Thursday, March 7, 2013

Trutanich's poor showing in primary boosts bodes well for Feuer

Carmen Trutanich's poor showing in the primary election for LA's next City Attorney is probably the best news the Feuer campaign could have hoped for.

More than two thirds of LA voters rejected Carmen Trutanich
who now looks certain to lose the runoff to Mike Feuer
Trutanich's percentage of the vote slipped consistently throughout the night, ending with him garnering 30.17% of the vote, almost 14 points behind Mike Feuer, who at 43.76% came within 6 points of winning the primary outright.

Fully 70% of Los Angelenos voted A.B.C., Anyone But Carmen, a sure sign that the 26.07% who voted for Greg Smith and Noel Weiss will likely vote for Mike Feuer in the May 21 runoff election, rather than be faced with four more years of Trutanich.

The primary election marked an historic low on two fronts. The turnout at the election was a mere 16.1% of the electorate, and never before has an incumbent finished 14 points behind a challenger.

Trutanich's 14 point deficit is significant for another reason; it puts him well beyond the 10 point deficit that is generally regarded as giving the underdog a chance at reversing positions in a runoff. In the 2009 primary Trutanich ended up 10 points behind Jack Weiss, but won the runoff by 10 points. However, because this time Trutanich is in a much weaker position he will not repeat that turnaround.

The primary election outcome is ironic in that many who voted for Trutanich simply because they did not like Mike Feuer, have likely handed him the keys to the City Attorney's office.



Anonymous said...

Looks like Noel Weiss had already agreed to endorse Feuer. You know who's next, don't you. It is so over for Nuchy.

Anonymous said...

Please let your readers know; Carmen Trutanich has NOT been in his office since Tuesday. He still takes 100% of his $215k salary. He's a hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

The only interesting thing about this post is that you are finally typing "an historic" instead of "a historic" you complete mental midget.