Monday, March 11, 2013

Trutanich uses mother's death to pay off debts

Carmen Trutanich's desperate reelection bid took a strange turn last week with the embattled incumbent City Attorney using his 'Official Re-election Campaign' website to advertise a couple of events following the death of his mother.

The website announced that there would be 'a viewing from 4-6 pm at McNerney’s Mortuary, 570 W. 5th. Street, San Pedro' on Thursday, and that 'a funeral mass will be said Friday (March 8) at 10:30 am for Esther Trutanich, the mother of Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen “Nuch” Trutanich, at Mary Star of the Sea Catholic Church, 870 W. 8th. Street, San Pedro.'

Neither event was stated to be 'private' suggesting that the press were welcome. A search of news events over the past few days suggests that the press allowed Trutanich and his family the appropriate degree of privacy, notwithstanding any contrary intentions.

Using the passing of the his mother for campaign purposes probably surprises few who know Trutanich. What was surprising was a request that 'in lieu of flowers Trutanich the family asks that donations be made to LA's Best.'

Yes, that's LA's Best, the 'after-school enrichment program for tens of thousands of Los Angeles elementary school children.' The very same LA's Best that Trutanich stiffed when he reneged on his promise to pay one hundred thousand dollars of his personal funds to, as and when he violated another of his promises; his 'Pledge to Serve.'

Trutanich was eventually shamed into reluctantly coughing up a personal check for just $10k, claiming he 'was not a rich guy,' but leaving him with a $90,000.00 debt that he still has not settled, but has purported to satisfy with a $20k in donations backed by some paper pledges from those supporters (but not Trutanich) to make further donations in the future.

Bottom line, Trutanich still owes $90k of his personal funds to LA's Best, and his attempt to use funeral donations to pay off his debts just adds to the countless ways Trutanich has proved himself unfit for public office.



Anonymous said...

Berger, you have hit a new low. The guy's mother died a week ago.

Anonymous said...

@7:06am. Didn't take Nuch a week to try to cash in on a family death. Has he no shame?

Anonymous said...

Berger you are obsessed with Trutanich and have taken this way to far. This is disgusting and bloody desperate on your part.

You need to see a therapist and seek some help.

Anonymous said...

Dragnet I think your headline is a little harsh, but it is Nuch who has made his mother's death a campaign topic, and you are right, he schleps his family around on the campaign trail, so both are fair game for comment. At least you have the guts to say it the way it is, unlike the rest of the media who cut Nuch way too much slack. Karma is a bitch, Nuch, and on May 21 you get to find out just how much. I don't like Mike Feuer, but at least he is not a liar, panderer, and a fake. And did I say he is not a liar like Nuch?

Anonymous said...

10:36AM - How much did you donate to LA's Best to help pay off Trutanich's debt? I agree with 1:14PM, Trutanich used his mother's death as a campaign issue to get sympathy for him, it deserves a call out.