial works, especially where the purpose is to parody or satire a situation such as where, as here, Trutanich exploits his family.


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