Friday, March 15, 2013

Trutanich's 'Family Guy' ploy fails

Embattled City Attorney Carmen Trutanich's ploy to embarrass former rival Greg Smith into supporting his desperate reelection bid has failed.

Less than a week after Trutanich met with Smith to try to con-vince Smith to endorse him, Smith issued this statement:


Los Angeles, March 13th – Today public safety attorney and former candidate for City Attorney Greg Smith announced that he will remain neutral in the contest for City Attorney. Greg Smith secured 17.4% of the vote on Election Day.

“I wish both candidates well and look forward to a spirited debate about the issues as they head into a runoff,” stated Greg Smith.

“Los Angeles is at a crossroads in desperate need of real leadership. Our next City Attorney will have serious challenges to tackle. I feel honored to have been part of the early process and hope that both candidates will address the devastating discrimination and corruption taking place in our City.”

According to sources, Smith had agreed to a private meeting with Trutanich to discuss the possibility of supporting Trutanich, but was surprised when Trutanich turned up with his wife and son. It is hard to imagine any reason for Trutanich having his family in tow, other than to make it awkward for Smith to tell him what a jerk he is exactly how much he has screwed up the City Attorney's office in front of his family.

It is understood that Trutanich used the same ploy in a similar meeting with Noel Weiss. It is not known whether Smith's decision was influenced by Trutanich's crass tactics.



Anonymous said...

Greg Smith is clearly very much aware of the corruption taking place within the city of Los Angeles and within the county of Los Angeles.

I was 100% sure that he would not endorse Trutanich under any circumstances. Greg Smith battles corruption while Trutanich is the representation of corruption.

Anonymous said...

Nobody is endorsing Nuch :-(. Even Baca is pulling away. They all smell the stink of a LOSER and they're staying away. Adios Carmen 'Nouche' Lietanich