Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mike Feuer backed by former City Attorney, challenges Trutanich to stop playing politics

City Attorney candidate Mike Feuer released an open letter from former Los Angeles City Attorney and District Attorney Ira Reiner, as well a number of former senior deputy City Attorneys, expressing their support for Feuer's candidacy in the upcoming May 21, 2013 runoff election.

Those who signed the letter stated that 'As veterans of the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office we urge voters to make a change and join us in supporting Mike Feuer for City Attorney on May 21st. From years of experience, we know the City Attorney's office has tremendous potential to be a force for positive change in Los Angeles. We believe that Mike Feuer will bring the legal acumen, the record of accomplishment as a policy maker and strong leadership and management skills needed to get the job done well. Please join us in supporting Mike Feuer for City Attorney on May 21st.'

The strong support from veterans of the City Attorney's office is likely shared privately by many of those still employed at the City Attorney's office, who eagerly anticipate the end of the political shenanigans of their current leader.

Morale at the City Attorney's office has never been lower than under the Trutanich regime. His staff have to suffer the indignity and hardship of an enforced 15% pay cut, while their leader steadfastly refuses to take a matching pay cut, insisting that he cannot afford it because his 'wife and family live on his salary.' 


And speaking of shenanigans, the Feuer campaign also released a challenge to Trutanich urging him to 'stop playing political games with our neighborhoods.'

Feuer's challenge came as Trutanich held a press conference to 'high five' a Court of Appeal ruling invalidating a settlement that allowed 100 billboards to be converted to digital billboards.

This from the Feuer campaign: "We don't need political press conferences in our neighborhoods, we need prosecutors in our neighborhoods. And we don't need empty grandstanding by politicians desperate to hold on to their jobs--we need real solutions to pressing problems. Today's plea to billboard companies is a transparent campaign stunt designed to distract attention from the incumbent's failed record. 

The incumbent gutted the neighborhood prosecutor program in order to chase down ticket scalpers and street protesters. He's proven time and again that he will say anything to get elected--he broke his pledge not to run for another office while serving as City Attorney, then didn't tell the truth about receiving endorsements from law enforcement officials. This press conference is just another political charade. 

The settlement that allowed two billboard companies to convert 100 billboards to digital billboards was outrageous. The courts finally have invalidated that settlement, with the Court of Appeal directing the trial court to revoke the permits. The affected billboard companies don't like it and are threatening the City. The City Attorney should be focused on rising to this challenge, rather than standing on a street corner trying to save his job."

With 60 days to go before the runoff election, Trutanich will likely continue to seek headlines at the expense of public safety, while his reelection hopes remain devastated by his humiliating defeat in the DA race and his poor showing in the City Attorney primary, which saw him set an unprecedented low for an incumbent; finishing 14 points behind Mike Feuer with 70% of the electorate favoring the other candidates.


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